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Uniqlo Co., Ltd. (株式会社ユニクロ, Kabushiki-gaisha Yunikuro) is a Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fast Retailing Co., Ltd.

Controversies: In January 2015, a number of labor rights violations were reported at Uniqlo suppliers in China. Uniqlo pledged to remedy the violations. In June 2015, Uniqlo factory workers went on strike in relation to lay-offs.

In November 2015, investigations into the measures Uniqlo introduced in the wake of the January 2015 revelations found that Uniqlo's remedies had been only partially successful, with significant violations continuing to occur. In October 2016 the report 'This Way to Dystopia: Exposing UNIQLO's Abuse of Chinese Garment Workers' by SACOM and War on Want claimed that it was still the case that "excessive overtime, low pay, dangerous working conditions and oppressive management" were common in Uniqlo factories in China and Cambodia.

In 2019, a number of Australian workers reported that bullying and harassment is rife, there were "shouting rooms", and a toxic work culture. They claimed they had to work 18-hour days, had to fold 7 shirts a minute, and everyone leaves with "some form of PTSD". Also, former HR manager Melanie Bell is suing UNIQLO for $1 million, claiming that she had been bullied and discriminated against due to her "caucasian heritage".


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Tedious work, usual over time"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"High Pressure, overtime work"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Management extremely rude, pay could be better. Terrible work/life balance."

Former Employee - Sales Advisor says

"EVERYTHING IS BREACH! Had to many booxes stacked up in stock room, fell on my head and injured my self and no one cared, refused to compensate me ! They breached health and safety rules!!!!!! they expect you ot fold 10 shirts in one min wth am i a robot! EUROPEAN managers, supervisor and staff are rude and RACISITS they talk behind your back ! and spy on you!"

Former Employee - Manager says

"- Micromanagement style - you're expected to work to exhaustion, in store & in corporate, especially if you WFH currently, expect 10-11+ hour days, no lunch breaks, & some work on weekends - Zero work-life balance. You'd have a little if you're lucky enough to have an understanding manager -Working environment (in stores & HQ) does not follow company values & standards, ironically you are supposed to memorized them. - Senior managements are more managers than leaders, also EXTREMELY contradicting - They say will say there are opportunities for growth (esp. in interviews) but you'll only get it if you'll willing to suck-up and don't have an opinion (for corporate & west coast store operations, east coast is a little bit better). So if you want to be a mindless follower, you'll be promoted. - If senior management sees you as "difficult", meaning you voice concerns, suggest ideas for improvement, or stand up for yourself and your team/store, you'll be ignored for promotion or for their expats, sent back to their home country. -HR team is okay... some members do genuinely care. They can help you with any paperwork related stuff, like the basic HR tasks. But when it comes to your own work/professional questions, issues with management, work environment/culture, the most they'll do are touch bases and say what you need/want to hear, when nothing can and will be done to improve due to, again, senior management - Store operations - New store managers are well under-qualified, most are title-sensitive, & got the position because of the company's need of managers due to high turnover (more for west coast operations) and/or favoritism (refer to previous statement). The ones that genuinely care about making the store & company better, would obviously express opinions & if they don't align with senior management, are denied promotion with lame excuses. OR they will promote you because they have to not because of acknowledgment of the hard work you've been doing - Corporate - LOTS of politics and gossip (think high school), everyone is out for themselves so they'd "look good" to the Directors & CEOs, you could be thrown under the bus if you don't stand up for yourself, even by a Director. You'd be lucky to have a supportive manager but sometimes, even they can't do anything. - Managers & Directors are either Japanese expats (quite sexist, if you're female, no chance to of promotion but they'll work you hardest) or Americans (locals as they call it) who only only got their positions based on sucking up and following directions rather than bringing results like they say they expect from you and should. - Very structured to the point where you have to do it their way - Computer systems are extremely outdated, everything has to be approved from the JP Global HQ."

Current Employee - Retail Sales Associate says

"- cliquey/ no room for promotion/ favoritism - strict dress code - overtime/ made you feel guilty for leaving after your shift - dirty break room - negative work environment mentally and physically exhausting"

