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Scotts LawnService was a subdivision of The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, an American multinational corporation headquartered in Marysville, Ohio. Scotts LawnService was founded in 1998, with the acquisition of Emerald Green Lawn Care. It was a division of the Scotts Miracle-Gro Company and provided lawn, tree, and shrub care and pest control.

Trugreen has poor management as an employer and long hours, claims an ex-employee at

"High-pressure sales atmosphere with long hours. Do or say anything to sell products to new or established customers. Poor management, Trucks broke. Not enough product. cutting corners to get the job done. work Saturdays."


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Former Employee - Aerator says

"mandatory OT when told on job posting that will only have to work 44 hours, and felt like we were forced to scam customers"

Former Employee - Technician says

"Horrible work, managers dont care about you, time limits for each job and ridiculous work loads."

Former Employee - General Manager says

"New leadership doesn’t care about customers and employees at all. It is all about money and sacrifices quality by limiting time at customers property and demanding techs get more work done than they have time to do for the customers. Meaning techs skip parts of lawn and don’t spray weed control."

Former Employee - Customer Retention Representative says

"Unorganized management, favoritism, unethical work practices"

Former Employee - Lawn Specialist says

"Everything else that you can think of"

Former Employee - Manager says

"When I was interviewed by trugreen months ago I was really thinking this was going to be a great place. Boy was I lied to though, I was told in my interview I was coming to take over a management position within there company. I went through there training for two weeks as it was protocol and then was changed to a call center agent! Like wtf! I turned down other jobs to take this and you completely change my position and money without me knowing! Shame on you guys."

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"First, Trugreen really one of the worst employers to work for. Everything involves lies, placing blame on others, and using you up till nothing is left and finding another. *All Cancellations count against you. Regardless of reasons. Each call breaks down to "What the Service Tech Didn't Do!" One of the things that you will get calls for is "my service tech marked me complete and he didn't do anything" This happens so often its insane. sad thing its usually true the guy want do his job. Your job is to report this. BUT!, its only natural for people to suspect that this happen in the past as well. Resulting in a CANCEL. now this happened and its your fault. "I've Still Got Weeds" you're going to hear that enough to hear it in you're nightmares. Each and every call. The thing is "Not Every WEED CAN BE TREATED" This usually results in a cancel as well. Your going to get roughly 90-100 calls per day and these are usually the reasons. Only thing worse then being on the phones is you don't get anytime off them. "5 Minutes" per day do you actually get time away. 2 "15 minute breaks" which can or can't actually take place. So, lunches. Are supposed to be 1 hour but they can and will shorten them randomly for no reason and you'll only get 30mins. Overtime, happens often too. Forced and randomly. Anyone thinking about employment here know what your getting yourself into. Know no matter how bad they treat you and use you at this company you can do better and are worth more then what they offer and try to push on you. I can't pay your bills or know what your going through, but if there's anything else available take it this isn't the type of suffering anyone could endure forever."

Former Employee - Lawn Care Specialist says

"Too many to mention. Equipment is horrible, broken and outdated, management only cares about service rates instead of well-being of employees. Employees are literally treated like slaves, no raises in 2 years."

Current Employee - Lawn Care Specialist says

"Equipment Always Breaking Down And Not Getting Fixed. Everything About This Company Is Automated And Works Against The Employee And The Customers. All Management And Corporate Care About Is Numbers And Percentages. So Therefore You Will Always Fall Below Your Goal For The Day On Successful Stops Along Your Route. Customers Are Always Canceling And Regardless If It Is Your Fault Or Not, It Always Gets Counted Against You And Your Successful Stop Percentage Rate! This Company Doesn't Care About Their Employees Or Their Customers As They Are Always Trying To Sneak Onto Customer's Properties Without Them Being Home And Do Services Under The Radar Of The Customer And Charge Them For It! No Room For Advancement!"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Company does not care about employees. Only cares about making the sales and the money and when they don’t need you anymore, they lay you off or fire you. People are still working crammed in a call center office while other company’s are sending their people home. They putting everyone at risk."

