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TÜVs (German pronunciation: [ˈtʏf]; short for German: Technischer Überwachungsverein, English: Technical Inspection Association) are German and Austrian businesses that provide vehicular inspection and product certification services. There are four of them: TÜV Nord in Hanover, TÜV SÜD in Munich, TÜV Rheinland in Cologne and TÜV Austria in Vienna.

A former employee said this in a review: "I would not recommend TÜVs! If you can suck up to the boss enough then you have it made. If you just do your job and mind your business, good luck to you. Don't bother trying to go above and beyond because they don't care. I learned this the hard way. Management only cares about money and this is made very clear".


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Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Ineffective leadership at the very top (CEO /CFO). This has been the case the past four years and has been very difficult to endure. Morale and competency diminished over time, and the hardworking staff had to bear the brunt of ineffective management. Poor management capabilities, lack of change management skills which crushed the service line, management doing very little work and a large number of staff being left to collect paychecks for making a negative contribution. Cons: Management"

Billing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Horrible training no matter how long you are there a day or a year. There is a clique you can't be part of. Management is super bad hardly anyone is happy there huge turnover year to year Cons: Management"

Billing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management. Foul language, unprofessional, speaks negatively about others in the dept who are not favorites. In 2 years - 300% turn over. Clearly HR isn't doing their job."

Lead Auditor (Current Employee) says

"Not getting agreed salary. Escalation works better but, it's org's responsibility to ensure employee satisfaction. After joining, my earning got collapsed and struggling to manage since I am not getting back my spent travel conveyance in time, taking too much time."

Sr inspection Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Very poor in technical and management skills and qualification Cons: Less arrangement"

Medical Health Services Group America (Former Employee) says

"TUV SUD America was the worst work experience of my entire career. Managers were verbally abusive. Employees were completely overwhelmed with volume of work. No resources or tools other than antiquated software. Cons: low pay, horrible management, outdated software tools"

Lead Administrative Assistant, Purchasing, AR (Former Employee) says

"Order placements with vendor and putting parts away. Cons: Healthcare"

Customer Support Executive (Former Employee) says

"Don't worry it's give you felling if worst, u find answer after your joining in this Cons: No working culture"

Sr. Executive-Food Regulatory, Quality (Former Employee) says

"Worst company to work with as work-life balance is poor. Unable to give time to family. No job security. Higher management is very unsupported and hardworking is not at all apprciated. Will definitely not recommend to anyone. Cons: Long hours, no benefit"

Sachbearbeiterin (Former Employee) says

"Wann wurde ziemlich ausgenutzt Cons: Kein Danke"

Test Engineer (Current Employee) says

"5 yrs ago.. I loved this company and management was terrific. Boy do things change in 5 yrs."

Automotive Test Engineer (Former Employee) says

"It's a German owned company with top management located at other locations in US and Germany. They run the company iron fisted from other locations around the world. Cons: Management sucked"

BA (Former Employee) says

"Management was unsupportive and only wanted results but was unable & unwilling to provide direction or solution of any sort. Remuneration was one of the lowest among similar sized company. Cons: Management was always not around to manage"

KFZ Sachverständiger (Current Employee) says

"Absolute Katastrophe!"

Fahrzeugmanager (Former Employee) says

"11 Jahre die ich beim Tüv war, sind eine lange Zeit. Leider hat sich in dieser das Niveau stark gesenkt. Macht keinen Spass mehr. Cons: Kein Urlaubsgeld, kein Weihnachtsgeld, Gehalt weit entfernt vom Markt, Versprechungen die nicht gehalten werden um Mitarbeiter zu ködern und an sich zu binden."

Human Resource Business Partner (Current Employee) says

"The company was a great company until leadership structure was put in place with a ceo who believed in bullying and reducing the workforce by 10%. Everyone left Cons: Leadership"

Executive Food inspections (Former Employee) says

"• Enquires and providing Financially viable Inspection Quotations, Inspection Scheduling, Job Instruction to Field staff / Inspectors."

Quality Control Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Kişi haklarına değer verilmeyen, saygı duyulmayan yöneticilerin kendi çıkarları için her türlü şeyi yaptığı bir şirket"

Fahrzeugmanager (Former Employee) says

"nur befristete Verträge, leere Versprechen, lange Hierarchie Wege, kaum Teamgeist, Quantität statt Qualität das hat nix mehr mit Facharbeit zu tun Cons: Gehalt nicht Facharbeiter gerecht und weit vom Markt"

Billing Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Very hard to learn things, since the team has been together for a while and know what they're doing, it is very hard especially when you need help. I've had to reach out to other departments and they were more helpful than my team was. Cons: the people"

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