Former Employee - Customer Assistant says

"- Terrible shift times - Will never finish on time - Supervisors will overwork you - You will be expected to clean toilets at some point because there is no cleaning team - The other workers are in no way friendly so do not expect to make conversation just work there - Overall very depressing and a fellow colleague cried on the way home due to feeling under appreciated and feeling left out (very unwelcoming colleagues)"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Management was pretty crazy. Particularly one manager who made me fold 10 t-shirts in under 1 minute to prove I was "worthy" to stay. He then said it was all a joke at the end of the day when I practiced spending hours folding t-shirts. He went on to do more crazy stuff, telling me to do ridiculous requests that had nothing to do with my job title. Like getting him food from the break room."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Employee of the company for 4 years. The company is built and managed on fear. There is no room for creativity, opinions and ideas. Zero respect for people’s’ time and energy. Expect to receive calls from upper management at midnight asking for updates and why sales were not achieved. Several of us tried to resign from the company only to be put on blast and told that we were making the wrong decision for our lives and that the new companies we were joining were doing the wrong thing by poaching us. Uniqlo is a complete joke and if you respect yourself"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"I’ve spent extended periods of time living without electricity or running water and that wasn’t as bad as working at UNIQLO. Unprofessional staff. Cult-like tactics that try to convince associates their job is more than just folding clothes. Guilty of GREENWASHING. Made to take notes off a board before each shift which were ultimately pointless. You’re literally quizzed on pointless things (like UNIQLO’s raison d’être or something of similar effect) from the employee handbook which had pages that kept falling out because the company apparently couldn’t be bothered to get them half decently made. We were made to practice bowing. Many sales leaders were incredibly unprofessional and petty and some with the social skills of a napkin. I got in trouble for taking the time out to fix someone else’s mistake and the sales leader who got pissy with me apologized through a note card. People would be made an example of in front of others for no good reason. Inconsistent communication, unconvincing leadership, and an overall experience that accelerates mental atrophy. Suffice to say I’m glad I walked out on opening day."

Customer Advisor (Former Employee) says

"I have never worked for a company like this before. They expect you to work like robots and know everything off hand without being taught or shown anything at all. I used to be talked to like a child by supervisors and managers. They expect you to do everything under the sun for only £8.50 p/h and offer no support. Extremely poor management. And other staff members are horrible and miserable too.NoneThey force you do do overtime"

Vendeuse (Former Employee) says

"Store manageur plus que désagréable. Elle est mauvaise, mal honnête et licencie ces employés sans raison valable. Pression constante sur les chiffres et la propreté du magasin.Ticket restaurantManageurs et direction qui mettent la pression"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The WORST job ever! Management is horrible and disrespectful most of the time they don't know what to do. Lack of communication and the General manager sucks she is there for the money. One of the managers there is every rude and will curse at you and yell at you with the f...k word and HR and the GM won't do anything about it if you complain."

Fitting Room Attendant (Former Employee) says

"The management was aweful. They tried to implement their Japanese work ethics here and didn’t work. High turn over rate. The Japanese management had favouritism towards other Japanese staff and would speak in Japanese during work hours most of the time"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"workplace culture is biased. Manager has ADHD and seeks to be praised constantly in order to be able to be brought into the circle. Also, work hours are not fair. management does not encourage educational growth hence would prefer to hire HS drop out so they can work through dead hours of the night. Each leader placed in this position needs to learn what RESPONSIBILITY mean. Stop pretending."

助理 (Former Employee) says

"這真的不是愉快的工作經驗,我屬派遣工作,之前也從來未做過派遣工作,主管很會推說我能力不足看不起人,還有說當初派遣公司沒把工作內容跟我講清楚,其實我想說這家公司制度本身很有問題,如果這工作非常重要但又不願花正職薪水請人,只找派遣工省錢省事,那當初面試時是不是應該上機測試,還有進去上班後加工作給我然後我學不起來,也要說是我的問題。總之以後不會再買他們家的衣服,真的有很受傷被羞辱的感覺,還有辦完離職後竟然被主管封鎖line,我從來沒在line上面跟他對話或謾駡他過,這位主管的待人處事真的讓人儍眼!交通方便高壓 節奏快"

Overnight Associate (Former Employee) says

"As much money as this company makes you’d think the structure would be better but it horrible the communication is terrible and the I just worked the last month in unbearable hot temperatures."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"There less than a month. The management have no idea what they are doing. Spoken down too by the supervisors as if you are stupid. They have no communication skills and don’t follow up on complaints of bullying. Poorly organised. I left about a week after the shop opened. While setting up the shop they don’t want you listening to music or getting to know your colleagues. Then they start chatting one of them up. Massive hypocrisy."

