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Uber Technologies, Inc., commonly known as Uber, offers vehicles for hire, food delivery (Uber Eats), package delivery, couriers, freight transportation, and, through a partnership with Lime, electric bicycle and motorized scooter rental. The company is based in San Francisco and has operations in over 900 metropolitan areas worldwide.

A former employee said this in a review: "Not happy with pay or wear and tear on car, no good bonuses, not safe, crazy riders, cheap riders and angry drunk riders. No respect and some people act suspicious or very rude and arrogant. I don't recommend working at Uber".


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No job security, no insurance, if you're injured you're screwed. Awful pay, below minimum wage"

Former Employee - Driver says

"loads,pay,customers,fines, risk,floored rating system,taking advantage of vunlerable people,no sick pay,holiday pay,no super, no social life, all your risk"

Current Employee - Self Driver says

"long hour works out under 6 dol per hour after all cost"

Former Employee - Customer Service says

"Shady company, does not care about drivers only about riders if that. Some people don't get it but sometimes you work for $ 9 to $ 10 an hour after you deduct expences fuel taxes and knees fees."

Current Employee - Senior Manager says

"Changed from fast and effective to political environment. Run by consultants now. Low compensation."

Current Employee - Account Executive says

"very difficult to move cross-ways, little room for skill development outside your BAU, managements actions do not always align with company values."

Current Employee - Account Executive says

"Underpaid, extremely underqualified people in management roles, brown-nosing culture, constant negative press, protests held outside the office regularly, cliquey. Telesales at its most basic level, you probably won't learn anything."

Current Employee - Delivery Partner says

"Have to stay idle for quite sometime. I'm seeing that only bikers get orders but not cars delivery partners."

Former Employee - Subject Matter Expert says

"Tiresome internal management and hiring structure, constantly redoing the same projects that have been proven to fail, very little internal innovation, lack of support from local management teams."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Thanks for the review and feedback. I'm confident that a lot of the changes going on internally are improving the experience of working here. If you want to connect offline and discuss your situation, feel free to reach out - pierce@uber.com."

Uberx driver and UberEat (Former Employee) says

"High risky. Drunk passengers, drug pushers. They give more power to people than drivers, you can’t have your spouse with you, would you trust your spouse with public?Stay away from humans passengers"

Driver (Current Employee) says

"Es una empresa que no tiene en cuenta que los conductores son su cara y por lo tanto no los tratan con respeto ya que cada vez pagan peor y no tienen en cuenta los costó de vida ni de mantenimiento y gasolina del vehículo . Ellos no les importan los driver . HorarioPaga muy muy mal y cada vez que dicen mejorar lo que hacen es empeorar"

Uber Driver (Current Employee) says

"not worth the time and wear and tear on vehicle for the money not a good fit for people that have family. You have to work night and day, too many hours on road not safe for you or your passengers Nonenone"

Driver (Current Employee) says

"work any where but never ever work for uber, never support , rude customer, pay very low, commission high,Uber is only give you stress nothing else, you pay your maintenance, gas, time end of the day if you count you make 7 or 8 dollars an hours plus worst customer service never listen to driver at all."

Rideshare Driver (Current Employee) says

"not happy with pay or wear n tear on carNo good bonuses..not safe, crazy riders, cheap riders and angry drunk riders...No respect and some people act suspicious or very rude and arrogant some nice ridersEverything else"

Uber Driver (Current Employee) says

"me sacaron después de casi 5 años por no montar un perro inmensono sirvemalo"

Platinum Pro Partner (current) says

"This is a huge waste of time and energy. Unless you have no living expenses and zero debt, I don’t recommend working here. You spend more on overhead than you should and making money requires working around the clock. On demand wornAlgorithm keeps you struggling to make enough money to thrive"

Uber Driver (Current Employee) says

"Un ambiente inseguro viajes muy baratos y comisión alta zonas riesgosas para trabajarTe conectas cuando tu quierasNo existe un filtro adecuado para usuarios"

Motorista de aplicativos (Current Employee) says

"A Uber serve como uma forma de você ter algum atividade e alguma renda, mas a verdade que não existe relação entre você e a empresa, você apenas cumpri as normas, corre todos os riscos e aqui não lamento os riscos financeiros, isto faz parte, mas sim os riscos da sua integridade física e até mesmo da sua vida."