Lawn Care (Current Employee) says

"It’s all a sales pitch to get people to work here. The work load is insane the lawns are huge 90 percent off the time the square foot is way of. The equipment is in poor condition. The trucks are full of trash, the training process is horrible. Watch videos for two days and then your thrown to the wolves without a uniform or the proper training on the equipment. Let’s not talk about The horrible management this place has. On the roadEverything else"

Mosquito Control Technician (Current Employee) says

"They gave me equipment that was unable to do the job, such as a tablet that couldn't charge that lasted less than eight hours when the day was supposed to be eleven hours long, a truck with no working pumps from its insecticide tanks, backpack sprayers that either wouldn't start or would dump the contents of their tanks all over my back (while they gaslighted me by telling me that nothing was wrong) but would do nothing to fix all of this. This resulted in low quality work and constant problems with getting my job done (how do you use the hose to spray around the house for ants when the pumps don't work and how do I find that house or mark it as done, or anything related to job tracking, when i don't have a working tablet) that they would then berate me about. If you care about having a job with realistic expectations and a work environment where they support you, DO NOT WORK HERE!"

Lawn Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Worst place to work ever, no respect, never a fair place , bad equipment , old trucks, no air conditioning, if you write down a problem won’t be taken car No communication worst management"

Inside Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"The company sucks, fire people unjustly without cause. The management plays favorites and the management is woefully incompetent unprofessional and i do not recommend this job at all.getting a paycheckToo many to list. Pressure, constantly shifting goals, unprofessional environment"

Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"● Work-life balanceThere’s no work life balance at all.● Pay & benefitsPay isn’t bad if you were working retail but to do the type of work they require you should be getting paid at MINIMUM $20/hr if not more for how difficult and exhausting the work is.● ManagementTotally incompetent management who couldn’t care less about you or your wellbeing. The only reason they even care about any safety protocols is to cover themselves from lawsuits. Other than that you’re just in the cog in their machine and are completely expendable. Results is the only thing they care about, your mental and physical well-being be damned.● CultureWork is extremely difficult with very little reward or even as little as a pat on the back. You’re not individually recognized for how hard you work because they expect everyone to work so hard until you’re killing yourself and once you get there you might get a “good job”. Horrible.● OverallManagement does the bare minimum and don’t seem to care about their employees. The work and the time required is far too much for how little you get paid. Horrible work environment. What’s expected of you is ridiculous, especially for how much you’re compensated. Please do not apply here ,you will quit within a month guaranteed."

Lawn Technician (Current Employee) says

"This company doesn’t care about the employees they are all about the money they will work you to the ground I don’t recommend this job to anyone it terrible"

Customer Care Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"● Work-life balanceThis company will work with you, and you can have the schedule you want; That is until one of the other CCCs find out and gets their feelings hurt.● Pay & benefitsIf you're in the Louisville area you are extremely underpaid compared to different work near you. Sick days are on a teacher's pet schedule, if the favourites want a day off they get it 1 day before. If you're not a favourite better put that sick day in 30 days in adv.● Job security and advancementOpenings only occur when they feel like the person in the current position has been used up. Most of the time advancements are bad jobs you do not want.● ManagementManagement is on a course of Their Own. Why all the ones doing the work are struggling under ignorance and stupidity● OverallLook highly into this position before you take it. One manager can set up all the rules and have everything working well and another one will come in and you'll have one day to change if you do not change your ways in that one day you will be rolled up constantly"

Lawn Technician (Current Employee) says

"Overworked and underpaid.No Ac in the trucks.Poor equipment.Poor training.Managers treat grown men like kids.New rules everyday.No employee appreciation.They set you up for failure.NothingOverworked and under paid"

Residential Lawn Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Worst company ive ever worked for. The Chelmsford MA branch production department is entirely discriminatory against woman. I would never ever recommend anyone to work there. NonePay is low. Discrimination."