Customer Advisor (Former Employee) says

"I dreaded work everyday. The day would start off with a team talk which you have to come to work ten minutes early in order to prepare for. If you come on time then "you're late". The staff are patronising and lifeless, you will do double the workload for what you are paid for. By the end of the shift your feet and back will be completely numb from all the constant standing, bending, lifting, walking, pushing and barely any sitting. You will be spoken to like a child by someone who barely speaks English and receive nothing but dirty looks in return to saying Good Morning. Why do you think this place always has vacancies open? People would leave just days after getting the job and I'm not even exaggerating, it's degrading and is not worth it even if it was the last job on Earth. See for yourself.some people are cool but that's alllong hours, unfair rules, rude managers"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I'm a college student that started working at Uniqlo maybe a month or so ago and it has already dissatisfied me extremely. I'm rather observant, and the company will lie to you at interviews about the growth you're able to make, it's all fake. There's no room for promotion unless you're favorited which is rare because managers are super strict about doing everything the 'Uniqlo' way. I don't even know where to start. Management has been the absolute worse. They target hiring college students but when you are hired, they won't let you change your schedule for school purposes- even at desperate times. They're rude and playoff your issues and act like they are busy when they're mainly just chatting with each other in an office all day. I have only worked there for a short amount of time and have already had them miss a day on my paycheck and another one of my paychecks was late two weeks. Although I personally may have not needed the money- some people rely on this job to provide for bills and it's highly unprofessional. They will blame issues on the system when it's their own fault, but still, expect us to put 100% on work when they can't even compensate their employees on time. Managers also have a huge issue with communication with one another and you could be placed doing something else other then what's on your schedule just to be complained later by another manager asking you why you were there when it wasn't planned. Managers develop a petty attitude, I guess it comes with the job. The biggest issue all goes back to management. They make you feel bad about tiny things,"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The worst nightmare I ever had A place were you need to sign in and out for everything even if you going to the toilet Mostly everyday you will ask to stay more or to do half lunch break ..... Nobody is nice or helpful they continuously give you tasks impossible to finish on time There is no distinction between people working in the stock room or on shoop floor so you will ask to do bothNo-one"

CASHIER (Former Employee) says

"• Identify current and future requirements by establishing rapport with customers • Locate merchandise and assist customer with concerns related to product • Operate cash register and take payments in cash, checks and debit/credit"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for 6 months and the managers were unprofessional, stressful and hypothetical. I was told by H.R to quit school to work more hours, she tried to intimidate me into doing so but I refused. The pay depends on a budget for the store, if the store doesn't meet a certain goal they'll make sure you get at least 1 day."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Expectations are high, but management and guidance sucks. Lack of teaching and motivation in all areas. If you are young and want experience in retail this is for you. If you are experienced and don't want to be talked to as if your a child then this is NOT for you. In order to get promoted you basically have to fake it till you make It and act like you enjoy the environment but it is very toxic. Management expects you to put them on a pedestal and they smile in your face and talk about everyone when the room is cleared. This has been happening for years, you will only get promoted for favoritism and kissing booty instead of your hard work. I've seen people work hard and get a cold shoulder, but also seen people hanging and laughing it up doing nothing and get praised. horrible place for a "top store"."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The management are disgusting to their employees. I worked in the call center. Worst place I have ever worked in my entire life . They never want you to contact HR. Constantly lying and making rules along the way. Please run far away from this place.Flexible work hoursLiars"

All around worker (Current Employee) says

"Conpany should hire over night people but they dont due to budget but company is making 400k to 500k monthly and they really cant afford overnight hiresNothingLon"

小管理階層 (Former Employee) says

"時常無料加班,還規定很多奇怪的規章自以為是當兵管理,重點很愛養成奧客,規定好的事顧客一吵就什麼都可以,有夠沒原則規定一堆結果都可以是怎樣 真的不懂這企業半年領一次獎金必須忍受顧客無理的要求"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The managers and supervisors doesn't do anything. All they do is sit in front of the computer and carry a ipad over walking the sales floor just to look productive. Another thing is not leaving on time.30% discountlong hours, low pay, terrible management"

SUPERVISOR & VISUALS (Former Employee) says

"Uniqlo has more management and favor system rules. Get on a good manager side and you'll move yourself up to management. Alot of slave work involving a lot of cleaning, folding and trying to be nice to customers.flexible hoursclosing shift"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Very stressful and the standard is ridiculously high compare to other store. Manager is mean and always criticize you. Store always busy and they ask you to be very fast do everything in a sense of emergency. Would not recommend anyone to work here."

Tipthrust says

"The worst underwear I\'ve ever worn in my life. Restrictive and rides up the joints. Actually makes walking difficult to the point that you have to waddle everywhere. Totally embarrassing. They try to convince you that it\'s the most comfortable underwear ever, but you\'re not allowed to try them because deep down they know it\'s the worst. And if course no refunds cause you got tricked and they wanna keep your money. Worst company in the world"

Hugh Gage says

"Joining the cacophony of voices complaining about Uniqlo’s customer service. It’s appalling. Both delivery and returns are hopeless. Today, ~5 weeks after return was initiated I get only a partial refund. And that is just one of the orders - the others are still outstanding. I will never shop from them again (even if they were to offer some kind of voucher related apology). If I’m in the market for HeatTech equivalent, I’ll go to Marks and Spencer and buy thermals from there. M&S are competitively priced and the products are better. I’m a fool for not having checked there first. Based on my experience and what I have read here of others who have had similar experiences, I advise anybody considering shopping at Uniqlo to avoid doing so."