Uber eats driver (Former Employee) says

"it was hard to get ahold of someone if you couldnt find a person. many times it was their fault but always blamed driver and you werent paid for that yrip and manh timrs i put 20 miles on ny car for that trip."

Uber Partner Driver (Former Employee) says

"● Work-life balanceIt sucks and they screw you any chance they can with everything● Pay & benefitsThey suck● Job security and advancementThey suck● ManagementThey suck● CultureNo culture● OverallWork a regular they suck. If a customer complains you lose money time and energy. You only get paid well if you work the graveyard shift college kids suck cause they want everything for free so dont expect tips or good reviews"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"don't work here! They cheated me on surge rates. After over 1,870 trips and a decent customer rating they suddenly, without explanation, ended my partnership."

Uber Partner Driver (Former Employee) says

"This company is so bad. They only worry about their benefits and not the driver. In one year they will junk your car and put you in the street. Avoid them and give your self a favor"

driver (Former Employee) says

"Total mess, app crushing, customer support useless, trips fare not paying the bills, long hours on the road bringing you close to high risk level of tiredness while driving! Just didn’t made any sense doing the job anymore!Huge nonsense! Had to try it ! Now I know!NoneAnything you can imagine"

Uber Driver (Former Employee) says

"Not happen with that, the company used ur vehicle waste mileage and not even pay more cost an only penny! I work 12 hrs a day I only get $100? That all! And dirty in car people make trash and I have to clean up! If I charge customer cleaning and the company will block customer will not contact me Uber rider. When I get taxes day, I got small money? I work over 1 yrs it wastes money gas, oil change, cleaning car. I don't get much money only penny of earn work harder! I feel like Mexico earn money! Uber RIPOFF AND USED U! Never drive again same LYFT!No free lunch foodNo health care"

Driver/Operator (Current Employee) says

"Being a delivery partner with Uber is a shame, they do not pay for all the trips, some of them don't come at all on the app and when you complain they say they will get back in 24 hours; which is a lie again as they don't, and when they finally do they ask for screenshots previous to accept a trip, they are dodgy, their Practices are poor, actually they are very lower than poor. Also before accepting a trip it says an estimated price and after they pay whatever they want as well as when you take long on a trip because the restaurant took ages or the idiot waiting at the house also took ages, then Uber not always recognizes the waiting and they pay what they want to because they are only good to take as much as possible from the drivers, they steal as much as they can and then play the game asking for more info than of course after 2/3 weeks you won't have or you never had as you never expected them to steal from you this way. They are supposed to have access to all but they play games to make you drop the claim or forget and that how they end up stealing your money. It also wouldn't surprise me if they stay with the tips 90% of the times and does not end up giving them to the drivers.NomeEverything"

Insurance Consultant/Enroller/Uber Driver (Former Employee) says

"To much driving to much wear and tear on personal vehicle. Not enjoyable for me personally. Had to work almost 24/7 to make any money . In emergency no one to call and speak too.N/aN/a"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Signed up under my twins link and was promised $150 after my 1st 50 deliverys and now they said they would pay the difference if I didn't make 150 in those rides so their are falsely advertising to get new drivers on board scamming them.... So a basic earnings per delivery is $3 without a tip times 50 deliverys and that is 150 so please tell me how that makes sense, that bonus stated $150 for 50 deliverys and I receive nothing just a run around with support. Their scamming folks in colorado!scammers no bonus"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Uber is a joke , if a customer makes a complaint against you , uber will not discuss the complaint so that you can rectify the issue . Instead they hide behind this confidentiality garbage excuse , you are unable to fix any issues that people complain about , instead uber just lets you go . Doesn't matter if the complaint was a year or more ago if you get more than 1 of the same complaint your done , your expected to hold a average of 8.5 To continue to use the app as a driver but yet they allow customers who have a 4.2 To still use the app as riders, they rip off the drivers by taking 25% off of every trip including deliveries , they pay for absolutely nothing , can't even reach anyone on the phone to discuss issues , they always respond with robotic responsesPick your own hoursNo communication, No respect, Uber support is a joke"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"This job unbelievable ! I did this job about 1 year and a half . Part-time not worth it .To many expenses too many . And I am not getting Uninployment . I found out you actively you sopose to be looking for work witch I'm not because the covi19. Not everybody like what they see 👀 . I'm Pueto Rican light skin and there's a big % of woman in BOSTON order Uber .You are your own BOSSBe Very careful driving in the City people can't DRIVE CRAZY"

