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uBreakiFix is an electronic repair shop founded in 2009, and currently exists in over 500 locations. These stores are primarily located in the United States, though franchises also exist in Canada and the Caribbean Islands. They are most commonly known for providing screen replacements.


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Alpha Vader says

"I decided to take my laptop that has a cracked screen over to them. The day I brought it down the person at the stand said it would 150-300 which ia reasonable for such a repair. They tell me they'll call me the next day with an exact price. The next day comes and no call. I decide that'll I call them and ask what the price is. The price magically went up to 500. It becomes clear to me that they are attempting to rip me off so I decide to turn down thier services and I go to pick up my laptop. So when I get there I am greeted by a employee who smells and lacks hygine. He has such an attitude about having to get my laptop. I took the laptop and left.
The sad thing about this place is how they rip you off. In 2015 my little brother cracked my older laptop and I took it to them. That laptop was far more damaged then this one i have now. The person there was honest and he fixed it for only 300 which is a fair price. They arent the company they used to be. You're better off looking elsewhere to be honest for device repairs."

Martha D Jones says

94$ wasted on IPad screen
It began fracturing again within 30 days.
The alleged warranty “did not apply”"

Pino Shah says

"Dealing with Ubreakifix has been quite a frustrating experience. I originally shipped my Google Pixel 3XL to their Stone Oak location. For about three weeks, they did not acknowledge the receipt of the device. Upon contacting the Customer service email address, they kept promising that someone would get back to me. No luck. Sent another email and after two days, Ray got back to me informing me that the phone would be fixed within 24 hours and shipped to me. He did call me the next day to inform me that his technician had tried two different charging ports and that it appeared that the main circuit board was the problem and that since they did not have the part, he was going to take the phone to their Alamo Heights location. Ok.

So, then, I get a call from him again saying that the technician at the Alamo Heights location had tested the device and it was in fact a bad charging port and that they had replaced it and that the phone worked fine now! However, instead of $79.xx, the repair was $120.xx. Anxious to get my phone back as I was using a backup phone, I agreed to the repair, and then, they charged my credit card twice! Upon receipt of the phone back, I found out that it did not charge. I tried 3 different chargers with 3 different cables and no luck. I wrote back again to Ray asking for a refund and got a boilerplate response that their repairs were covered by a 90-day warranty and that I should bring the phone back into the store that fixed the phone! I asked for the email address to the Alamo Heights location and never heard back from Ray.

So, I wrote again and again to the Customer service email address and they assigned my case to someone that would help me resolve the issue, Jessica M. She responded back with a curt response and I asked if she was even aware of the entire history of my repairs. She wrote back again saying firmly that she would not issue any refund and that I could take the phone back to the store that repaired it.

In the meantime, I had responded to a follow-up satisfaction survey and given a poor rating and got a call from the Alamo Heights store manager who wanted me to change my review as he said that he was doing me and the other store a favor by taking on the repair!! I explained to him that to me, it didn't matter which location did what. As far as I was concerned, it was Ubreakifix that had performed poorly. So, Buyer Beware, folks!"

betsy hillman says

"terrible terrible TERRIBLE experience. I dropped off my phone to get the battery changed. It has not been holding a charge as well as when it was new.
They informed me I had a cracked screen and my phone was DOA. They broke my phone. It is a complete and total lie that there was anything wrong with my phone. Unfortunately I read the reviews after this experience and found quite a few with my exact same experience. Run away from this place...don't walk! Horrible!"

Ken Krie says

"At least 4 screens have been out on my phone do to them not fixing correctly

Piece of glass left in

Didn’t replace seal

Breaks in same spot and broke again same spot and NO I haven’t dropped it since first time

Called corporate and can’t find my information

Lady was polite and so was the guy trying to help but leave message and I hear nothing back"

Mac Air Repair says

"Careful - this company is a franchise operation so every store has a different level of quality or service. "Corporate" customer service takes three weeks to respond to an email message to resolve. As a result, correspondence is written by legal bots as opposed to real people. So don't leave the store before you inspect everything carefully, especially network and proxy settings. You're better off giving $50 to a smart college kid."

