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TrueCar, Inc. is an automotive pricing and information website for new and used car buyers. Consumers can use TrueCar to learn what other people paid for any new or used vehicle in their local area and receive upfront, no-haggle prices from a network of over 15,000 TrueCar Certified Dealers. TrueCar is paid by dealerships so they can be introduced to and communicate with potential new and used car buyers. TrueCar reports its users purchase approximately 1 million cars from dealers in its network each year.

A very upset customer writes a warning review on, "Stay away from Truecar unless you want your information disseminated to every single dealership and all over the internet!!! I was trying to help someone look at the invoice pricing of a specific new vehicle which Truecar used to show 6-7 years ago... Well, they DON'T show anything now but collect your information and make money with it! I called to confront them and the agent OPENLY ADMITTED that their website is designed to do that - to collect information! Now I got multiple calls every single day from salespeople, managers, GMs... It is absolutely ridiculous! TAKE MY ADVICE AND STAY AWAY!"


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Former Employee - Regional Sales Manager says

"An absolute burning sinking ship. If you’re in sales stay away. From losing the USAA partnership, to botching the rollout of their overly complicated trade appraisal product TrueCar Trade, to pushing a C- digital retail product Dealer Science onto their dealers, to fluctuating their dealer’s monthly billing based on absurd attribution reports, this is a company that has made a staggering sequence of bad decisions over the last four years. They just laid off 200+ employees, and the stock is at $3. Avoid at all costs."

Current Employee - Product says

"Unless you are really in a desperate spot, do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. I know COVID has been hard on so many people, but taking a role at a company like this is going to hurt you more down the road. The company growth/promotion cycle revolves around a small group of inexperienced "leaders" who are only looking out for their next payday on the foundation of your work. They do not know how to manage or grow talent, but instead rely on convincing executives that they are experts in fields they know nothing about. TrueCar's employee turnover rate is incredible and yet they still have to conduct layoffs each year because every initiative they come up with, fails. You will never hear any follow ups to goals or OKRs because either those working on them quit in the middle of the year or TC comes nowhere close to meeting them, ever. I was not laid off, but I wish I had been. Coming to TrueCar was the worst mistake I have ever made in my professional career. I learned nothing, the company has achieved nothing, and it was all a big waste of time. These statements are even more true than they have been in the past. As soon as I find an exit, I'm hitting the door and I believe this holds true for more than half of the people left here. If you still don't believe me, just look at the stock performance since 2018. Well before COVID ever existed, this company has been losing hundreds of millions in value. There are reasons and those reasons still work at TrueCar."

Former Employee - Anonymous says

"Terrible management, uninvolved unwilling and degrading. Pointless HR, report with or without documentation and it seems to be counted against you by management immediately. HR rep doesn't seem to take anyones complaints seriously, management proceeds with same behavior. There were many pointless events that focused on individual departments, and most events seemed centered around alcohol. Delayed transparency of impactful changes for dealerships. Advancement seems to be saved for whoever management favors. Maybe the repeat layoff cycle could potentially be avoided with less frivolous spending. What kind of company has annual layoffs!?"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"When you have a Human Resources Department that is unsympathetic and extremely unapproachable you have a problem at the core of the organization. Nobody at this company feels confident with the current Human Resource Business Partners. They simply delegate all tasks, take zero responsibility of their own and are cold, unresponsive to suggestions and have driven the culture of the organization into a sterile, unfriendly, ego driven environment. I have never had so many coworkers say "I don't feel comfortable approaching my HRBP, she does seems cold and nonsympathetic"."

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"- Empty promises of promotions. Managers will state that you are getting a promotion the next cycle only for it to never happen. All promotions have been cancelled for non-higher ups. - Layoffs happen every single year. If you don’t get laid off, be prepared to do extra to cover for those laid off. Laid off employees are chosen based on politics. - Bonuses cancelled! Only execs get retention bonuses. NEW! The rest get MVP awards. Looks like we work for badges now. - So many have left or are leaving. With so few senior level engineers left, architects are forced to do IC work to cover for all the senior folks who have left. - Barely anyone cares about code quality. Most are so disillusioned due to reasons mentioned above. - Don’t get fooled by reviews posted by management. The company depends on a fresh flow of talent since layoffs happen annually (every year for past 4 years) - Stock has lost most of its value - Absolutely horrible leadership - Pretty abysmal business outlook since the biggest partner is leaving October 2020"

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"While the location is off the rails- SM promenade, it's not so great right now because of covid. Not really your fault, truecar. But I gotta put something down here for a con, right?"


