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UGI Corporation (formerly United Gas Improvement Co.) is a natural gas and electric power distribution company headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, with extensive operations in the United States and Europe. UGI owns AmeriGas, the largest propane marketer in the United States. UGI also owns AvantiGas, Antar and Flaga in Europe.

UGI also operates interstate and intrastate transmission and natural gas storage assets in the Marcellus Shale.

A former employee said this in a review “ Management at UGI does anything they can to break Union membership down and terminate the older guys that have been there for 10-20, even 30 years! They then hire guys off the street for half the wages & benefits the old timers were getting. Problem is, these new guys don't realize that UGI can terminate 50% of all new hires of a calendar year without cause, justification or seniority. (read the contract, boys!) Union officers are a joke! Many of them are receiving pay for overtime that's not actually been worked. I guess if you keep the officers happy, the officers have no problem back stabbing and feeding lies to the guys they've worked with for years and called "friends"."


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Former Employee - N/A says

"Too numerous to list. The company is a mess. None of the business units communicate or have any kind of uniformity - leading to error after error. Paychecks, W2s, benefits, etc. The new system from HR is awful, which just added to the employee errors. In addition, there's a culture of blame throughout the organization. You hear people taking more time to tell you why the error wasn't theirs rather than just saying, "You're right - there was an error. Let's fix it and figure out how to prevent it from happening again." It's a negative and toxic culture and environment. And they have very little diversity."

Senior Systems Analyst says

"No value of employees as people. There is an expectation that your personal life will be put on hold to get work done. There is a lot of favoritism shown"

Former Employee - Enterprise IT says

"At one time UGI Utilities offered a fantastic pension plan... that was ended and they move to a standard 401k. Their health coverage was sub-par at best. Their annual raises do not even keep up with the increases in cost of living - 1 - 1.5% even when the overall rating was exceeds objectives."


"Raises are non-existent Fairness among divisions is non-existent Human Resources is a joke who doesn't help with problems. Constantly more responsibility without pay increases"


"- Compensation sub par - Often, promotions and other incentives are given without any regards to others with seniority and how it could affect company morale - Hard to advance within the company. Usually have to transfer to a different division or job hop within the companies to get ahead"


"none. No comment at this time or in the future in reference to UGI Energy Services or for UGI Utilities. I have no comment at this time.nonelots"

Utility Worker (Former Employee) says

"Management is about money. They don't care about employees like they say they do. Everyone is scared to stand up for the wrong that the company is doing.bad health care, not enough vehicles"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Nasty HR Vice President since April, 2017. Very poor management, will crawl on each other to get ahead. Most employees are okay but unless you work in Reading or Allentown you are just a name on paper.Pay, food at all timesAntagonistic management, especially HR heads"

puppet (Former Employee) says

"Upper management has all the supervisors walking on egg shells. They are scared to make a decision on their own and forget about sticking up for the workers. The pay is good, benefits stink, it is a union shop but the only thing the union does is take your dues. It is a shame UGI does not care about it's employees. I loved meeting most of the customers. It is also a shame UGI cares less about the customers. I have turned peoples gas back on because they were shut off for only owing $1.20. UGI only sees $ signs and does not care how their customers are struggling in this economy. Here is something the PUC should know. All the inside safety inspections that are being done on the inside meters are no good. The so called leak detectors that are being used when the meter readers are doing the inspection do not work!!! They never go off. If the person doing the inspection thinks there is a leak it is because they think they smell something. The manager at the lehigh office knows this but they do not want to spend the money to get detectors that actually work. All they care about is getting the inspections done so they can satisfy the PUC seeing that they must be done every 3 years and they have so many to to take company vehicle home dailycompany does not care about employees or customers"

Utility Mech II (Current Employee) says

"Management does anything they can to break Union membership down and terminate the older guys that have been there for 10-20, even 30 years! They then hire guys off the street for half the wages & benefits the old timers were getting. Problem is, these new guys don't realize that UGI can terminate 50% of all new hires of a calendar year without cause, justification or seniority. (read the contract, boys!) Union officers are a joke! Many of them are receiving pay for overtime that's not actually been worked. I guess if you keep the officers happy, the officers have no problem back stabbing and feeding lies to the guys they've worked with for years and called "friends".Pay rate & the fact that my retirement will be here before 2019 ends!Management & Backstabbing "friends", MANY SCAB Union members that run to management to squeal on other Union members, thinking they will be rewarded for it, Some even are!"

Accounting Assistant (Former Employee) says

"In the last 6 months, more then a dozen employees left the company due to unhappiness with their job. Waiting on job evaluations that were due 3-6!months prior, only to find out they got a 2-3 % raise. Lack of communication and upper management are very good at throwing people under the bus. Sad when a very large company has so much potential for the employees, and don’t even know how to utilize their people or their skills. UGI Energy Service makes individual either depressed or sick after work working there only a few months. Not at all worth it. Some form of a CANCER is growin that company, and chemo can not even kill it.VacationsPeople Clicks"

Lead Analyst Programmer (Current Employee) says

"Very busy Multi-Tasking. Time goes by quickly. Co-workers work well together as a team."

Utility Worker (Current Employee) says

"Very cut throat atmosphere! Management constantly seeks to write up/suspend/terminate most senior Union employees in an attempt to break Union membership. New hires are paid 40% less than senior employees. Company can also terminate up to 50% of new hires at any time, for any reason, without notification and in total disregard of seniority. "Union" is considered a "captured Union". Officers are a joke and inept. They are nothing less than "yes men" and let the Company do as they please. IN FACT, the Union President has told Union members, word for word, that "It's their Company. They can do what they want..." I would not recommend UGI or membership in UWUA, Local 406 to ANYONE!!Pay & benefitsVery stressful & cut throat atmosphere, Much infighting & backstabbing between employees, Management is very aggressive and targets employees like fish in a barrel, "Union" is a complete farce!"

