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Unify is headquartered in Munich, Germany and is present in over 100 countries. The company provides software-based enterprise unified communications including voice, Web collaboration, video conferencing and contact center, networking product and services.

A former employee said this on Indeed "Don't work at Unify. To much drama, everyone in each others business, gossip and unproductive, no aseptic accountability, HIPPA violations w/ no accountability, harassment, no prescription verification, poor staffing and management, not paid fairly for level of work, and no chance of advancement".


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Sr. Branch rep (Current Employee) says

"not a great place to work. micromanaged huge turnaround bad training acts more like a bank than a credit union. does not recommend wat better credit unions in the area.nonehorrible work balanceThank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. Your feedback is important and valued. As we always look to enhance our work environment for team members, we would appreciate hearing more about your experience and some of the issues you’ve raised. Please email us at talktohr@unifyfcu.com, and we’ll be sure and follow up with you."

Member Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"In the position as a Member Service Representative at Unify Financial credit union my duties included cash handling, data entry, sales, and the ability to multi-task. I also assist loan officers with the input of loan applications. The most part of my job was meeting customers satisfaction. I learned that there's always an alternative outlets if something doesn't work the first time. I also learned due to so much that's going on in the world you never know what someone else is going through so you always want to begin your day with a smile and positive attitude. There's nothing I disliked about my job because I always found the joy in everything I do or did. This position is more than a job for me it's actually a career opportunity.Bonus, Customers, EnvironmentHigh turn over, no constant management"

Processor/Underwriter (Current Employee) says

"Overwork employees had a pipeline of 60 plus loans did all the order outs and was expected to answer what we refer to as the customer service line answering general questions that could take from 30 minutes to an hour. The credit union has no Loan Officers leaving processor/underwriting re-structuring loan to extending interest rates. No consideration for employees witness a co-worker having a heart attack and they never called 911 this is one of the worst companies I have ever worked for. No respect from management assigned breaks and lunches as if you where in school. Could be a pleasant place if they work on the process flow that can make sense.benefits"

Member Service (Former Employee) says

"If you choose to work at this credit union, then the quality of your personal life is something that can't be important to you. The department I worked in was mismanaged. You had a director who was fairly new and who brought in her portfolio of ideas gotten while employed by other companies. Ideas must be tailored to acclimate with the philosophy of a company and planned so that they achieve their intended purpose. The director and her two supervisors were superficially nice but ineffective. Their ideas added tedium to an already highly stressed environment staffed by overworked staff. My co-workers were mostly wonderful and extremely helpful but they were stressed. The most enjoyable part of the job was the fact that the credit union purchased food for employees on holidays and during special events. The offices are clean and they possess good technology. Unfortunately, there is a lack of follow-through on the part of the management team. There is little communication so that you are left virtually in the dark wondering if the projects you are working on are being completed according to plan. This is a credit union where there is a very evident disconnect in communication. Maybe the credit union is too top heavy or populated by inept managers.Nice facilities, a great lounge room, and great staff.Inept management who have segregated themselves from the work force."

Teller (Former Employee) says

"I could go on and on here about the lack of loyalty or concern for "good, hardworking employees." I personally had an incident as a teller where my drawer was short. I found the missing money. The CDM machine was off the exact amount. The issue was rectified, however, a week later the head teller took the money from my drawer and put it back in the CDM machine. I knew as a teller I was expendable. No one was going to listen to me. The new branch manager I had was not willing to help. I was written up for this false offense, which I refused to sign. I took matters into my own hands and went to Internal Audit. I explained what had happened and they said that that should have never happened, that an investigation would take place. Not soon after I was called in to a meeting with my Regional Manager and the AVP of Human Resources. My Regional told me, "I know you took the money, but I can't prove it." Because I chose not to sign my write up there was no need to do anything. They tore up the paperwork and said, "No more complaining." This is just once incident. I was a stellar employee who wanted to grow, learn, move up the ladder. Unfortunately, I wasn't valued or respected. I decided to take my talent elsewhere. BEST. DECISION. EVER.I don't see oneManagement, lazy co-workers, low pay"

