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Tous (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈtɔws]) is a Spanish jewelry, accessories and fashion retailer which was founded by Salvador Tous Blavi and Teresa Ponsa Mas. It is based in Catalonia, Spain.

A current, obviously exploited employee says, "The commission system [at Tous] is very bad. The company sets such unachievable goals that you are never able to meet the requirements for commission. That’s right. If the store doesn’t achieve certain numbers (which are very high) you don’t get a cent. Senior management is 100% not pro-employee, but pro-numbers. They could care less about employees. They just want numbers. Each store is pretty much “owned” by the store manager. There’s no way an employee can reach out to an area manager or anything like that without it happening in a professional way. The area managers and senior management team literally share your concerns with the store managers and make fun of you. The area manager and the country manager are horrible, very selfish people. It is very sad because the company has amazing items but they really don’t care about their employees. They have a very tight circle with the store managers and all they do is make fun of their associates and disregard their complaints or observations."


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Current Employee - Key Holder says

"The comission system is very bad. The company sets such unachieveable goals that you are never able to meet the requirements for comission. That’s right. If the store doesn’t achieve certain numbers (which are very high) you don’t get a cent. Senior management is 100% not pro-employee, but pro-numbers. They could care less about employees. They just want numbers. Each store is pretty much “owned” by the store manager. There’s no way an employee can reach out to an area manager or anything like that without it happening in a professional way. The area managers and senior management team literally share your concerns with the store managers and make fun of you. The area manager and the country manager are horrible, very selfish people. It is very sad because the company has amazing items but they really don’t care about their employees. They have a very tight circle with the store managers and all they do is make fun of their associates and disregard their complaints or observations."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"They would give me 39 hours just so I was not full time. Manager would call and text you anytime, no matter what. Manager was rude, cussed and accused employees of anything and everything. Manager would use merchandise and return it a year later for the money. Poor management from the US offices. HQ was clueless and were not open to change."


"Management was horrible. She needed more experience"

Current Employee - Key Holder says

"Working for Tous has been one of the most stressful jobs I have ever had!! The management team is very immature and they show favoritism to there employees. You can complain all you want but nothing every gets done!! If your able to put up with high school drama and petty issues than this is the place for you!! Even though must of us are out of high school already. Some of the upper management team do not know how to speak to other employees."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Working at Tous was an awful experience not because of the clients but because management and other employees were the most incompetent people I have ever worked with. First of all, it felt like high school with all the favoritism and cliques the manager had created by teaching employees one way and contradicting the next way if you don't know what your doing. There is no real structure amongst TOUS the company with other stores in other states and basically they were operating on their own systems. Another major conflict within the store how competitive certain stores are with retaining their items, I understand if it's somewhat selling but come on at least let the other store's have it because the client is willing to pay for it. Also, ordering items from other stores that we can't sell is completely dumb, and this is where the hostility comes from other managers in other TOUS stores come from. The jewelry is not fine jewelry if it breaks when you try it on after the 5th time. Nobody in the USA will ever know who TOUS is if it's not advertise and hiring people who solely speak only Spanish and not being bilingual Spanish/English will hurt making a sell. Also, managers tend to make fake accounts to reserve items within their store so other store's can't track it and ask for the item. You will be so surprised how much management love to give discounts to their family and friends!"

Sales Associate says

"Management in U.S. Stores is a mess. No supervision from corporate. No room to grow if you are a sales associate. Even though the merchandise has several price increases throught the year, the salaries stay the same yearly. No evaluations from corporate."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything from hours to training and management"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Literally everything. Commission structure. No management structure. No marketing. Some stores had NO BATHROOMS FOR EMPLOYEES."

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"There's always a problem with everything because no ones trained, which means your just left figuring it out on your own"