Elena Casey says

"Sharing horrible experience ! It won’t be the last social platform I will be sharing this problem until it’s resolved . For your tech poor job I got 550$ robbed . I replaced my Retina display through Ubreakifix in ormond beach , paid 550$ On May 29 for original screen for MacBook Air 2019. After I bought extra case for my MacBook used double casing : plastic and cover case on the top of it plus screen protective film and used it with extra care after such an EXPENSIVE repair!!! How am I supposed to treat my brand new latest model device plus 500$ repair after all? I barely breath on it ! July 13 I saw few white lines on the screen, July 14 when opened laptop saw they expanded on the button and in the side . I went for warranty repair to ubreakifix because obviously the screen wasn’t installed 100% properly and showed damage in a month ! I use Apple products since 2007 and they don’t break that easy without falling/ water / dropping .But rep said they won’t replace it bc I broke the inner layer of my screen myself . We removed the protection film- it wasn’t a single mark , no dot, no crack but they kept repeating I broke it . Ubreakifix is a scam! I trusted their brand name and warranty , I did absolutely nothing to my laptop and newly replaced screen got damaged without any impact and that is how they rip off the customers . I will never use their services again and don’t trust their so called warranty . I simply feel robbed for 550$ by them . The claim will go further in their company and few other agencies . Not wishing them any good business wise with that kind of service"

Jeff Diegelman says

"I spend $330.00 for a new shell and buttons and speakers and who knows what... all I'm saying is 3 months and the screen on my Note 9 is in rough shape. The original took 20X the falls and severity of mishaps and it took me 16 months to need a new screen. They upsold me and I let them but, regardless of all their "only certified" equipment, I get a much to be desired "OEM" overhaul and I could tell by the feel of it, that it wasn't sealed as well as the original or was simply far less superior glass and now I will absolutely not shell out that kind of money to them ever again."

JV says

"I dont usually write reviews as i realize that no matter how hard a company tries there can be problems but this company is horrible and would never go back. Its too bad I cannot give 0 stars for them I have a work phone that had the camera lens broken. It has regulation program on it as company owned. They took the phone replaced the back that was broken and then said they could not test it, seriously a phone that was working fine with no problems. My company would throw the phone away before taking their regulatory program off it. So they had already fixed the phone but took off the new part and put the broken part back on which had to be difficult to do. Never heard of anything like this. They gave me after 2 hours of waitig they gave me a broken phone back. I made one phone call to another company they fixed my phone in 20 minutes were very nice about it. Change the name to UBreak I dont fix. and waste your time."

CK says

"We decided to upgrade our phones and the phone company told us to fix my cracked phone screen to get a better trade in price. Since we have insurance for my phone we decided to fix the screen at Ubreakifix. In this era, everybody knows how important cell phones are to owners, work stuff, personal informations, photos, etc.....but this company could care less. We just wanted to change the cracked screen and everything works fine. We are not phone technicians, so they have to advice us what to do, details of what they need from us. they are supposed to know the procedures to how to fix a cracked screen. They should tell us to download any important stuff before fixing the phone. Don't just assume everybody uses cloud. How are we supposed to know it is that intricate. Instead, they called us to ask for an email address and password to be able to turn the phone back on. I could not remember there and then. He said they could over right it but will wipe out everything in the phone. I said No, don't do anything yet and i gave him the email address and password 20mins later. He told us it went through and everything is fine, come in to collect the phone. Well Guess what, turned on the phone, EVERYTHING WAS GONE, EVERYTHING (except contacts). Years of personal informations all gone. Clueless techs at the Niagara Falls NY outlet. SAMSUNG should NEVER have appointed Ubreakifix store. Terrible service."

Chris Cavis says

"Overall service is good but I brought my phone in multiple times to get fixed, every time they pushed to put cell helmut glass protector on my phone. I finally caved and did it. It was a scam!!! I paid $50 for the cell helmet with a $300 guarantee if my phone was to crack again, it worked for a while but it did crack again! I brought it back to get it fixed and they will reimburse me for the $100 dollars to fix my phone but now I would have to purchase cell helmet again for $50 negating the $100 i am being reimbursed !! They knew my phone and how much it would cost to get it fixed, they had fixed it multiple times before, they knew this was a way to get more money out of me. They will smile while they are racking up charges on your credit card!!! Beware!!"

Danny says

"Came to the store located at 8019 Bethesda store Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814 because my Fingerprint Sensor on my new Galaxy S8 didn't work. First they asked me to pay $100 although my phone was still under warranty. When I said it's under warranty then they did nothing but resetting my phone. I went on a trip abroad and called them this phone still has the same issue. They said no worries. You can bring it back within 3 months and we will fix it.
Again I came back with the same Issue a team member named Jonathan who was VERY RUDE again asked me to pay $100 for a phone which was still under warranty!!
Finally I had to call Samsung Customer Service and they sent me a brand new replacement!
Rude staff, tribble customer service!"

joel langejans says

"The foothills mall branch is a fraud.
Took my money, an ipad and a 70 in. TV.
23 days later I dropped in to pick up my items and demand a refund. Which surprisingly, they did not attest. Definitely did not surprise me when neither of my items had been touched.
Was told I would have my ipad back by 7 days repaired. They can't be busy because everytime I've been there no one is there. Should have read the reviews first, because yes they're polite. But they dont do repairs. Odd that it's the same in other states. What are they really up to? Stealing information from our devices after they get them unlocked, by us? Hmmmmm."

