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United Airlines Holdings, Inc. (formerly known as United Continental Holdings, Inc., UAL Corporation and founded originally as UAL, Inc.) is a publicly traded airline holding company headquartered in the Willis Tower in Chicago. UAH owns and operates United Airlines, Inc.

UAL Corporation agreed to change its name to United Continental Holdings in May 2010, when an agreement was reached between United and Continental Airlines where United would acquire Continental. To effect the acquisition, Continental shareholders received 1.05 shares of UAL stock for each Continental share; at the time of closing, it was estimated that United shareholders owned 55% of the merged entity and Continental shareholders owned 45%. The company or its subsidiary airlines also have several other subsidiaries. Once completely combined, United became the world's largest airline, as measured by revenue passenger miles. United is a founding member of the Star Alliance.

One angry customer shared a review called ""never fly United Airlines again" I am flying to Houston for a wedding. I have a luggage the size of a carry on & didn’t think anything of it when I bought my ticket on United Airlines. I did not know that with basic economy you don’t even get an option to bring a carry on. My flight was already changed to 12:30 from my initial 10am arrival flight but I had to take it because my sisters wedding dinner starts at 3!! I called & there isn’t even an option anymore to upgrade my flight because it’s full. But I’m sure the cabin space isn’t! I will be forced to pay $40 to & from Houston for a bag half full but I don’t want to ball my bridesmaids dress up in a backpack just to not pay the fees! How do completely strip a customers option to bring their luggage on the aircraft if there is room & capability to do so. I will never fly United Airlines again because of this reason alone."


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