Lawn Care Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Place is a absolutely joke poor management treat ya like your a kid never no what time your off poor around chemicals that aren’t safe for u list goes on and on.NoneNone"

Lawn Care Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Worked at another branch before. Came to this branch and found out how not to lawn care. The service managers are completely worthless. Patrick does not know how to talk to people. This branch are clown shoes. They do NOT care for the customers or the employees. They lay you off for the entire month of december. Brought us back on jan 2nd so we didnt get paid holiday for the 1st. Watched videos 2 days for 12 hours. Then paid us 12 hours I could watched them from home and kept drawing unemployment and made more money. You get 3 holidays. You are laid off for thanksgiving, christmas and new years. Most of the equipment is old and junk. The sqft on lawns are always wrong. Most of the time the grass type is wrong. The weed control mix rate is watered down along with the preemergence. I was trained at another company and then came here. Its pathetic. They give you entirely too much work a day to complete correctly. They do not care. If you dont get all your stops done they will make it harder on you. I tried to transfer 3 times but was denied. Most people quit without a 2 weeks notice. Denied us our annual raise because of covid but was not told by management because they are to weak to show any sign of management or leadership. The GM and senior service manager just turned in their notice which doesnt help morale. Trugreed is a advertisement company that dabbles in lawn service. Biggest company with the most turnover."

Field Sales Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"I started working for Trugreen with the best intentions, and had every intention of working my way up from the bottom. I started out as a sales rep, was promoted to a lead supervisor and was promised a sales manager job multiple times. I was known as a top gun in the company which is a top 100 sales person in the entire company. I was told to make sales at all costs, no matter what the customer said just get a credit card, and close the sale. Many promises were made and contests rolled out only to have the prize pulled or promise not fulfilled. Time off was denied many times and even with earned PTO, I was told no and that it was selfish for me to leave the rest of the team hanging. This company cares nothing for you or what you want. Just be the dancing monkey and don’t complain about it. If you work for Springboro, OH you can expect lazy managers, and being yelled at for other people’s mistakes. It’s a joke and a complete waste of time. McDonald’s would be better, DO NOT WORK HERE!NoneSoul draining and life sucking place to work"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"They do nothing but lie, they talk to you how ever they feel and if you try to defend yourself they will threaten to fire you. Management is no help. Hours suck and commission is a joke. No matter how hard you work it’s never enough. No way to balance work and home life work 6 days a week and no overtime pay. Can’t keep employees and refuse to higher anymore.Close to homeEverything"

Lawn Specialist (Former Employee) says

"By far the absolute WORST company I have ever worked for. Management is ridiculous, turnover ratio is pathetic, customer relationships are disrespectful. Go on YouTube or Facebook, look this company up and see what people say about it. If you want to ruin your life and be miserable going to bed, and miserable waking up everyday then this job is 100% for you. I wish I would've known about this company more before wasting my time. If I could give it 0/5 I would."

Lawn Care Specialist (Current Employee) says

"they weren't a good company to work forManagement sucksHigh turnoverManagement are good ol boys I think most jobs pay the same for better work"

CORP - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst place I have worked in 20 years, they don’t care about the employees, they make you work 10 hour days and take your hours lunch away and only give you 30 minutes, they think they can talk to you any kind of way, and when you all for help, they always refer you to read something in a manual instead of helping, I put a 2 week notice in and my manager only said to me, is there anything I need to get out the office. Wow anything I need to get out the officeNoneNo work life balance, no team players"

Tech (Former Employee) says

"What yall going to do when i RKO someone into some dirt cause they keep micromanaging me!! Its not rocket science but the higher ups always want to make the most out of its labor. They are inconsiderate, hard to work with and dont hear out the employees to make the job easier.NoneOverpaid work bad pay"

Warehouse Technician/Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"Almost 2 years no raise and then out of nowhere for $17 an hour they change your job so now most of these trucks carry 500 to 1,000 pounds of product depending on the truck you drive. They cut my hours won't give me more pay but they extended my work responsibilities greatly so now I have to come in in the afternoon and load 3240 truck with all their products that's about 1600 lb in 50 lb bags. I'm up for the task but they did not offer any pay so they'll work you and work you and working and even when you're done with your job they tell you to call today to keep sending you out and they have no respect for the employees because you do not get paid unless you are a commercial worker and been there a half your Life. They do not compromise on pay they will beat you out of your bonus they will not evaluate a raise unless it's on the offseason when you have no opportunities State skill points on why you should have one. And all day ministration at the home office don't care about any of their working under them they just care about their bonuses and their pay. Force you into a 401k when you don't get annual updates on your investment. They just seem to replace you then they pay you what you're worth all that extra work for a 4 to $500 have a jobThey will work you with no raise no respect."