Richard Andrews says

"My pixel 2xl would not turn on. It was completely unresponsive. When i picked up my phone from ubreakifix on merivale road they told me it was a hardware failure and they could do nothing with it. If I wanted to have Pixel look at it it would cost about $300 with no guarantees. It sat in a drawer for a couple of months before I gave it to my son in law to play with and see if he could fix it. An hour later he called and said it was fixed. I have been using it for a week with no issues. Ubreakifix is a joke"

wayne stenstrom says

"poor quaiity replacements parts ,broke my i phone ,refused to stand behind guarantee ."

Mathieu-Rosaire Fraser Arcand says

"Do not trust U Break I Fix
- I went there twice for repairs, and both time they broke another component
- They refuse to comply with their warranty
- They offered a warranty extension to compensate me for all the troubles I went through, but once I asked for it, they denied it."

Ken says

"Was directed by Samsung to take my S8 to ubreakifix in Portland,OR for a software flash after Samsung was unable to resolve my issue remotely after the recent software upgrade to Pie. Samsung did not recommend doing a factory reset before flashing software. My issue was that my message badge was not notifying me at all about new messages. All my other badge icons were working just fine with notifications. I drove 1 hour to the Portland, OR location for a software flash. I explained to the person who created my ticket at the store that I only want a software flash and not a factory reset twice. He told me it would take about 30 mins.to flash software. I returned a hour later and the tech that was working on my phone greeted me and said my phone needed another 15-20 to finish. He told me that I had a corrupted file from the update and he was reinstalling the operating system...pretty much a factory reset. I immediately asked if he backed up my phone and was told no. Said if I had everything backed up to the cloud, I can just restore from most recent date. Of course he is assuming the cloud has every part of my phone stored. Then was told that my phone would either come back with everything still on it or I would have a "new" phone after the software installation. Well, guess what I got back 1.5hrs later...a "new" phone as my phone had been wiped completely and it needed to be set up like it just came out of the box. I later learned that my sd card that was encrypted couldn't be decrypted since the sd card needed the encryption key from the device that it was encrypted with. Since my phone had been wiped, the sd card didn't recognize that it was in the same device. I contacted Samsung the next day and they remoted in and were unable to decrypt my sd card which had years of personal photos and other memories that I've managed to transfer over the years to new phones without issue. It took these jokers 1.5 hrs to lose it all. I called and left a message for Sam the regional manager at 10:30a to call me to discuss my experience. Gray took my message and Sam would be in at 2pm. I didn't hear anything and called backed at 5:50pm and spoke to Brandon who identified himself as a manager and told me Sam was on the phone. I explained my entire ordeal to Brandon while I wanted for Sam to become available. Brandon was sympathetic and said there is nothing he could do and implied that my issue with the sd card existed before they completely wiped my phone...which Samsung said was not the case. Brandon told me that they would use this as training for the techs involved with my phone and I thanked him for letting me be the guinea pig to teaching his techs just simple common sense. Don't wipe a customer's phone before telling them what you are doing first and getting my consent. Brandon told me I can call their Corp. to tell them what I think of this particular franchise. This I will be doing also!! Be very very careful if you let them touch your OS software or you may go through the same painful experience as me."

Elise Ledwon says

"I sent my phone into the Kelowna office by mail in (there was no location in my city, and they were endorsed by Google for all Pixel repairs.) I was told that it would be about 2 weeks, and cost $85 for the battery replacement plus shipping.

After 10 days, they called me and said they needed to order in a new battery since they did not have any in stock. On day 33 I finally contact them asking for an update to be told again the battery still hadn't arrived. Day 43 I contact them again, only to be told that "Oh, your battery arrived and we fixed your phone! We contacted you by email and call but you ignored us". (Which, had in fact had been a lie). Contact them again asking them to resend any emails or calls. Day 45 I am then told that the battery had NOT arrived, that they JUST PLACED THE ORDER FOR IT, and they will tell me when its finished.

Day 50, finally give up and ask them to return my phone unfixed.

Day 54, they completely ignore my request to return it, fix the phone, and send me the bill with an additional "$85 misc fee".

TLDR; They took over 8 weeks to do a 'simple battery replacement' and my bill went from $~100 to $212. Was given false information several times during my repair. Would not recommend."

Elliott says

"I took my iPhone in for a new battery. They said it would be $45 and take an hour. The touch screen didn't work when I got it back. That took 2 hours. Their solution was to send me to the apple store. That took 3 hours. They paid for a new screen but still charged for the battery. I paid $45 to waste 5 hours, gas and parking.

The peanut butter on my case when they broke it. It was literally the icing on the cake."

Cas N (Costar) says

"Went in to fix my iPhone X they did the job perfectly only problem they charged me twice on two different cards and it’s been over 3weeks and still no refund they keep giving me the run around and telling me to resolve the issue with the bank seriously not professional with they’re customer service"