"No professional development. If you’re looking to grow, go elsewhere. Even if you seek it out, it’s difficult to find as managers want their teams to stay intact so they don’t have to hire new people. My goal was to work in a different department and I had been very open during my interview to my first day as to what I was looking for in my career. When I would seek out development opportunities, I’d be told that’s not the reason I was hired. I had to sneak around to get learning and development opportunities. Promotions are seemingly non existent and you’ll probably never get a raise, just more worthless RSUs."

Current Employee - Business says

"Pretty much all of it. Between the layoffs, the missed goals, the lack of direction, it is seemingly a dying company. Oh yeah, I forgot, they just announced one of the longest standing and by far most substantial partner is leaving in 6 months. This partner was a maybe chunk of our revenue stream. Well, you do the math. Overall politics, inexperience, along with some stupidity has led us down this path. No turning back now."

Former Employee - Client Success Manager says

"Lots of Micromanagement. Role evolved from service management to a sales rep. Bonuses are more determined by how many stores you sign up for True Cars new products (I.e True Car Trade). Essentially, you’re in a selling role without getting paid a sales rep salary. There is a lack of direction from management which causes a lot of finger pointing, targeting individuals for not bringing on more clients (when this wasn’t a sales role! And there’s an entire separate team whose job this is!). PTO is advertised as “unlimited.” But it is hard to even take a few days off for vacation especially when you have to make sure you hit monthly goals. It is hard not to fall behind on the tasks/expectations set if you take time off. As dealerships are open late and on weekends, one is expected to be on call. You provide your cell phone number so dealerships can always call you, even when you’re on vacation (They will call as things break, often)."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Politics and too much focus on what dealers want at the expense of the customer experience"

Trade Success Director New England and Northeast (Former Employee) says

"To many Management change, good product was not a lot of fun and micro managed, many unqualified people in big jobs. They have a great new logo and I know they made some great changes."

manager (Current Employee) says

"massive layoffs the past two years. NO product innovation the entire year thanks to politics. People are leaving in droves. do not come here. our stock price speaks for itselfstocked kitchenpolitics, sexist culture"

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"It use to be a great environment, but the President changed the business model casual environment"

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"This Company could be great but Management is horrible! So many people let go in different stages, including Managers only to be replaced by more incompetence. 80 people were laid off in February 2019."

Business Development Executive (Former Employee) says

"The message from upper management doesn't match the behavior of mid-management. There was no work-life balance and the expectations became unreasonable as the pay decreased. Over the last year, the new business philosophies have resulted in high turnover and unengaged employees. The culture changed so dramatically it makes me wonder if the Exec Team truly knows what is being felt in the field. The travel is awful and exhausting. You are expected to cover about 3000+ miles per month in dealer visits or live in hotels. It is not conducive to people with families and commitments.Great BenefitsNo work-life Balance"

Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Good pay, good benefits. Tons of bad press on the company. Constant uphill battle with prospects. Way too much movement on upper management. excessive travel which leads to poor work/life balance.Pay and benefitssee above"

Data Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Beginning of 2019 to the downfall and loss of leadership in June 2019, TrueCar stock prices have hit a low. Leadership is questionable, actually, there is no leadership. Be sure to get on Blind to see the truth. Don't feel secure with the job, there have been 3 CEO's and 5 CPO's in the last 5 years, and layoff's happen often.Compensation, flex hours, food/snack in officeLack of communication, politics, dysfunctional culture, loss of leadership"

Sr. Partner Development Manager (Current Employee) says

"Extreme micromanagement, worked from 9am to often 3am after getting home from work, was not appreciated nor praised for any of my work, despite all my partners having great relationships and positive feedback for me consistently. Some sexist comments made to me. Constant scolding for what I perceived to be going above and beyond - but due to serious control issues on behalf of my manager, my actions in doing so were not recognized as positive. Lack of growth opportunity. Quick turnover due to poor culture. Provided free lunch once a week and had a nice office and a fully stocked kitchen for staff, but I would not recommend working here."

