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Tyco International plc was a security systems company incorporated in the Republic of Ireland, with operational headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey, United States (Tyco International (US) Inc.). Tyco International was composed of two major business segments: security solutions and fire protection. On January 25, 2016, Johnson Controls announced it would merge with Tyco, and all businesses of Tyco and Johnson Controls would be combined under Tyco International plc, to be renamed as Johnson Controls International plc. The merger was completed on September 9, 2016.

A former employee shared his/ her experience working for Tyco International (Johnson Controls) on Glassdoor in September 2020:

"Worst company ever. I have been working at Johnson Controls full-time. Dominating Managers & Leads, giving very little importance to people who work under them, no chance of growth, full wastage of important part of your career. People here are very demotivating. No chances of growth, waste of time, Very low salary. I was working for the same pay for 2 consecutive years, without any increment, bonus. The workload is too much, u work for 13 hours a day and you are not getting paid for it."


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Lol 😆 says

"Well what can I say. And thats the truth of my situation. Polite workers did thier job A1+ apart from a dodgy wire connection. After my cameras were installed a situation arose which I knew full well of. I went too my system to archieve it and its been deleted looped time code fixed and the sound removed also. Im not sure how the system reports all the viewings back too base ( adt ) but they can not be trusted. I will be looking into this further. I am now going to be getting rid of my cameras and alarm and going elsewhere the cost of product and the upkeep just isn't worth it. I've come too learn people will say anything too take your money the system has its flaws but they will not tell u that they just promise home security with the added benefits and its all fake ! no point having a system if it can be corrupted from the inside do yourselves all a favor and get a private system around the same cost. U will have to install it yourself but at least u know 110% anything that happens won't be corrupted by a third party. And we all know how people work above the laws that are in place. We have become a society that depends on the internet but everything and all thats connected too the web can be corrupted, listen too me now get a wired alarm and cameras that don't depend on the internet or a third party company. Especially this one. ! . Its a plain simple fact this company can be bought off for pennies ! And they work with the police lol n that says it all. End of rant 🤪"

Mitesh Chouhan says

"I have a faulty door contact which constantly leads to automated calls in the middle of the night waking up my baby and wife. I was told the battery needed to be replaced - i did this myself. The problem persisted, i then booked an Engineer call out for 02/09/20 Job No 636477. The Engineer arrived and replaced the door contact. The problem persisted! I then booked another Engineer call out for 11/09/20 - Job No 737420 - no one turned up! I had to call to find out why, having booked the day off work. I was told "we need to order a chunkier door contact + a repeater, sorry we didn't call to update you, it has been ordered now and will be sent to your house in the next few days - please call us when it arrives". An Engineer then called me this morning 18/09/20 to say he will be with me shortly to change the battery!!! I explained that I have not arranged an appointment!! & that a chunkier door contact and repeater need to be fitted - he explains that he knows nothing about this and that they need to be ordered!!! He goes on to tell me he has just returned from long term sick! Seriously? My contract number is 1000945887. I now have an entry point to my house which is not alarmed! My next step will be trading standards & a complaint to NSI."

David Goldstone says

"Letter arrived 8 months ago asking me to contact for a service visit was told they would get in touch / called again 2 months ago was told they would get in touch / just called today and after 10 minutes during which time I gave details (to two diff people) they could not book a visit - their systems do not allow operators to book appts or get info they need - worrying that they take care of my fire and intruder alarms - This review is my attempt to get them to contact me to book a service visit - they have 7 days then I will be leaving Been a customer for 20 years. The engineers are charming and super but the support behind them in the office is less than useless"

Peter Lawson says

"Terrible service. Loyal customer for years. Now a fault, engineer came a day late, still no alarm working after more than 2 weeks broken. Part on order but even they don't have an idea when it could be arriving. Shocking that they really aren't bothered. Now looking for another company to supply as they have failed to repair within reasonable time scale. All this time still taking money for unmonitored alarm. Appalled. Do not use.... Choose ADT if you want disappointment."