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The United States Rubber Company (Uniroyal) is an American manufacturer of tires and other synthetic rubber-related products, as well as variety of items for military use, such as ammunition, explosives and operations and maintenance activities (O&MA) at the government-owned contractor-operated facilities. It was founded in Naugatuck, Connecticut, in 1892.

A customer mentioned, "We have had 2 out of 4 Uniroyal tiger paw tires to have to be replaced in less than a year. Both tires have caused a lot of problems , they both have a flat spot on them which has caused various rubbing noises ..215/60/16..we have had to have both replaced..as of this date!!"


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I quite enjoy my job but the senior management in place don't care about anyone or anything, they only have their own interests at heart. My way or the highway mentality. No chance of further progression within the company. Shocking leadership which has got progressively worse in the time I have been employed by the company."

Former Employee - IT Director/Network Administrator says

"Systems very outdated. Due to old factory machines. Until updated machines are installed they are stuck on a 2003 domain"

Supervisor de Relaciones Laborales (Former Employee) says

"Las compensaciones muy buenas pero realmente un mal ambiente de trabajo propiciado por los mismos gerentes"

Assistant Corporate Counsel (Former Employee) says

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Uniroyal. I worked in their law department. A typical day of work involved reviewing contracts; doing legal research; managing outside counsel during litigation phases of my work; entered pending case information into a new computer system; writing letters to outside counsel.A wonderful supervisor.No room for upward mobility for women."

B/U Operator (Former Employee) says

"Responsible for stocking and maintaining, mixing of chemicals needed to make tires. we were on rotating shifts switching to the next at the first of every monthat the tie the pay was goodrotating shifts"

Andrew Bott says

"Don’t ever buy tyres that have the uniroyal mark. I bought 2 tyres the guy mounted the correctly mostly pushed on the rims by hand using soap. After another 1.200 km one of the tyres exsploded and went down ver fast lucky it was a back tyre. The bead had actually come away from the tyre. Uniroyal said it was a machanical problem. When there was nothing mechanical involved. The tyre in Question was 165/70/14 T uniroyal Rain exspert 3. seriously do not buy thease tyres as your life is at risk. The tyre in question was never picked up or exsamened. This company is not to be trusted."

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