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Twin Hill Acquisition Company, Inc. manufactures corporate uniform apparel for men and women. The Company offers tailored separates, shirts and blouses, belts, scarves, ties, polos, camps, sweaters, housekeeping apparel, and casual and workwear. Twin Hill Acquisition serves customers in the United States.

A former employee said this in a review “Twin Hill Acquisition is very unfair in the way they treat the employees. They overlook the hard workers. There is no training program what so ever, they do not educate you on any company procedures they invest nothing in their employees. You will be used, abused expected to spend your own money for things the company should pay for, and the compensation is a joke. Do not be mislead it is not run like a large company ie The Men's Wearhouse, it is run like a lemonade stand with irrational people making erratic desicions. By people I mean one person there is no hierarchy."


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