Contracted employee (Former Employee) says

"The department I worked in was under administration of one manager and two supervisors. On my first day, the manager informed me they didn't want an employee who asked too many questions because she and the two supervisors were too busy to spend time answering questions. From thereon, I arrived to work, sat down and worked. There was absolutely no communication and with exception of one project, all the other projects I completed were never reviewed. After 3 months the manager admitted she never reviewed my work and apologized for not communicating with me. Co-workers were nice and hard workers. I learned quickly that staff are overworked and required to complete an inordinate number of reports. In this respect, I found this to be an archaic organization. It also amazed me that the manager and two supervisors seemed unusually oblivious to the fact that some of the information they demanded could easily and more efficiently be produced by the IT Department. I liked the fact there was no micromanaging. I disliked that there was no follow through on the part of managers. There was also an immense amount of ignorance on the part of the managers about the multitude of tasks each staff member is required to complete. Because of this, there is a lot of overtime but this has to have an impact on the credit union's bottom line and on an employee's quality of life. Though everyone- managers and staff alike, smiled a lot, on several occasions I overheard the manager and her two supervisors negatively gossiping about staff which is always counter-productive. in any workingNo micromanaging, Up-to-date software. Extremely nice lunch room. The company is generous in providing employees food.Management who seems acutely out-of-touch with the responsibilities of their staff, serious failure by mangers to realize goals, and immensely irresponsible."

Regional (Former Employee) says

"There is no way the ratings for this company should be any more then a 1. Whoever is rating it higher then this is obviously still working for Western and is trying to make the company look good. We had a wonderful home-life and a really good job BEFORE accepting a position here. Was promised great pay and benefits along with "the sky is the limit on promoting within" during the 3 time interview process, and about 3 months worth of waiting on an answer. After accepting the position and rearranging our entire life to make this work, it was a total disaster!! After the third day, the realization of "I've just made the biggest mistake of my life" set in. Let me warn those of you looking to apply here, this is MICRO-management beyond anything you can imagine. Write-ups and threats of job loss for some of the most minor errors is an everyday thing here. They literally look for reasons to write a person up, and rarely find the "good" in someone. The executive team is extremely dysfunctional, and the Board of Directors must have blinders on to not do something about them. The top three executives in particular need to be released from their duties in order for this company to go somewhere, with a positive outlook/forecast. After leaving this company, we heard so many bad things about the top executive. It's a shame we didn't do research, and know about this executive being well known for his horribly managed ways before accepting the position. It was a head-hunter that called out of the blue and said "You are at a company that is well-known for it's poor management and high turn overAbsolutely NONE!!!!Worst experience of a 25 year career!!!"

Call Center Representative (Former Employee) says

"The pay is OK at first, then you realize you are being overworked with little or no training or support. This will continue to get worse as the load more and more on you. It is very stress filled and disorganized. High turnover from general reps all the way up to upper management. It is that when someone comes in with logical ideas or solutions, and they try to advocate for the general reps, they are let go. If you do work here, don't share ideas or suggestions, and don't expect to move up from within. You will barely have time off the phones to use the restroom, much less try to better your career. There are so many other places that far exceed this credit union that you will be treated like a professional and valued. If those things are important keep shopping.Occassional free lunch if manditory 30 min. Ok benefits.Disorganization. Information is hard to come by to properly assist on calls. Weak management."

SYSTEMS ENGINEER (consultant) says

"Extreme micromanagement, extremely overcrowded office with not enough workspace or parking for all of their employees. They had me sitting in their makeshift "IT Kitchen" area, where I could not concentrate on the migration project due to people constantly coming in & out of my workspace all day long, getting coffee, snacks and talking. No where to find me a proper desk, only gave me 1 draw to put all of my belongings, including personal and documents related to the project. Unfriendly co-workers as well (there were a few nice people but not on my team, they were developers/programmers, not on the infrastructure side where I was working.NoneWas only allowed to leave my desk at certain times, two 15min breaks and a 1 hour lunch."

