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TXU Energy is a retail electricity provider headquartered in Irving, Texas, serving residential and business customers in deregulated regions of Texas since the deregulation of the Texas electricity market in 2002. A subsidiary of Vistra Energy, it is one of the largest retail electricity providers in Texas.

Txu Power is untruthful about their bills, they charge more than promised, and complaining is a waste of time due to the poor customer service, Farokhshad shared a review at consumeraffairs.com

"The worst energy company ever. Lived in Texas for the last 47 years and this company is everything but truthful about what they charge, or what they promised to charge when the bill arrives. Had to complain so many times and wasted so much of my time to get the bill to straighten up, but no luck. Need to look another for another provider like reliant energy which makes their own electricity, and not a distribution center like TXU who buy the electricity from providers and seek it to consumers. Beware of them."


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