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United Internet AG is a global Internet services company headquartered in Montabaur, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. The company is structured in two business areas, Access, and Applications, and has a total of 13 brands and numerous subsidiaries. It is the parent company of three major email providers (GMX, Web.de, and Mail.com) and with the brand 1&1 and its 2.91 million DSL customer contracts, it owns the leading ISP in Germany. United Internet's web hosting and cloud computing business is operated by the 1&1 Ionos subsidiary. Since 2003, it is listed on the TecDAX. The company is active in various countries, as of August 2018: Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and the USA.

The worst internet service provider. A lot of problems and very bad ping/latency with the United Internet. Only give a fast internet connection to the top organizations. United Internet is not a good option for an individual or home. It sucks because if they provide their internet service to an individual, home, and small firm, then they cost them more than an average and also provide the worst service. They are unable to play even youtube videos without buffering, with united internet online streaming videos and games is just a dream for an individual. They are charging their users more and more money without providing them quality and stable internet connection. If you are thinking of a new internet connection for your home or office than believe me it is not the right option for individuals and 5 to 8 persons. You can opt for another internet provider that can provide best and stable connection for a small group. United Internet is really sh*t option for internet connection.

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John McKenna says "Suddenly locked out of account lost important info. Had to change all links to Banks etc No help just automatic online so called answers which did not address my problem. My daughter had a problem 2 months ago lost a chunk of email history. Suggest AVOID"

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