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The UHY Hacker Young Group is a Top 20 Group of UK chartered accountants, with over 100 partners and 540 professional staff operating from 19 offices across the UK. Established in London in 1925, the group is also a founder member of UHY International, an international network of accountancy firms with 325 offices located in 100 countries across the globe.

Uhy Us has an extremely stressful working environment, employees are overworked with a low salary and no work-life balance, according to a former employee at indeed.com

"Typical day for me was being non stop on the phone, having long hours and be extremely stressful. One of my fellow ex-employee was absent from work for a long time and I had to do a job for three people. I really struggled sometimes, because I had no work and life balance. The salary was very low for the hours I worked."


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