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Trespass is a 2011 American crime thriller film directed by Joel Schumacher, from a screenplay by Karl Gajdusek. It stars Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman as a married couple taken hostage by extortionists. It also stars Ben Mendelsohn, Cam Gigandet, Liana Liberato, Jordana Spiro, Dash Mihok, Emily Meade and Nico Tortorella. It had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 14, 2011.

Joel Silverman mentioned, "If Trespass had no Staring roles then I would have given it a 0 🌟 But for the sake of Cage and Kidman I'll give it a One Star and a half.. Over all the movie is not good and there are better ways to spend an hour and half...."


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Former Employee - Regional Sales Manager says

"I worked at Trespass full-time for less than a year Cons: If you look for a company with a vision, a plan, a management, a team spirit... just run away!"

Former Employee - Customer Service Associate says

"I worked at Trespass part-time for less than a year Cons: Bad management, long hours, not worth doing"

Former Employee - Shop Assistant says

"I worked at Trespass part-time for less than a year Cons: very poor management and pay"

Former Employee - Staff Assistant says

"I worked at Trespass part-time Cons: No training Poor management communication Poor managers"

Former Employee - Senior Supervisor says

"I worked at Trespass part-time for less than a year Cons: one of the worst companies to work for underpaid overworked and the whole management structure is appalling."

Current Employee - Store Manager says

"I have been working at Trespass full-time for more than 3 years Cons: So so many they dont care about staff, the owners are on the uk rich list yet management dont get pay rises even when minimum wages goes up meaning that supervisors are nearly on the same wage as store managers they also have store managers on 42.5 or 45 hr contracts. There is no bonus, no real staff discount no benefits for working there"

Former Employee - Shift Supervisor says

"I worked at Trespass full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Little to NO opportunity for progression within the company No feedback for even staff applying for jobs you don't hear anything back Regional Management around this area aren't interested in staff only interested in figures and that targets are being met regardless. "Marketing" don't really do anything for the stores except post out a layout every few months that has to be applied throughout stores, they don't ask staff how customers are finding the marketing strategy or if anything can be improved (couldn't care less attitude)"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Trespass full-time for less than a year Cons: Management watch you all the time. No trust"

Former Employee - Graphic Designer says

"I worked at Trespass full-time for less than a year Cons: Cliques (older women) made to feel like an idiot, dropped like a hot brick via letter with no warning even though when I look back the managers attitude towards me told me she knew I’d be dropped"

Former Employee - Supervisor says

"I worked at Trespass part-time for less than a year Cons: - Worst manager in the world. Complete bully and behaves like a child when something doesn't go his way. - Bully like culture with the manager spreading rumours around the workplace to create drama and turn staff against each other. - Manager docking hours when he see's fit to try and get a reaction from you. - Favourtism in the workplace. - Extremley poor pay. - Unsociable hours, but that's what you get for retail."

david says

"Quick to take your money, but if you return an item, be prepared to wait for your money beck. Currently at 3 weeks and counting, only an automated, Covid 19, excuse for taking so long. If ir takes so long to return how did the mamage to take my money and deliver them in 3 days!!!"

Chris says

"I sent 2 coats back on 31/12/20 - tracking shows they arrived to the warehouse in glasgow 6-1-21. No email that they have received it and No refund. I have received no communication from them after trying many time. I can't afford to lose this money! The Trespass facebook account is FULL of similar comments. Very disappointed"

Sohail says

"Awful company. I ordered a sledge for my daughter and paid for it to arrive within 5 days. Ten days later I enquired as to why it hadn’t been delivered, they just emailed me to say it wasn’t in stock and refunded me with no apology. Questions: A) If it wasn’t in stock why did you let me order it? B) When you realised it wasn’t in stock why wasn’t I informed instead of me having to email you? Clowns."

Gwyn says

"I ordered a item ages ago they promised it would be delivered in 3 to 5 days they are a rip off i tried to ring customer service number all I got was a American robot type voice saying the mailbox was full and it wasn’t even trespass it’s obviously a scam AVOID"

Customer says

"This company is absolutely shocking. They take your money and don't deliver the goods. The phone lines are no longer working so you cannot speak to anyone about your order. The company don't answer your emails therefore you cannot speak to anyone to get a refund. After looking on their Facebook site it seems that hundreds of other people are in the same situation. Something really needs to be done about this company as hundreds of people are getting ripped of and not getting their money back. I will be contacting all the media to try and expose this terrible company and to ensure no more people loose their money."

Morgan holdsworth says

"I ordered one item on the 1st. I was told it would take 3-5 days for delivery and it’s now the 9th and I still have nothing! The item was a gift for a birthday which has now been and gone so I’m really annoyed by their false time frame. They were quick enough to take my money though."

M Gough says

"Placed an order for 2 items with Trespass. After a few days wait I got the email to say the items were being dispatched. I used their tracking facility to track the package and saw that both items were dispatched in the one parcel. The following day the parcel arrived at the door, I open it to find I am one item missing. I check the tracking again and no I didn’t get it wrong it clearly stated both items in one package. You cannot get through to anyone on the Customer Service number so I emailed them, I got an auto generated response based on the query I had submitted (missing item). The company have quite happily taken my money yet I am left without the item and no way to contact anybody to find out what is happening. Do not use the company online especially as there is a good chance you may well need to contact their non existent customer services! Update: Still no response to my email....still no item received! Disgraceful way to trade. Do not give this company your money!!"

Lucy says

"I placed an online order on 4th January. They were quick to take the money from my account but I have had no update since, unable to get through on the phone, no callback as requested three days ago and emails unanswered. Absolutely avoid."

Terry says

"Not a reliable company to do business with. Cannot get in touch with them by Phone or mail. Delivery late despite charging for the privilege. Avoid"

Mark says

"Charge for delivery that fails to arrive, tracking system that does not track, customer services who are always too busy to answer phone"

Clayton Holmes says

"Made an online order with a 3 to 5 working day delivery time. My item has not yet been delivered, still shown as bing in warehouse Tried calling/ response whatsoever apart from automatic email replies. Their customer service is terrible. Have they gone bust I wonder"

Matthew says

"Order something online from Trespass seven days ago, delivery was supposed to be within five days. Items have not yet been dispatched. I have emailed them two days ago and not had a reply and have just sat on phone with them on hold for thirty minutes only to be cut off before speaking to anyone. Unacceptable service, I recognise that current timeframes may have changed due to the new lockdown but it should not be difficult informing customers of this."

Con Job says

"Don't buy any of their outdoor clothing if you want to stay dry and warm when outdoors, all their clothing is cheap tat made in China, nothing is waterproof and they claim it is, trust me on this people, if your the outdoor type, avoid trespass clothing like the plague, you have been warned."

Andrea says

"Ordered jacket 26th December, 10 days ago returned it back- colour didn't much and was too big- no communication since. I used to like tresspass in shops a staff so helpful but I never going to order again online. Now just want my money back!!!"

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