Client Success Manager (Former Employee) says

"Came in at a very weird time.Changes were constant but I gave it my all. Was caught in a mass lay off 3 months after I started. Felt bait and switched for expected OTE. My direct manage was wonderful and caring. Seems like upper management plays favorites over actual work achieved.Lots to do. Valuable product. Direct manager was amazingunorganized. too many new initiatives a once. Upper management seems to play favorites."

Consumer Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I worked in the call center. Consumer support. I did not enjoy working here. The work life balance was not enough because I couldn't leave the job without taking it home with me. Very frustrating company to work for."

Customer retention manager (Former Employee) says

"Upper management here is less than desirable and communication is the worse I’ve been subject to. Unrealistic goals and work life balance. Base pay not aligned with cost of livingGreat benefits, stock optionsUpper management, pay, communication and expectations"

Business Manager (Current Employee) says

"I've been with TrueCar over 3 years and their overall compensation and benefits are really good, but their not good at managing their talent, let alone their corporate strategy. It's been a lot of up and downs, which makes it difficult to find a groove here, but some may find it exciting as things are always changing. Don't expect much reward working here unless you're in 'the club'.Free lunch once a week, great benefits, great pay, great locationPoor company culture and morale, poor work life balance, no stability, very 'boys club' environment"

Database guy (Former Employee) says

"it used to be ok company to work for now it is pretty bad; management and hr had always been bad, impersonal and not interested in what we, employees had to say; it caused alienation and disconnect, all free food and "events" that were supposed to create a cohesive workforce seems like plastic substitute for what this company was really lacking: a SOULit paid wellyou as an individual do not matter and are very dispensable"

Vehicle Data Editor/ Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Truecar is a great start for new industry insights and work experience, however, don't be surprised at how quick they let you go. There's a hidden agenda within the company that leads you blind.Food, Location, and Benefits.Turnover Rate, Lacks opportunity for advancement, and bullying."

Accounting Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The hardest part of the job was finding interest in my work. I learned a lot about AR in the accounting field which helped prepare me for my next job as a bookkeeper. The most enjoyable part was the company events, like free ice cream after quarter end, health and wellness week, company retreats, free grubhub meals each week, and all the snacks and sodas you can think of right there in the kitchen not to mention popcorn machine, kombucha keg on tap, Italian espresso maker, and specialty K-cup coffee brewing machine."

Business Development Specialist (Former Employee) says

"My department's manager changed frequently and as a result, the experience changed often as well. My first manager was by far the best but after that, things started going down hill. The new management did not give us the feeling that we were truly cared for.Good working environment and an attempt at a fun cultureToo much politics in career advancement"

Senior Engineer (Current Employee) says

"TrueCar is an agile-development focused company with a significant first-mover advantage in negotiated automotive lead solutions. The company compensates its employees quite well and prides itself on its "above normal" compensation package. However, the company is fairly siloed, with promotions and significant responsibilities given primarily to long-term friends of the senior management. There is very little advancement, promotions, or raises for the majority of the technical staff with a significant amount of churn. The culture can be very isolating at times with entire divisions taking the blame for mid- and upper-management decisions. If you find yourself in a well-loved team, however, your TrueCar experience will be great. Many well-positioned employees remain at the company for 5-10 years or more. However, beware of the 2-3 year layoff cycles and wholesale reorganizations."

Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"Typical day is extremely busy doing account maintenance I learned Car Dealership overall sales operations Management was not very helpful or insightful to promote growth My co-workers were all very pleasant to work with making it fun. Hardest part of the job is to constantly wait for someone else to finish doing their job for me to finish mine. At some point I have decided to do everything myself which can be overwhelming at times. I enjoyed learning every aspect of the processes for every department and had great ideas to improve them.Free food and lunchesManagement"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"the small call center of 7 people was great we were like a family the pay structure was not consistant but all and all a fun placefun upbeat placebounes were not consistent"

Sr. Corporate & Technical Recruiter, Contract (Former Employee) says

"Poorly run HR department. High turnover. Lack of leadership, no resources to effectively do medicalstressful work environment"

anthony says

"i didnt know i was dealing with true car its news to me"

T.A. says

"I was baited by the TrueCar email price, the price was also confirmed by a phone call from a dealer rep claiming I would get the TrueCar price only if I visited the dealer. When I arrived at the dealer I was then told the TrueCar price was only hypothetical and convinced to pay a slightly price to fatten dealer profit. I reported this info to TrueCar and got no satisfactory response."