Lawn Technician (Former Employee) says

"I have rarely felt more miserable in life than when I was working for trugreen. Every day I worked for that company I felt more and more depressed. They are horrible for the environment and don't care about the customer.NoneEverything"

Lawn Care Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This place is a terrible company to work for I’ve learned. They wasted my whole time during the interview process. Wouldn’t hire me because I failed their drug test for Marijuana which I have a medical card for . It’s ridiculous. This company needs to grow some balls and give people a chance instead of judging a book by its cover."

Patrick says

"I would rate a 0, but one of the six visits was actually good. Purchased a package deal - 7 procedures and one aeration. Aeration went well. I put markers for irrigation system and boundaries of lawn. Technician was careful and aerated lawn nicely. However, the weed control and fertilizer was terrible. They never covered my lawn completely. Twice I saw them spraying common areas, which meant they could not complete my lawn. After the third service, two plants died and large patches of my green grass browned. Technicians kept changing. Whenever I called to speak to a supervisor, they basically lied: "Oh, that's what is supposed to happen," or "That's what happens to vines at this time of year." I received at least two calls about mildew on my plants. This was an untrue attempt at upselling. I cancelled after 5 applications, and Tru Green did return 20% of my money, and reimbursed me for one of the two plants. It was just a terrible experience."

Raymond Bryant says

"They promised to fix my lawn problems and made it worst .They are rated number one not in lawns but in BS. Everybody is a manager with no authority. Do yourself a favor and go elsewhere. 2020 was a lawn nightmare."

Nina Tyler says

"Add me to the pile of disappointed customers. My yard hasn't been any better since signing up in May 2020. I signed up for (6) service visits and they've only given four. We are now close to the end of the year and my account now shows 0 remaining service visits. Now they're sending me a statement to renew for 2021 when in reality I should still have two more service visits on my account. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM! Stay away! They're not worth the money."

Lynne Jensen says

"I gave a one only because couldn't give a zero! Cancelled our lawn service back in July after being harassed with phone calls for mosquito control- continued to keep sending people out to treat the lawn and even though called numerous times still kept sending. Now want to bill and insist valid charges. Even had one of their own employees tell me that the service rep didn't cancel our acct on purpose because it reflects badly on them! This company has sneaky and underhanded business practices and will harass you to no end trying to sell you things. And underhandedly take your money or report you to collections. It's not worth the frustration!!"

Stephanie Pittman says

"Terrible service and untrustworthy! My husband witnessed one of the technicians not even performing lawn care on our backyard when he came out for our lawn service. We were suspicious of this because the backyard didn't look great and looked much different than the front and side yard. Also, we had not been seeing that yellowing weed die off after treatments that we had seen in the past. I am most upset about the shrub service. I agreed to try shrub service for a few months. My shrubs we’re not in bad condition maybe a few sparse areas here and there but that was about it. I noticed after they came out and performed the first shrub service that some of my shrubs actually were looking worse instead of better. I called and they told me they would send someone out to retreat. Within a week or two after the retreat I noticed that some of the shrubs continued to decline drastically and I even had to pull some of them up because they were literally dead. My sago palm which has some scales which I had been tending to, is now completely infested with white scales on the underside! This is after two treatments! There is no way that my shrubs were treated with the correct treatment or possibly not even at all. When I called to complain and cancel service I was told they were going to send a manager out. I was also told the manager would call first to set up the appointment. Never received a call or anything. DONE!!!"

Chris Youngs says

"I have had nothing but problems with this company. I was paying for them to come and sit in their truck. They with hold information from you. Even though you're on a pay as you go they automatically take the money out of your account leaving you with heavy overdraft fee's. They charge you more than once."