Former Employee - Store Manager says

"Everything else. - No benefits, at all. I was hired under the pretense that there was health insurance offered at no cost to me and turns out when my probation period ends...they canceled the entire company's insurance. No health insurance for management and f/t associates were never even offered it in the first place. - Extremely high turnover, even among management. Instead of communicting and developing talent they rather replace them. Never a dull moment at Tous! - Poor marketing stragaties, sometimes just lack of any type of brand marketing. The public doesn't know the brand, but the prices still reflect that of well known luxury retailers. The company doesn't have money to invest in aggressive marketing campaigns. - Unqualified talent, this is one of the main reasons there are so many internal problems. Because of the high turnover and lack of budget they promote/ externally hire people who are under qualified for the position because A) there is no one else and that person has been there the longest period of time or B) they can offer a extremely low salary and the person will take it on account of their inexperience. These people than struggle and drown in their positions, dropping the ball on several occasions. - A serious disconnect between US management and corporate in Spain. They run their stores like they do in Spain, but that doesn't work because the US market has different needs. Be prepared to get emails from Spain in Spanish, training manuals are also in Spainish. When they do send things in English they are not grammatically correct and contain spelling mistakes, not just on internal documents either( On event invitations, lease line collateral ect...) Also deadlines are never met, someone is always on holiday or too busy to get vital things in on time. This applies to the US accounting firm that handles payroll (waiting almost two months for an expense rembursment) too. - Sales. Almost all stores are struggling, the days are long and slow. Loyal clients only buy when there are sales, and even then it has to be steep discounts to motivate them. Definitely not fast pace. - Everyone is stretched real thin, a lot of stores don't have managers, everyone is doing 10 people's jobs at once. No help, no tools, no support."

Salesperson (Former Employee) says

"The only good benefit was the employee discount. The salary is not enough compare to similar position within the same kind of industry."

empleado logística (Former Employee) says

"La dirección ejerce su cargo de forma DICTATORIAL Y REPRESIVA. No existe la promoción interna por méritos propios ni por formación externa (licenciatura o máster) únicamente se promociona a quién adula más a su superior. Los encargados/as no están preparados para el cargo que ejercen, carecen de formación total. Algunos/as no escriben correctamente. Aprendí que en Tous los trabajadores/as que forman su plantilla son personas sin cultura ni formación. La cultura laboral es impuesta por la dirección. Es imposible dar una opinión sin recibir una represalia por parte de la dirección. El trabajo es monótono y no requiere ningún tipo de atención especial. El ambiente de trabajo es tenso y viciado. Los trabajadores se controlan entre sí para pasar el parte de sus compañeros a su superior y obtener así algún tipo de beneficio. Se trabaja sin recursos. Las personas que se lesionan en el trabajo y deben estar de baja laboral, obtienen UN DESPIDO por respuesta. LAS LESIONES son frecuentes puesto que no se actúa con la diligencia exigida.No existenSe debe recuperar el tiempo de desayuno"

Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"Store Manager is not professional at all. Is very stressful to work with this type of store manager. She would write you up for anything and they treat people very unfair. DO NOT WORK FOR TOUS!!! WORST EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE. AT LEAST IN THAT LOCATION."

vendedora (Former Employee) says

"La peor experiencia de mi vida, mal clima de trabajo. No se respetaban los horarios y regalaba mi tiempo libre.conveniotodo"

ASSISTANT STORE MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"Manager is not profesional at all. It’s all about gossips. Coorporate people don’t care about employees. TOUS at Millenia Mall is a very inestable place to work.Bonus and comisionBad management"

Assistant Visual Merchsndising (Former Employee) says

"Sueldos bajos, no se valoran las capacidades ni formación del personal sino las relaciones entre compañeros y con los superiores. En general ambiente muy frío, tenso, hipòcrita y superficial. La gestión interna de la empresa in caos. Trato bastante déspota con los puestos de trabajo de categorías inferiores.InstalacionesSin descanso durante la jornada, sueldo bajo, sin posibilidad de promoción, demasiado postures y personal poco caoacitado"

HOTESSE D'ACCUEIL (Former Employee) says

"On traite des employés sans respect dans ce château. Le propriétaire est jeune mais déjà borné et condescendant, l'ambiance n'est donc pas bonne et pour un oui ou un non on se fait accuser de vole. Un vrai plaisir ! Et pour les stagiaires payés au lance pierre comme je l'étais, sachez que "dans un château on ne compte pas ses heures"."

ventas y atencion al cliente (Former Employee) says

"No hay compañerismo, siempre son problemas con los pagos de comiones, la supervisora sin ética te quita descansos por que ella quiere poco profesionalismo. Nunca va a las sucursales."

Vendedora (Former Employee) says

"Es un trabajo muy bonito y agradable. El Horario era partido y no siempre sales a tu hora.Trabajo bonitoHorario partido y no sales a tu hora."