Hannah Payne says

"If I could give them zero stars I would. Returned an item 5 weeks ago and no refund/no correspondence from Uniqlo. Shocking customer service. No telephone, no email. Just a “submit a comment box”. Save yourself the hassle."

Mary osman says

"Horrendous service. Placed online order in early December chased a couple of times when I had heard nothing. Eventually got a response saying that my order had been cancelled at my request!!?? I complained straight away. Order was apparently reinstated but here we are in mid January and not even been notified of despatch let alone received my order. Such a shame. Am a real fan of their stores but for online orders forget it. Worst experience I have had from any company even taking account of the current situation. I strongly feel that if a company does not have capacity to process orders it shouldn’t be accepting them."

Rasa Rabačiauskiene says

"25/11/2020 I ordered 4 jumpers, 3 pairs of socks for £9.90 and 4 for £9.90. Instead of 4 pairs of socks I received only 2 pairs. I emailed customer service straight away with all information of my order same day I got the parcel. On 08/12/2020 I receive an email from customer service to provide 13 digit SKU of missing items. I sent my order number to Uniqlo again. 24/12/2020 Uniqlo asked me to fill in and sign attached the declaration of missing items. I emailed Uniqlo customer service so many times, no response. Today is 14/01/2021 did not receive missing socks or hear anything from Uniqlo customer service. I think as a company like Uniqlo with so many store's across the UK It's a shock and so very very disappointing of how this company is treating their customers just for 2 pairs of socks which was a present for my partner (it was a Christmas gift) wow it's not like it's a table or sofa i'm just waiting for just 2 pairs of socks for which I paid for and God knows when it will receive it. So very very bad customer service"

Nessa says

"I wish I had read online reviews as this reflects my current POOR online experience. No possible customer support online but a BOT, very very long delivery timeframe (bearing in mind the return policy is from the date at which the order was taken). Complicated return policy that you have to pay for. All of that for a jacket I received with a hole in the arm. Well this is my first and last attempt at Uniqlo Online shopping."

Donnie Macdonald says

"This is the worst customer service I have ever encountered. Deliberately obstructive, uncommunicative, the opposite of what a well-run company should be. I have no expectation of receiving the £200 I have overpaid. Consistently awful service. 84% bad reviews bear this out. I placed a duplicate order in error, was not able to cancel it at the time, and my daughter (it was a gift) was unable to return the duplicate. I would strongly advise you not to deal with this company. My sympathies go out to their workforce. It must be such a negative experience working for a firm devoid of integrity."

Rolita says

"Worst shipping experience !! Avoid this store !! I order my package online and ever got it . It said it was delivered but never got my order . There’s no way to receive Customer service only trough a “chat”. Worst customer service ever ."

Ironmongery buyer in Islington, N1 says

"Don't think about using Uniqlo online. Awful communications. Their customer service team stopped communicating leaving me to contact my credit card company to get a refund for being overcharged."

AG27 says

"I have brought from Uniqlo before with no problems however I am having difficulty getting a refund for my most recent purchase. The item was posted back one month ago. When I contacted Uniqlo after one month they said a refund would be issued within 5 working days. I have allowed this time and still no refund so contacted them again. They have advised me to allow another 5 working days. Really unimpressed with this customer service."

Ashley Smith says

"Stay away from Uniqlo's online shopping. You pay $10 for return items. You can't return sale items - only do an in store exchange, which is impossible right now due to COVID-19 temporary store closures in Ontario. Customer service said that they will extend the exchange policy to 30 days after stores reopen, but then you're stuck with items that you can't use until who knows when. They won't budge on allowing sale items to be returned. It's ridiculous cus obviously it's tricky to guess your correct size and you can't feel the quality of the items when shopping online. I only buy clothing when it's on sale cus times are hard. They should be more reasonable considering current circumstances. The Gap offers free returns on everything. That will be the only store that I shop at during this pandemic."

Daniella says

"Worst customer service ever! Such a shame as we have been such a loyal customers"

Katy says

"Absolutely speechless at how this Company is still trading. Disgusting service, order placed on 28/11/2020, it is now the 12/01/2021 and the item is still not received. Customer service is awful, constantly fobbed off, false promises and money being withheld for weeks. It’s disappointing to see that the Company is still promoting on social media despite an overwhelming amount of customers who have been left in this position, without Xmas presents, very poor communication and moneys being withheld. They should be ashamed on themselves."