Exempt Role (Former Employee) says

"Small credit union attempting to operate as a large financial institution but this causes a POOR employee experience; location, hours, pay, lack of growth in addition subpar leadership. Was unimpressed with them & left after a short time due to a CRITICAL personal issue of which they were UNSUPPORTIVE, DISMISSIVE, & INSENSITIVE. In this day & age it’s unacceptable for any company to not fully support employees. This company would work well for anyone new or returning to the workforce, but with more than 2 years experience you’d go crazy there.Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. We want every team member to have a positive experience, and feel badly that did not happen for you. The points you bring up are significant, and we would like to clearly understand what took place. While you are no longer with UNIFY, we hope you were aware of the processes we have in place to ensure every team member can voice and resolve concerns, either with your department management or Human Resources. If you have not already shared these details, and are willing to do so, we’d like to provide that closure for you now. Please send us a note at talktohr@unifyfcu.com, and we’ll set a time with you to connect. Again, we appreciate your comments and hope to learn more. Best of luck in your career."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The work load was excessive. We had to work on Saturdays and Sundays which causes burnout. Western Federal Credit Union is not a place you want to work if you have a family life or just a life in general. Management is out of touch. They delegate and they delegate but they themselves seem to have set up mental barriers so that they don't have to see the effect the overload has on staff. This is not a company that offers advancement. Its just not there and their are lots of cliques among managers. There is no appreciation for hard work and it is taken for granted. This seems to be a company wide problem. As bad as management is, the underlings are actually nice, they're just working for a credit union that is not created for efficiency. They've got the technology, they just don't have the right people at the helm.Food, nice co-workers, clean officesManagement"

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Lot of backstabbing goes on. Management plays favorites. Travel and perks are good but dont quit your job to work for them. Free credit union account. Someone is always watching you and reporting back to your boss.Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. We want each team member’s experience with us to be positive and fulfilling; we’re sorry that was not how you felt. While you are no longer working with us, learning more about some of the challenges you encountered is important—we’d appreciate a few minutes of your time. Please email talktohr@unifyfcu.com, and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss. All the best to you in your future career."

Branch Manager (Current Employee) says

"I have never regretted anything more than my decision to come to this company. The sales culture is intense, the regional leaders are ineffective bullies that lead with a motto of "do as I say, not as I do", and senior leadership is oblivious. I can't express how badly I wish someone would have warned me not to come to this company but if you value sanity, competence, hard work or leadership you will not apply here.NoneManagement, management, and management"

Current Employee (Current Employee) says

"Don't be confused by the number of openings available. This is not advancement opportunities created through growth, it's turnover. The back office departments are free to do and act as they please with little to no responsibility/accountability. The front office (branch) employees are controlled by a dictatorship style of leadership which is evident in the voluntary and involuntary turnover you see in the consistent job openings. As an employee you will have no voice and will be required to fall in line and perform as demanded. Micromanaging is HUGE within the entire organization. There is no work-life balance whatsoever so expect 50-60/week as a manager and if you're a front line employee expect all the pressure to be placed on you. At the mere pennies Western pays it's front line staff I do not believe it is worth it (hence the turnover). BEFORE you apply for a job here, go in to a branch and have a candid conversation with an employee. Find a front-line employee on Linked-In. Or, go ahead and apply, ask yourself why you need to go through 3-4 levels of interviews to be a teller and why the hiring process is drawn out to 2-3 months. Do yourself a favor...there's a ton of Credit Unions and Banks that offer better training, development, and opportunities. At Western, HR and all the Middle/Sr mgmt team members are best of friends, you'll never get a complaint heard. HR is there when you need help with your health insurance and nothing more. Make a mistake and instead of coaching and feedback be prepared for write-up after write-up until they can safely remove you.The benefits are great! Least expensive insurance and the pay for school up to your MBA at 100%.Terribly unorganized, horrible communication, and extremely unreasonable expectations of staff and mgmtI'm thrilled that so many people found my review helpful, at first I thought Indeed wasn't going to post it (it took quite a while to get on here) and then I noticed the review right above mine...I don't know for certain who that employee was but I can guess with some certainty and it should only solidify that my comment is not a complaint but representative of the organization. My comment and the one above are SPOT ON. At the time I am writing this now (8-23-14) there is currently more than a 10% vacancy in the organization. HR is oblivious to the "dictator" I mentioned previously or they just don't care. I am currently employed with Western to this date and this will certainly go down as THE WORST company I've ever worked for. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay away. I wish I could share who I am and help you find a better opportunity but all I can do is hope whoever reads these reviews heeds the warnings. (PS...I only still work here because they pay for school and don't require you to stay once you get your degree if anyone is wondering)."

Bank Teller (Former Employee) says

"Seriously, don't apply to work here especially if you're looking at joining a branch. Management is terrible they only care about helping out their friends and whoever is in their clique. If you don't kiss up to the boss get ready for unwarranted write-ups and possibly termination. If you want to move up I suggest you consider other options. This place doesn't know how to reward their workers or make for good morale.I was told one thing when I got hired and another when I actually started working there. It's a shame how fast this place is going down internally."