PART TIME ASSOCIATE (Former Employee) says

"Schedules were great, worked around school awesome. management is horrible. Very competitive , you cannot lose pace. Steal your sales. management is not nice at all. There is new employees every week because of how horrible it is.schedulemanagement"

campañas, supervisión y coordinación en visual (Former Employee) says

"Una buena empresa, aprendí mucho a nivel creativo. Gente seria y responsable. Unas instalaciones muy buenas y cómodas dónde trabajar relajado. Trabajo en equipo.Vehiculo para trabajadores"

Ayudante de dependienta (Former Employee) says

"Nunca me había pasado nada semejante y eso que he trabajado en muchos sitios, y en muchos sectores como en el retail en más tiendas, así como de RRHH y relacionados con mis estudios, así que sé perfectamente de primera mano cómo funcionan estas cosas. Mi experiencia es sobre una tienda Tous de Bizkaia en concreto, lo cual con esto no digo que sea así en todas, ya que no puedo hablar de lo que no conozco, en la que para compaginar mis oposiciones había cogido un trabajo a pocas horas, trabajo que aunque no de lo mío, ni en principio el de mi vida (aunque nunca se sabe) me parecía en cierto modo bonito e interesante. En primer lugar sé tanto por lógica como por experiencia propia (de haber trabajado en RRHH y gestión de personas) la importancia de la acogida, ya que cuando entras a un trabajo nuevo, sea cual sea, lo mínimo es una mínima explicación del lugar (en este caso de la tienda) para que esa persona al menos se pueda ir ubicando y sepa “por dónde tirar” y no juegue a la “gallinita ciega” cuándo atienda a un cliente a la media hora de haber entrado. Lo cual a la par, de cara al mismo da muy mala imagen a la firma. Como digo, por parte de la tienda, al menos te deben explicar dónde se encuentra cada cosa, cómo se utiliza el sistema (ya que en cada tienda lógicamente las ubicaciones de los artículos y los sistemas utilizados son distintos, y más en Tous que hay mil packagings, mil productos,y mil historias) . Para la encargada o para el resto esto será su rutina diaria, pero la persona que entra :¿Debe adivinar dónde se guarda cada cosa o cómo se usa todo en esta"

Dependienta (Former Employee) says

"Trabajo rutinario, sin posibilidades de ascender ni avanzar laboralmente. Mala experiencia laboral. Despido sin motivo .CompañerasHorario, SM inadecuada para el cargo. Sueldo bajo."

Trade Marketing (Former Employee) says

"entorno tranquilo, despachos amplios, gestión familiar."

Dependiente de tienda (Current Employee) says

"Hace poco que estoy en esta empresa y desde mi punto de vista es de las peores en las que he estado. no hay compañerismo en tienda, si eres nuevo te miran mal por no saber hacer las cosas y ademas (por lo menos en mi caso) ni se esforzaban en enseñarme. La Store Manager inaguantable, no se preocupo por mi ni un día. Lo unico bueno es el sueldosalariotodo lo demas"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Te contratan con mentiras, no te capacitan en lo más mínimo, no existe compañerismo, los sueldos son muy bajos.....nunca te mandan los materiales en tiempo y forma (o de plano nunca los mandan).NingunoTodo"

Gerente de Sucursal (Former Employee) says

"No se respetan los descansos. Traen gente externa con mejor sueldo y evitan el crecimiebto de la gente que lleva años en la marca."

xxxx (Former Employee) says

"Rutinario sin posibilidad ninguna de promocionar. No se valora el esfuerzo ni se incentiva el trabajo. Aguantar mucho por poco.Lo único bueno, si te juntas con buenas compañeras de trabajo.buen ambientehorario, salario, no se valora el esfuerzo ni hay posibilidad de crecer"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Though I've learned much on customer service and how to multi-task, it's a job in which there's no place for growth. I delt with customers in the store meanwhile im taking calls from othr customers through the phone. I've learned to multi-task very well, even under stressful situations. I believe the management needs a bit more help "managing", my co-workers were pleasant. The most enjoyable part of my job is definitively when the customer calls or comes to the store and thanks me for being so attentive and that they are very satisfied with their purchase.dealing with customersmanagement"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"No need to add any comments. You should take care of your staff and your customers. The store in USA are not the same as in Mexico or Spain, sadly. You have a treasure in your handsNoneA lot"

Lorraine Seward says

"I've only given it 1 as can't give zero! Need to return an item under their 'free return' policy.
Only way to access this is via their customer service who don't answer the phone or respond to any emails. Only other option is to now pick up the cost of a return to Spain. not buy from them."