John L. says

"I was interested in an 06 CR-V 2 owners, 1 accident, 181,000 mi., their offer $3990. Best resale value maybe $2200. Made an appointment for next day, but overnight they raised the price $500. I opted out for that reason. Sounds like bait and switch."

Stacy Leal says

"Total waste of time. Got a great offer and made an appointment to look at the car and it wasn't the car they quoted me!"

Samara says

"Miranda Adams from Garlyn Sheldon Auto group in Temple was quick to send out an app. However, has not responded once my credit app was returned. I know my credit is not that good but you could have at least reached back out. This was rude and disrespectful."

customer says

"TrueCar price wasn’t even close to the price at the dealer, I thought the point of this service was that you get up front pricing.. what a joke. I sent TrueCar an email after that experience and no reply, awful service and awful customer support."

Susan Kellett Nasim says

"I give a 1 only because 0 is not an option. Be WARNED: The service department employees are completely unconcerned with customer satisfaction, truthfulness, and Suffer from a complete lack of empathy when it comes to reasonable time frames to fix your car. They kept our car for 3 weeks, had to be called repeatedly for updates, seldom returned phone calls and ultimately Did NOTHING to our car except take it apart and put it back together. They charged us $1000.00 for a restocking fee for the parts that they say they ordered but Never came in. We told them to put it back together so we could take it elsewhere when we were finally fed up, tired of waiting, and tired of paying for a rental car for 3 weeks with no end in site because they would not provide a loaner. Final Charge at Hyundai of Greer to get them to release our car back to us (that WE DROVE into their service department) was over 1300.00 ( and they did nothing to it!) Our Car was under warranty, but Hyundai would not honor the warranty, even though all service records that were requested, were supplied. NEVER AGAIN! I would never buy another Hyundai but if Someone did, I would NEVER recommend Hyundai of Greer, if for no other reason but the incompetence and the nonchalant attitude of their service department."

Scott says

"I have used TrueCar twice. Once to purchase and this week to sell. I did not complete either. The dealer increased the price on the purchase by $1895 from the TrueCar guaranteed price even though I confirmed the price and no add-ons before traveling to the dealer. Sales Manager explanation "TrueCar doesn't set our prices and we have to advertise the lowest price to get customers in." On the sale - TrueCar claims 4 offers on the vehicle and a "certified price". But they do not identify the dealers. The one dealer who contacted me - after an hour of providing to him the same information - presented an offer $1500 lower and well below KBB lowest value without even inspecting the car. TrueCar is a scam designed to driver unsuspecting consumers into dealers so the dealers can do their abusive tricks. I suppose when/if it works, it is very convenient - that's why I tried it twice! But it's a frustrating, time consuming mess if it doesn't. It is not worth starting with at all."

Kewlken says

"After signing up with Truecar I received prices from 2 different dealers on a dozen cars. I traveled to the dealer with the best offer, selected and test drove a car. The dealer refused to sell the car at the Truecar price, arguing they would lose money. The dealer offer was substantially more. A wasted trip and my time."

Lou Buonaiuto says

"The dealership first denied knowing about true car price then wouldn't honor it"

Donna Lampone says

"We found a vehicle on True car site being advertised as certified pre-owned located at Curry Honda in Yorktown, NY. It seem like a bait and switch...Initially received a call from one representative who said the my offer price was in line, when we arrived at the dealership we were handed off to another sales representative who said the price of the car would not be discounted in any way and blamed Truecar for the misrepresented advertisement. I am not sure who is at fault and felt the price of the car should have been reduced to reflect it not being a certified preowned vehicle and to honor the price initially discussed on the phone with the first representative."

Manny Mercado says

"Tried to buy a vehicle through a dealer ( Napleton Hyundai of Carmel, Indiana). One was used and the second was new. Pulled bait and switch both times, saying it was either sold or not there, had to talk to 7 different people. And they would not get me what was advertised. Always steering me to a more expensive model. Big ripoff on this site to customers"

John Carmical says

"i couldn't figure out the right number of stars. I suppose the service they provide is OK. I used them in the past and was told by the dealer they would have given me a better price. This time I had a price from a local dealer first then thought I would check Truecar's. Their certified dealer was about $2000 more. In addition, they wanted to add $1700 in "dealer accessories". They explained that all the dealers do it, but most aren't up front about it. But they are good guys so they tell you up front. I haven't experience this type of salesmanship for many years. Truecar needs to vet these "certified" dealers."