Branch Manager (Current Employee) says

"The credit union has a goal stressful mentality similar to a large national bank. Upper management is always looking for errors to point out to staff and has a big brother mentality. Many in upper management is 2-faced and will stab you in the back.Competitive payPoor upper managementThanks for taking the time to provide your feedback. We’d like to understand more about the comments you have and some of the issues you’ve raised. Please email us at talktohr@unifyfcu.com and we’ll be sure to follow-up with you."

Branch Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The overall company is great however leadership should be re-evaluated. You have leadership who do not care about your development, and no support when needing support for a member issue."

Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"Turnover with this company is terrible and it has nothing to do with the people that are hired. I watched as the majority of branch managers turned over within 4 months. Western has a strict probationary period with very little concern for the individual. They may tell you that the probationary period isn't something to worry about I know that my new hire class had at least 5 terminations by the time the period was over. Forget about time off. You can't take time off. Forget about voicing your opinion also. If you're looking to work for a credit union, I'd suggest you go elsewhere. If you've worked at Bank of America, you'll find this culture perfect for you."

Temporary writer (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company in a temporary capacity so my position though full-time had not benefits. However, what I observed was at at times disturbing. I'd arrive to work each day, sit down, and begin t conducting research and writing. I did this, day in and day out for more than 3 months. On my first day the manager told me that they didn't want someone who was going "to be asking lots of questions, because we're too busy." Though the Manager and her 2 supervisors seemed superficially nice, none of the three ever checked my work over the approximate 3 month period I reported to work. With exception of two assignments, I never received feedback about what I produced. The Manager frequently promised to meet with me to discuss what I created and yet over a three month period, there were only 2 meetings, each lasting less than 20 minutes. The people in the department I worked in were very nice but each had too many responsibilities which included having to complete numerous reports each week. One project required creating production spreadsheet for each employee. All were to be linked to a single, master report which would tally employee totals. The lists each had over 100 individual job responsibilities that employees would have to pick from when completing tasks. The reports were nothing less than absurd. This is a busy staff with deadlines who should not be forced to peruse a long list of items each time they complete a task. A far more proactive measure, which would have been far more accurate, was to ask the IT department to provide reports showing how many calls eachSuper nice staff and lots of food provided by the company.Lack of professional acumen, disorganized, not cost-effective."


"Working as loan officer they expect you to work as teller as well, alot of outbound calling trying to get leads, the pay is way below the national average for the responsability of handling cash. After a year working there really hard I expected I nice raise but when they said it would be $.27 cents I decided to quit.They fly you out for trainingsLow pay, if exceed expectations after 1 yr $.27 raise.Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. Team members are an important part of our members’ experience, and we’re committed to offering a competitive compensation package. We regularly evaluate team member compensation in comparison to other employers in our markets, and to pay levels in our industry. Consistently, our compensation and benefits packages compare favorably to other credit unions as well as financial industry peers. We value and welcome feedback, especially from former team members. Please email us at talktohr@unifyfcu.com if you would like to share additional thoughts about your experience at UNIFY. We wish you the best of luck in your next position."

Sally Ong says

"I am from Malaysia. I want to order the product but your billing and payment section does not allow it. Can you help. Sorry I have to put my question here because I do not know how to reach you"

Kylene Mills says

"I purchased 3 bottles of the Multi-GI 5 for my husband, daughter and myself. When mixing it, we all got choked from the powder in the air. After mixing it and drinking it, we all experienced a burning sensation in our throats. After taking it for a few days, I noticed that I was having significant spikes in my BS. My husband and daughter both experienced a lot of diarrhea. I wanted it to work, but it just didn't for us. What I really need to know is how to receive a refund. Thank you in advance."

M.M. says

"I was hoping I could get past the burning sensation, but it just didn't go away. I see a few others that have experienced the same issue. The taste is alright, but I get a burning sensation in my throat. I tried it for a few weeks, but just can't do it any more."

Elizabeth xyz says

"I received the product on July 16 and started taking it July 17. I remember as the 17th was a payday. I have one scoop left in my current jar. I ordered 2 jars. Therefore, as others has stated it's not a 30 supply in the jar and I missed taking it 2 times. I had extreme diarrhea to the point where I had to take anti-diarrhea pills to stop it. All of the lower part of my body immense a foul medicine like smell, as well as in urine and stool (which was expected) but, not on my skin of that area. I lost 1.3 pounds, but that also includes my intermittent fasting days when I did them correctly."

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