Ann Thode says

"I think I have finally gotten this company off my back. The lawn care ability of this company is probably no worse than some others. They use a one size fits all approach and if your lawn is that size, Eureka! Unfortunately, this was not my case. I have Zoysia grass that had gotten overrun with weeds. They guarantee that that will be taken care of. You must give it two weeks. OK, two weeks later, I am trying to figure out who to call (no local numbers. I had insisted that the local contact give me a local phone number. Great if he would answer, he won't. I got a phone call trying to upsell me on a better product. I made an attempt to explain to him that I needed someone to contact me and why, and that I had been trying for weeks (we are now several months and several applications into the process)to get someone to call me. When I finally took a breath, his reply was "so do you want this additional service"? When I stopped laughing, I told him no, paying more for the poor quality of work was not on my list. Next I tried to just cancel. THAT'S A TRIP!!!!. Finally I called and cancelled. That triggers an avalanche of sales calls. Initially I tried to be nice, that just doesn't work. One of my favorite calls was an agent that told me that zoysia was suppose to choke out the weeds. When I stopped laughing, I told her that I was very aware of that, and if that had been the case, I would have never had to call them to begin with. Other calls had me enduring lessons on how weeds grow, all flanked with apologies The last two calls (I was getting them daily even as I asked them to stop) started to get testy. Finally on the last call I told the gentleman (they start with women and progress to men) that should anyone call from TruGreen call again, I would consider it harassment and consult an attorney. That works."


"Horrible service first application the technician said I had cinch bugs, treated yard started having large brown patches said they would send someone out to check they never came. Second service tech said I had brown patch from over watering said they would send a service technician. On my account they have instructions to call on arrival which he did not call and reported he could not get in,this has happened twice so I canceled the services since they could not follow simple instructions."

Madeline Gourley says

"Rating of one star is too good for them. I just fired them today because over the last year all of their services failed to meet expectations and their own claims of service.

Our lawn looked fair when they started and now we have tons of weeds, brown spots, and poor root growth. The grass has slowly deteriorated and is the worse looking on the block. Since they perform several services one day I mentioned to the service guy that our lawn is really looking bad since they started the service and his comment was I hear that all the time and I cannot help because I only spray the plants.

Moving on to spraying the plants in which I ask why they were not spraying the rose bushes on the current visit and the reply was we stopped doing that because it does more harm than good. My rose bushes now look like they are dying when they used to be full of foliage and green. So they have successfully almost killed my roses.

Then there were my calls to complain and received a promise to have someone out to evaluate. This without fail resulted in no response.

At first we received notice when a service person would be at our address within a given window. Now all we get is that they will be here on a certain date and if they arrive before you have unlocked the gate they leave. Then later you get a notice that they could not perform the service and then there is no reschedule date given.

Some years back we used this company with some success and thought we would use them again with our new home. Something has changed in the management of this company and everything about their service is inferior. I highly recommend that one stay away from using this company for any of their services. We paid for a full years’ worth of services up front and what a disappointment it turned out for a lot of money spent on a service that is this bad.


Pablo Taboada says

"TruBad Not TruGreen.. If not the worst move i ever made. Not only my lawn looks like sh. but the harassment to collect $400 is just beyond belief. This company calls you and blocks the caller ID... why? why do you hide? no other company in the US practice that shady behavior... No as far as my lawn, i have to say.. they made it worse... Just signup for the chemical manufacture's program and apply yourself.. you will much better results in no time."

Mary says

"I paid for 6 applications;to the companies credit they did perform the 6 services. However the last service was done on 11/13/20 I live in CT the lawn was covered in leaves and it was pouring rain. None of the application was applied to the grass. But that's not the worst of it. The technicians truck didn't have a hose long enough to spray treat the entire yard! He did the front lawn only, back and side yards were not done! Leading me to believe that the back and side yards were never treated at all on all during any of the 6 services performed. Funny thing I was wondering why the front yard look nice and the rest of the yard looked unchanged. When I tried to cancel the account the sales representative tried numerous times to sell me more services and I had a difficult time getting her to cancel the account."

LC says

"Buyer beware!!! Do not do business with Trugreen, especially the Carpentersville, IL location. They have the worse customer service and will not deliver what you pay for. They are only interested in contracts and not in helping resolve problems with your lawn. They failed to identify and address a problem after 6 months of treating our lawn, despite us telling them it wasn't improving. A neighbor told us what the problem was and after we treated the lawn ourselves, it finally began to improve. After no response from the Carpentersville location for two months, the TruGreen Corporate office agreed to credit us for the last two applications to cover the cost of the treatments we did on our own. We thought the matter was resolved, only to find out the Carpentersville branch (who never called us back) sent us to a collection agency. That's what you can expect from Trugreen. They deserve 0 stars. Stay away!"