Rodney Staples says

"Snake tried to charge me$22.00 for a fare I get regularly for 15.00 man is a thief. Lurks round Noble Park but could be anywhere remember DON'T USE U-1867!!!!"

Connie Absher says

"Did not do anything about driver taking a longer route"

Ray Wasson says

"Twice in the past 30 days I reserved a pick-up in advance for an early morning ride to the airport. Got the message it was booked. Both mornings, no one showed and no message. Also, when I tried to book a ride in the morning, it show no rides available. What started out to being a great concept and company, has gone down unfortunately."

Jeff Brinker says

"Called uber for a ride gave them my credit card number later on the person I talked to used my card to make charge to a restaurant couldn't contact them"

Beth says

"Don't pay drivers very well. The support contact us useless they aren't wanting to help Just avoid using them it's the only safe way for you to not be out of pocket."

Cam Lavoie says

"Arrived in Sky Harbour Arizona and put in a request for an Uber ride. Showed a cost to destination which was in Gilbert of $85 which l though was quite high but figured l needed to get to my destination as fast as possible. Ride was fine, but checked my credit card later and Uber had put through a charge of $98 which is not what l had authorized...a bit of a ripoff!"

Lori Hall says

"Uber has the worst customer service I have ever encountered. They give you only a small window of items to choose from when complaining online and they do not address every issue. There is no way to contact them directly which I think is disgusting because it is obvious they don’t want to face certain issues. I have been billed for Uber pass for the past 5 months and I did not sign up for this but of course I can’t get any way to contact them. I think they have made it difficult to contact them so riders would just give up."

Michael Regan says

"They charged me $15.92 for a cancelled ride. I disputed it because I was on a time limit to get somewhere. Uber claimed they were going to refund my credit card. Well, the did refund my credit card. However, they then charged my debit card, $15.92, two times. This happened over two weeks ago. I have tried to chat with them (phone services aren't available unless you call the UK) but they just tell me it's an authorization hold. It is NOT an authorization hold."

Lysa Sapo says

"I have used Uber several times, I get better results with their Uber Eats program but I have to say overall I think I would rather pay a taxi fare and hit the drive through. Their are a few drivers who care but most don’t give a care. If you want anything good you have to pay the transaction fee, delivery fee and tip at the highest percentage available. TIP is an acronym that means To Improve Performance.... that should mean horrible performance equals 0% Even when I have received an unsolicited coupon or discount from Umber, it is unredeemable. They are shady and so is anyone who they employ/subcontract."

Lauren Ellsworth says

"Charges me via Apple Pay before reporting that it cannot fulfill my request because there seems to be a problem in the app. I’m just trying to send a birthday gift to someone’s house."

Thiago Peres says

"Worst customer service ever. I logged in to a new device and out of a sudden I can't request rides on the Uber app anymore. Every time I request it, I get an error. After that, my payment methods aren't accepted anymore. I've tried MasterCard debit, Amex, Paypal. Then, I was logged out of Uber on all devices. When I logged back in, everything stopped working. I managed to remove payment methods, but I can't add it anymore. It seems I was flagged by some anti-fraud system. When I call Uber support, it's useless, they say I'm giving them wrong info and can't pass security. So I can't use my card, I can't request rides, and Uber support doesn't respond to my queries. I've been a customer of Uber for almost a decade. Never had issues, never had a bad rating etc."

