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CoverGirl is an American cosmetics brand founded in Maryland, United States, by the Noxzema Chemical Company. It was acquired by Procter & Gamble in 1989 and later acquired by Coty, Inc. in 2016. The Noxell Company advertised this cosmetics line by allowing "cover girls", models, actresses, and singers who appear on the front cover of women's magazines, to wear its products. CoverGirl primarily provides a wide variety of consumer-grade cosmetics.

A user "Northeast of Manville, NJ" recounts her experience using a CoverGirl's product on the "ConsumerAffairs" website on April 4, 2019:

"I've been using Walmart makeup products for years with no issues at all. I recently used CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Concealer when Maybelline didn't have my usual concealer color, and it was absolutely horrific. Within a day, the skin just to the left of my nose became red and inflamed, and very itchy. The next day, the right side of my nose started to become red and irritated. The next day, the skin around my eyebrows, above my lip, my forehead, and on my cheeks (where I apply concealer)...everything was rashy, burning, hot to the touch, and itchy as all get-out. Now it is day 4, I have switched back to my usual concealer and even deep-cleansed my applicator brush and sponges. The rash is still here but it doesn't burn as much. I've applied a Vaseline eczema/rash reliever cream and I'll be buying aloe and some kind of antihistamine today.

This is the worst affordable brand I've ever come across...although I do use their TruBlend foundation with no problem, the concealers seem to be very acidic and poorly manufactured. Not only did my face become rashy and made me nauseous from the constant tingling/burning sensation on my cheeks and around my eyes. The skin has legitimately become rough and scaly, like a reptile skin purse. Definitely 1 star and 2 thumbs down."


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