Marty Marlow says

"I purchased several services in June 2020. Fertilizer, aerating and fire ant control. Three months later they show up unannounced to treat the lawn for fire ants. I was not here so I called customer service to cancel. They treated anyway, burned my lawn in spots. Then I received a charge on my card for the pleasure of continuing to have fire ants, burned grass and a lackluster green yellowish lawn. I do not recommend their services."

Josh Mel says

"GO TO ANOTHER COMPANY i paid for sprinkler blowout in set apptment in mid September so my pipes wouldn't freeze, set up for first day of October, they didn't show called the next week they said they didn't know what was going on and my service had been canceled. Asked for a supervisor. 48hrs for a call back. At my regular phone number Set up date later in October they said they would let me know the day before.... they emailed me that someone did the work but couldn't get ahold of me and that I would have to complete a backflow drain myself. Couldn't do it. Because I dont know what I'm doing now have to wait again for another 48hrs for a supervisor and another week for the service to be complete. It is currently snowing hope my pipes will be OK."

Doreen Jewell says

"this place is the worst broke my gate and I call serval time and nothing was done to fix it also they are one company i will never us them again they are no good."

M says

"Before calling truGreen read reviews on Better Business Review and find another co. Very poorly run business"

Jeremiah Vincent says

"My experience with TRUgreen had been HORRIFIC. I say that because I’m not even a customer, I’m a mistake they made. One of their techs treated my yard, but as I said I’m not their customer, they did the wrong yard. Problem was my ACTUAL lawn care company treated it just 2 days prior the the TRUgreen debacle. They killed my beautiful fescue backyard, broke a landscape light in the front yard, and almost killed my Bermuda up front. I have a whole home surveillance system had had the Truck, Tech, and the whole visit on camera. I called their corporate number, emailed with Meagan K on 6/16, 6/23, 6/25 , 8/18, and 10/8. I called again and spoke to a different rep in Tampa I think, she assured me the “ Regional “ would contact me that day. Nothing. “Steve” 770-***-4154 ,came by after my initial correspondence with Meagan, but never followed up, never aerated and seeded as promised, and my yard completed died and filled with weeds for the last 4 ½ months. I stopped a tech treating a neighbors yard and he took pictures and talked to his boss, Malcom 404-***-0432 . I called and texted Malcom for a conversation, nothing. Since they want to be the worst company they can be, I’ve decided to share my story to prevent them from being able to take advantage of anyone, because if they can’t even fix a completely obvious screw up and not take it seriously I will dedicate my immediate future to writing a ZERO STAR review every place I can find.

See my google review for the pictures & proof
Jeremiah Vincent"

Ladricca Price says

"I am a retired school teacher and was lured into a $1700 contract. I had brand new sod and wanted to make sure it stayed green and lush. Each time the guys came out to spray I swear it only took 3 minutes and my yard is HUGE! I’m so sad cause my lawn STILL is not looking good. I now have brown patch and can’t tell the difference in their treatment. My lawn care guy told me I’m the very beginning that he thought this company was a SCAM but I was already locked into the contract. I don’t know what to do because I now have to call another company to come out to give me consult on what’s wrong with my lawn. I paid a lot of money for the sod and had a lawn sprinkler system put into place. My lawn look horrible. Please tell me what my options are as I’m not finished paying the full contract cost. On a retired limited income I’m just in tears."

Henry. says

"Seriously, this website was easy to use, with all the help of diversity-based general resources, but the graphics were not any better. They have productive favourites, but I'm pleased with 9/10."

Henry. says

"Seriously, this website was easy to use, with all the help of diversity-based general resources, but the graphics were not any better. They have productive favourites, but I'm pleased with 9/10."

Russ says

"I hired Trugreen and 2 months later they had not killed 1 weed in my yard. For the next 2 months I tried time after time to get a respray. After speaking with at least 6 people I still haven\'t received the guaranteed respray. I did however receive countless calls trying to sell me more services. I fired them."

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