N C says

"A couple years ago I was traveling out of state and when I attempted to order a ride it said my account was locked due to unusual use (may be a neat security feat. but it was my first time using the app so there was nothing to compare to). Either way, it left me stranded for a few hours while I was trying to work with the robot that is Customer Service, finally I gave up an called for a taxi service. That night I explained that I was traveling and it was me, they said they would fix the problem and DISABLED my account. Fast forward to today trying to get this to work again, after dealing with “customer service” again for the past week going in circles with the robot responses, their final email to me states they are deciding to not life the hold to an account I’ve never been able to use and have given no explanations for anything yet. If it were possible to give 0/5 stars, I would."

Lordaderon says

"Nothing but a bunch of thieves. Took a ride at the quoted price when booking. Next day get email that the trip was "adjusted". It was adjusted to double what the app said. All customer service was useless, just said over and over again, the trip was adjusted and that they will not adjust it back. Screenshot what the app says when you take a ride to stop them from stealing your money too."

Robert Barncord says

"This is a review as a driver. In January of 2017 i was working as a truck driver and i had a pedestrian jump in front of my truck on the freeway. This was a suicide by truck and was thoroughly investigated and i was completely cleared and not at any fault. I have been driving for Uber for several years now and this has always been on my background check as a not at fault fatal accident and yet on January 15 2021 i was banned from driving for Uber for this. I have also had friends banned from the platform for no reason and they have no was to correct this as they do not offer any real support."

Leah Anderson says

"So this just happened to me: I called an Uber for a $12 trip from my house to my car dealership to pick up my car from there. I get into the UBER car and silence. Uber driver is wearing a USA flag mask so I’m thinking -oh a Republican that doesn’t like Latinos thats why- .... because my friends since Trumpism started I can see and feel the descrimination towards me in some people, more than ever before in my 21 years in this country. A few minutes passed and first thing that comes out of his mouth is “are you from here?” I wasn’t surprised lol To what I replied “what do you mean from here?” You know like how can you tell I’m not? 🤷🏻‍♀️ We were able to have a good short conversation about the countries he had been to including mine and he ended up talking about Venezuela and from there ramping about how this country is heading that way with dictatorship and socialism. At that moment I decided to just listen and not respond. He continued and mentioned moving to Costa Rica because of the socialism in this country. So as my trip is ending I said to him “good luck in Costa Rica, you have a great country here”. Well because of my comment that let him know I guess that I’m a Democrat and don’t agree with his views he added an extra $80 charge to my trip for “cleaning” because I caused a mess in his car.... so I ended up paying $92! Now I’m worried about my safety as I see all the violent ways extremists have been acting lately and this man knows exactly where I live. Of course I called Uber made a report. I hope they solve this soon, give me my money back but still they cannot guarantee my safety. If anything happens to me or my family you all know who did it, I’m posting a picture of him and his info. Talk about socialism and he practically just stole $80 from me just because I told him his, OUR country is great! So if you get in his car, DO NOT talk about politics! I hope Uber suspends him for the safety of all Democrats that need an UBER."

Care Marie says

"NOT EVEN ONE STAR FR!! like idk why i even have the app anymore fr like i can never find a ride but yet at random times i can but not when i have something important to do! Smh"

manisha chadha says

"Very bad service uber drive refused to drop me at door if single girl booked a cab her main purpose to booked the cab for her safety and driver responsibility to drop her at home not on road but uber driver said they don't allow to go in the streets... It's too much bad service Don't go for uber"

Daphney Rosier says

"👎 horrible service just BAD,👎 big rip off unkind unfair, after I payed my outstanding payment, I still was unable to book a ride for work, I had to excuse myself from work, ridiculous, they wouldn't even take the money I freakin owe them, called up my bank my payment was still pending, they purposely didn't reply to my email, even worse, 👎 they remove the HELP option so I wouldn't "so called" bother them again, unprofessional. I don't recommend them, I rather get my own vehicle to drive to work or hop on a public transportation service, either a train or a bus. I would give Uber NO star, if I had the option."

David Odudu says

"Deeply disappointed from Uber's services. Try and stay away from it even if you can't find a cab."

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