Safety R (Former Employee) says

"If you're looking for broken culture, people and management then this is the place for you. This place is dysfunctional to say the least. To summarize, the people are highly paid and grossly under motivated. Safety here is the lowest priority and change is not received well. If you are looking for a stressful, dead end and enjoy walking barefoot on broken glass then sign aboard. If you're not part of the clique they'll just get rid of you. Just so you know this is NOT UGI Utility! Don't fall victim to UGI Energy Services.Pay, BenefitsClueless Management, No control over the business, Poor work environments.Hi, Thank you for review. This is UGI Corporation's page and I think you meant to add this to UGI Energy Services page as we are located in King of Prussia not Wyomissing. I am very sorry to hear that you feel this way. Please make sure your review goes to the right company so they can read this.Thank you! UGI Corporation"

Operations Support Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Working for UGI is like being in highschool. My son tells me that the kids in his school are not even as bad. HR acts like they care but the entire company is about covering up for management. The actual workers are just a number and all the good ones are leaving."

Financial Systems Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"poor management, everyone for himself/herself, racially biased makes you wonder if there are no educated black folks in Reading. Cut throat and backstabbing . You cant trust HR on any issue.vacationstressful and a lot of eye service to survive"

Customer Care Representative (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work was answering telephone calls for 8 hours to make payment arrangements on delinquent accounts, schedule appointments for people who were moving in and out of a property, interruption of service and emergencies. Different requirements were utilized depending on the type of call received. Payment agreements were based on PUC (Public Utility Commission) guidelines, payments were processed toward balances owed, credit checks were performed for new services to determine if a deposit was required, etc. In between calls, from daily reports outbound calls were made to issue notices or contact customers to see if can get information to refer to assistance programs offered. The hardest part of the job was that it was very stressful. The best part of the job was the people I worked with.Great coworkersstress level, health insurance was terrible compared to the health plan we had prior to UGI taking over company"

Operations (Former Employee) says

"Great company as to pay and bens....but outside of that its a drama filled nightmare. The service mark ugi dispatch is so filled with chaos and redtape you will get dizzy. When a process in place is proven to be useless or needless they fix things by adding more process ontop. You will be blamed for things out of your control and unless your a part of the clique in crowd you will be trashed when there not to busy trashing each other. Upper management will blame you for there failure as leaders.Good pay and bensExtremely disorganized, lackluster upper managmentHi thank you for your review. This should go on the UGI Utilities page so they can review. Thank you!"

Assistant Professor (Former Employee) says

"Not so good. A typical day at work was very hectic. I learnt a lot in terms of professionalism. Management was beyond understanding. Co-workers were good as well bad. Hardest part of job was quick deadlines. Enjoyable part of the job was when a day off was announced.Free food at FestLong hours and less salary"

Administrative Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Not a good company for pay increases and on time pay raises. There are people still waiting for a raise after a few years. Bad-influenced people have an upper hand, they affect new peoples growth and opportunity by hearsay. With that being said, the trouble never goes away. It's a CANCER there. Management is split down the middle, you have leaders that are great supporters and teachers. Others, look down on you as if you don't belong to their country club. You can feel the unhappiness in every department, co-workers fear every day when are they losing their job, and what they did wrong. Never seen so many young people seeing counselors and on medication. Enjoyable part of the job is team players, staying busy and praying for a new opportunity.Personal HolidaysCommunicationHello and thank you for your review. I believe this review should be with UGI Energy Services. This page is dedicated for UGI Corporation in King of Prussia, PA. Please make sure you put your review on the right page so they can review.Thank you! UGI Corporation"

Sr. Network Architect (Former Employee) says

"UGI is one of those state places where if you land a job everyone there just wants to retire. This is not so great if you have ambitions. It's totally awesome if you just want to sit there and plug your 401k. Yeah, the ambitious need not apply."

Accounting Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I did my daily task without issues. Provided recommendations for process enhancements and implemented but was never recompensed. You better be part or accepted by the premier group or else. There are some nasty people working there, I meant attitude and smelly"

Service technician (Current Employee) says

"A lot of mandatory overtime but you work those long hours beginning of the week and it’s possible they send you home early at the end of the week which you work overtime for straight time and the other three other locations get paid double time after 40 hours which is not fair to location in Reading and I’m not too fond of the union either had my mishaps before in the past and I kind of brushed it out of the rugIf you’re new to the field they’ll take you and new constructionStressful long hours missing time with family and no team players"

SuccessFactors HCM/Payroll Implementation Proj Mgr (Current Employee) says

"The organization is a family of companies and is undergoing change. Each business unit is autonomous and has their own individual way to stay competitive. Sometimes this competes with their need to find synergies. There are individual agendas within each business unit, a Change Management nightmare.Good direction for taking advantage of organization synergiesBU leadership not bought inHello we do appreciate your feedback and review! We will look into this further."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"A typical day for me is, I get in and check voice messages and emails. if there are any call backs or emails I take care of them right away. If there isn't much to do because for the most part the mornings are quiet. i get to scanning and E-filing."

wboy says

"i try to withdraw my win and i cant"

Soukat Ali says

"will never let you win. their system is rigged"

IE46921 says

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Michelle says

"Customer. I pay more for the services than I actually pay for usage of gas. They keep adding new made up charges. Two of the charges are for the same thing but they word it differently."

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