Victoria Dryden says

"True car was great and I was pleased with the car choices.
Subaru of Clear Lake Houston was the issue. They added on to the vehicle special fees. Like 200.00 for nitrogen in the tires. Salesman Tyler Caswell is a very shady rude individual and I would stay clear if dealing with him. He epitomizes the shady car salesman stereotype. Sat me in a chair, left and came back once to sit in his chair and play on his phone.
Finance tried to sell warranty but I expected that. When I received a text from my husband he stopped talking and told me I had to hear everything he had to say. Well keep talking but I am not buying. Made me sit and wait for over an hour to sign even though they told me it was ready and they just needed my signature."

Chevett says

"I had no issues with Truecar (site itself) BUTTTT the dealership (Jim Hudson Lexus of Augusta). I was VERY surprised and disappointed in my experience with the sale / finance department ( giving my long years of history ). Where to began? Ugh! Hidden fees were added on the final paperwork, it was a lot of conversational pressure in buying extended warranty for a car that doesn’t needed it at this time, the deal took over a week - when it should’ve took only one day (seeing that, I’m paying all the money upfront) I’m not sure, why (still puzzled). There was MUCH pressure made demanding and encouraging me to financing the car through them. I repeatedly told them, “no thank you” and I’m going through my bank. I never gotten a Mileage Odometer Certificate (probably cause mileage isn’t documented or reported correctly). The date I actually brought the car wasn’t correct on any of the paperwork. I notice the mileage reported to the DMV for my tag / registration, isn’t the mileage that should’ve been reported and the price wasn’t the same as on the other documents. Overall! I ended up paying more cost in tag / registration fees. I brought this to the finance department (Armando Love) attention - he brushed it off ( very shady character) I would never do business with that person again in the finance department nor in sales department (John Nash). There were a few service repair issues with the car. Which was brought to their attention before buying the car. So basically I ended up buying the car and turning around just to get it serviced. I had no service cost to pay because the car is still under manufacturer warranty (Hint). Yeah! You get a loaner car (free) to used, has the BEST top manufacture / service warranty that no other company can bet and I’ve ever seen in my life. BUT, geesshhh!!! That’s a little all to much for anyone to have to deal especially going through a world pandemic. I’ll be reaching out to the Customer Relation Department. My experience was the worst experience; since buying cars. Don’t get me wrong. I love Jim Hudson Lexus of Augusta for other varies reason. But this experience left a sour taste with the dealership. I’ve always gotten past cars serviced with the Service Department (that’s why I felt like buying a car would be a wonderful experience). Due to the nature of my history with the company. I guess, I was clearly mistaken. Don’t let my experience be yours. Just be careful. I wouldn’t recommend dealing with those two individuals but trust me - it’s a really great place to purchase a car and their Service Department is the G.O.A.T..."

Lou Buonaiuto says

"The Dealership wouldn't honor TrueCar Price"

Chris Devany says

"Just being honest. Dealers don't give any discount because you are using Truecar. In fact, doing my own search, I was able to find a dealer in the area with a better discount that the ones in the Truecar network. When I wanted to talk to a Trucar representative, I waited on hold for 1 hour. Twice. Not sure where the benefit lies."

SmoothRoca says

"Truecar is another navigation tool for finding the right car. I found mine through here, but be aware, some dealerships advertise "True Price" but with hidden costs. For example, here's your True Price, but your trade is already factored in. If you don't have a trade, that True Price changes. How solid is True Price now? Read the fine print "the catch", unless you're hunting for a unique car like myself, explore your options. I was compelled to the True Price, but did not get that because of the fine print. I'm happy with my car because it was what I was looking for, but my point is the principle. IS THERE A TRUE PRICE? :)"

James09 says

"Still too many unknows .I depended on the service instead of doing my own homework."

Wayne says

"Although Truecar makes shopping/pricing easier, beware that the buying experience is still shared with car salespeople, and the experience is likely to be laced with the customary unpleasantness. Remember, these folks do this 365 days/year; they're good at the "carny" behavior.
My advice: if the dealer won't at least honor the Truecar price, walk away. Period."

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