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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at UniFocus full-time for more than a year Cons: Leadership has no grasp on engagement and keeping their employees motivated. Organization is ran like a company would in the past. (Yelling and cursing is the management style). They do not value or coach their employees. Since December 2015 - 9 people have left UniFocus and only 1 of them was allowed to work out their 2 weeks when offered. They will not pay you 2 weeks if you offer. Most if not all employees are bullied and work in fear of losing their job. This company spends 50% of it's week in meetings. (Meetings to have Meetings)"

Sales says

"I worked at UniFocus Cons: Health benefits are extremely expensive. The President treats employees like dirt."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at UniFocus full-time for more than a year Cons: "Design by committee" mentality. To many opinions and no real decisions. Compensation was on the low end"

PR Manager (Former Employee) says

"I really do not recommend working here as their family higher process is horrible. Management is negligent at best as there are multiple people in high positions that cannot even put together a legible sentence"

Business Development Director (Former Employee) says

"Unfortunately, the company is not nearly as successful as it could/should be. Management, for the most part, is adequate to very good. A lot of great and capable people work there. However, on the sales and marketing side, it is very disconcerting. There have been three (3) different EVP/VPs of sales in the last four years. The most recent one left after only 3 months. Sales turnover is extremely high, both through being let go and leaving on their own. In all honesty, the company was very good to me, but I was basically allowed to run my own show and I was allowed to work out of my house, while others in the Dallas area were required to work in the office. For sales, the office environment was depressing. The CEO is a very bright and, for the most part, likeable person. However, the CEO is an extreme micro manager and most of the sales people got very tired of the CEO's management style. The CEO just could never allow the EVP to run things their way. In my opinion, the CEO is not a good salesperson and should not dictate the way things should be done in the sales realm. The CEO has a long history of publicly belittling and demeaning not only sales, but other employees, as well, which leads to ebbs of low morale. Having said that, I would still recommend considering UniFocus to most job seekers, other than sales; at least at this point."

Software Developer (Former Employee) says

"Generally relaxed and easy going environment. Management not great at planning. Hardest part of job was constantly changing priorities. Cons: Not always open to other viewpoints"

Director of Operations (Former Employee) says

"This job requires 100% travel on the road with clients. Each stint ranges from 10 to 20 days at a time. Not condusive for an individual with a family. Cons: Away from firends and family for extended periods of time."