Yasemin Acikgoz says

"I have bought products online. Few days later I have returned them via Uniqlo selected courier company. I waited about 10 days for my refund. Then I called their customer service. They told me that they received the parcel however it will take about 15 days to process the refund. After waiting 3 weeks I have contacted Uniqlo again. This time they informed me that they have not received the parcel and opened a case to further investigate. One agent telling me that they received the parcel and the other agent says they did not. And I this time I have been waiting and now I have to wait again for the investigation. I used to love Uniqlo. Since they have changed their return policies for online shopping things are became more complicated. You no longer can take items back to Uniqlo stores for refund. You have to post it back. Like in my case the courier company mine loose it, so make sure you ask for a receipt when use the courier service. And in their return policy it says it’s 15 working days for refund to be process. Which is 3 weeks and that is a long time to wait. Overall very disappointed with their customer service and return process."

Louise Fitzsimons says

"This was my first and last Uniqlo order... Worst online customer experience I've had and they just don't seem to care. I ordered a large order of clothes for my son for winter in mid November with a 3-5 day delivery. They didn't arrive for 2 weeks. When the parcel did arrive there were 6 items out of 10 missing which I reported straight away, but was told there would need to be some investigation carried out first. I was sent an email asking me to fill in a missing item form (after I'd already submitted the information 3 times) and the email stated if I didn't fill in and send back with 7 days, Uniqlo would take it as the issue had been resolved. After sending the form back all correspondence from uniqlo stopped completely (except for marketing emails). I followed up with 3 emails, requesting an update, yet, I did not get one reply. Eventually I called beginning Jan and spoke to someone who informed me it was still being investigated at the warehouse and I would have an answer by the end of January (3 months after I'd placed the order)! I had paid by Klarna, so I decided to suspend the payment and report Uniqlo through Klarna. I'm not sure if Klarna contact Uniqlo, but 2 days later, the total had changed and I'd been refunded for the missing items. I have had no email from Uniqlo confirming this refund or apologising, and was actually made to feel like i was lying from the beginning. It's a shame really as the clothes we did receive were actually lovely and really good quality but I will absolutely not buy from them again. It was a very stressful experience."

ariela engler says

"The worst customer service. The problem started when they did not deliver the package since it was damaged. For 3 month uniqlo customer service promise return of money but nothing. If there is any problem with delivery forget about your money."

Yvonne says

"I always liked Uniqlo for basic stuff but It's a shame to see so many negative reviews over here about the online shopping experience. I unfortunately also experienced this when it comes to return. Items bought online are NOT allowed to return in store, which is bizarre. At this stage they still need you to PRINT the label yourself even though Hermes has provided 'print in store' option a long time ago. This has became difficult during lockdown for those who don't have a printer at home. What's worse, item was sent back over a month ago, website still shows 'in transit'. I use Hermes a lot and they always deliver in a couple of days. Clearly Uniqlo didn't update on their end. Website informed 15 working days to work on their back log but it has been over a month already. I am not sure if this brand is going to survive in the long term if this is the level of customer service they provide. WHAT A SHAME!"

JT77 says

"Avoid buying online!! This is a joke customer service! Sent some items back more than a month ago. Wrote to them asking for answers 10 days ago and got told that they’re taking over 15 business days to process. Here we are after 20 business days and still no refund or email? Where is my £120?? Never will I purchase anything online again from this company! Very disappointed. Update on my review, I managed to find a customer services phone number and speak to the CS team directly. Apparently they received my refund nearly a month ago but had not issued me any refund!? They were apologetic enough and issued me a manual refund. If you have not got a refund despite waiting 15 business days, give them a call on 0207 8864930."

Sam says

"Clothes are decent. Customer service is probably the worst or close to i have encountered. Blatantly not giving out a phone number, an automated chat bot that can not resolve anything and refusing to refund you. Ill be surprised if this company survives with the service it offers. I'll not be purchasing from them again."

Eric Gustafson says

"Refused return of Christmas gift for exchange for larger size even tho I'd pay shipping, still having tags on, same item still being sold and available online, and return attempted shortly after Christmas. BBB rating by customes is a D-. Go see horror stories much worse than ours. Don't buy here!"

Nams Nyeshang says

"I didnt get sale price in store because I dont have there App🤨 May be the first store in my life to get the sale price to have there App.Very disappointing. I love this store but not anymore. UNIQLO WENT BEST TO WORSE!!"

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