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Ultra is a Brazilian company operating in the sectors of fuel distribution, through Ipiranga and Ultragaz; in the production of specialty chemicals, through Oxiteno; in the storage of liquid bulk, through Ultracargo; and in pharmacies, through Extrafarma, all of which are subsidiaries entirely controlled by Ultrapar holding. The company is publicly traded under the name Ultrapar on São Paulo’s stock exchange (B3) and on New York’s (NYSE).

Ultra is Brazil's fourth-largest company, and according to the yearly publication Valor 1000 of the Brazilian newspaper Valor Econômico, its net revenue in 2013 was 60.9 billion reais (BRL).

Ultra is among the 500 largest companies in the world, according to a ranking prepared by Fortune magazine in 2014.

A former employee of Ultrapar Participacoes said this in a review “Slow pace on career development at Ultrapar, managers with old-school style, hierarchization across the board with little room for middle-level personnel to access senior management, not a sexy compensation".


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