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UniCare is an American health insurance company owned by Anthem Inc.

A former employee said this in a review at Indeed website: "UniCare is the worst place to work and its bad cause they make you work like crazy and no breaks on top of that and the employees are rude too, so don't work there".


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Home Care Assistant (Former Employee) says

"My phone rang constantly to cover shifts where staff had cancelled last minute. My rota was always changing each week so that I could never schedule any activities of my own. I felt obliged to take on more shifts even when I was extremely tired. Money paid for my petrol didn't cover the actual amount I spent or the maintenance on my car. Clients were always complaining because we were forced to rush as we had other clients to reach who were miles away. Overall a horrible experience, I would not recommend working for Unicare."

Personal care attendant (Current Employee) says

"Terrbile place to work and its bad cause they make you work like crazy and no breaks on top of that and the employees are rude too so anyone please dont work there"

Medical Receptionist extern (Current Employee) says

"No benefits and mangerment was horrible ! They always are an externship so the employees are college student doing hours for graduation ! The office manger was never there as well !"

Carer (Former Employee) says

"hard work for little appreciation. long days. you do meet nice clients and feels good to help someone that needs it. not enouch pay for the job and hard work put in.Meet nice peoplelong hours"

Life Insurance Cashier (Current Employee) says

"Unicare is a great place to work. I worked in a very small office setting with brilliant people that's been there for multiple years. The work is not stressful"

Data Entry (Former Employee) says

"Enter the data of the customers who are insured by the company as it is a health insurance company. Printing of customers' cards as I was working in the issuing departmentTeamworkWeak salary"

Director (Former Employee) says

"The managers hang with the managers; the peons with the peons. Real class issues underline everything. Not a lot of management respect for staff. They're basically phoning it in. Not a lot of well trained managers either...just people who have risen to the top because they have been with the company for a gazillion years. Many of them haven't had an abstract thought about managing people in decades."

Outside Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"the work was not too hard but the pay wasn't anything to get excited for. it was fun being around the works and the management was decent but it wasnt worth staying"

auxiliar de enfermagem (Former Employee) says

"uma cooperativa que precisa ser modificada em muitas coisas, mas é muito boa.levamos as refeições de casanão fornece alimentação ao funcionario"

Senior Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Culture of the company is positive; they promote work-balance, but when there is a shortness of support staff, it becomes a difficult to manage. Otherwise, it is an enjoyable environment."

Home Support Worker (Former Employee) says

"The ability to meet the needs of client from varied backgrounds and develop a special relationship with each one that is unique to that client.flexibilitylong hours"

LNFA (Former Employee) says

"Great Company to work for with lots of team support.Co-workers were all helpful.they are one of the few that truly care about resident care"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working at UniCare ive been in the healthcare for more than ten years.available to post outnot sure"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Input medical claims in systems, explain to customer their benefits, contact nurse if needed, answer calls as they came through our que. Assist with disputes"

CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant/HHA (Former Employee) says

"Unicare is a good job and it was so much better for me to get work done and cases to work with Patients and go to their house and help them with some house work"

Floor Maintenance (Current Employee) says

"the on site boss was cool but tried to cater too much to the client. the client was my former boss and out sourced myself and others then proceeded to treat us horribly and abuse the fact that the company they outsourced their employees to was walking on eggshells and defending them instead of their employees"

Support (Former Employee) says

"i learned a lot from this company.Management was very helpful. Everyone tried to make new people feel comfortable"

Certified Nursing Aide/Home Health Aide (Current Employee) says

"I appreciate the fact they reimburse you for mileage. They keep you if your busy f available."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"It was a call center on the phone constantly. It was a quota that needed to be met. and the workers was okay but not really a team player envirnomentshort termcall center"

Registered Nurse (RN) says

"Great co workers, productive, caring place, until buyout occurred and staff was laid off. staff provided great nursing care and cared for the patients."

declan.oduffy says

"You have still got me on automatic repeat prescriptions despite my request to not do this - twice. As a consequence I am now altering the pharmacy I get my prescriptions from. Oddly, when asked for electronic feedback it wouldn't 'send' when I complained - yet when I tried to sign up it wasn't a problem. It would seem there is a little sharp practice at play here."