Alex says

"Terrible terrible customer service. Already wrote 2 emails to them regarding faulty earrings and no reply. I have bought several items from them in the past and never had a problem until now, but due to this issue I won’t buy from them again! Disgraceful. I would expect better customer service from this company considering their products are not cheap."

Tiago Lino says

"I ordered some Christmas gifts online in mid-November so I would get them in time for Christmas, but never got them.

Never got the order, after two weeks reached out to customer support and was told they had lost my shipment but that they would try to ship it. A week later still no delivery, so I reached out again and they said they found my shipment and that they didn't know the exact time they could send it again. I asked for a refund they said they didn't know when they could send me back my money because it depended on the shipment company.

1 month later now - I spent over €227, and I have no Christmas gifts nor my money back.

First and last time I bought something from this brand. Definitely don't recommend it."

Jaime Briceno says

"Worst ever, this is as fake as it can get, the quality of the products is horrendous and they would ensure to never accept any warranty. For warranties, they would send you to a store that could be states away from you. Like I live in IL and they want me to go to the store in NY!!!! AVOID IT!!"

Maryam Rakkez Ep Sfaihi says

"Worst E-purchase system Ever!
I regret because I couldn't see this comments about Tous website service befor to bought the gift to my newborn niece :(
I m living in portugal and my sister is in italia. So I was obliged to do the purchase under Gest access because Tous website doesn't allow to create an account. And from this point my nightmare started: no tracking number no access to amend expedition details . I contacted Tous portugal they told me that is not under them control so I called the sales representative in italia bcz no Tous agents in It , and they r not aware about this purchase!so I contacted Tous spain by phone and I could finally receive by email my tracking number after 3 days from the purchase creation date. And then I discovered that the delivery details were wrong :,( my name is puted as sender and receiver and the zip code was not correct . I reverted to them to Tous spain to amend this details ,one of Customer service team confirmed the amendment by phone and told me that all is ok. But unfortunately after many days I received a notification from the transporter telling me that my order couldn't
be delivered due to wrong adress !i claimed that but the transporter still telling they didn't receive till now the new restrictions from Tous. I sent claims to email adress and no one answered me."

Dominica Wilczynska says

"I absolutely HATE that you can not give negative opinion on their website! I spent a lot over the years on this jewellery , generally happy with my purchases, but few months ago I bought few pieces from dark silver, DON'T waist your money! Its coming off, looking crap.
I sent my negative opinion 3times and it's not visible on the website. This is BAD"

Kristen Schuerle says

"If I could give a zero I would! Earrings broken, tried to return shipment lost and never received a penny back. Disgusting customer service! Do not shop here!!!!"

Marija Ruzic Vukmanic says

"Conclusion: do not order from their webshop.

I ordered from their German webshop. I never received a tracking number and tried contacting customer support numerous times. Both over email and over the phone. No one replied... Then after 3 weeks I got an email that my order was cancelled due to an issue with the payment, and that they will return my funds?! But my credit card was charged on the day of the order and my bank confirmed that Tous has received the funds. After that I tried contacting them again, even on social media, and still no one replied. Then after more then one month I noticed that the funds have been returned into my account. So to sum it up, Tous kept my money for 2 months, I never received my order and customer service is really hard to contact."

Beatriz Z says

"I don't write reviews often but need to share my experience with tous online customer service and store.
I will never buy from them again. I bought a neckless for more than $500.00 US
and they sent me the wrong item. I love the neckless and want to keep it if they send the part that is missing. The only response from them is to return the item. The thing is that I'm afraid to send the item back and lose the item and the money. Not sure if the business is conducted like the US standards. Online Tous customer service is really bad, they just seem not to care about making things right for the customer"

Karina M says

"I wish I would have read the reviews before I made my purchase, I have to agree with most of the reviews here! I purchased a bracelet from Tous online, for Mother’s Day on May 2020, anyways I get the package delivered and when I opened it, there was no bracelet inside, the box was empty and the package had no signs to be tampered with. I called Tous the very next day, and after almost an hour called I was able to talk to Monica from their customer service department, she asked me to send an email with pictures, which I did. She said it would take a couple of days to get a response. Well, we are in June and no response, every time I call their customer number no one answer, I usually wait for over an hour to see if anyone responds but no one does. There is NO WAy to get in touch with anyone. I am not trying to get another bracelet for free!!!! I do not need two, I just either want my money back or the bracelet I paid for. I buy online A lot and this is the first time ever I have an issue. I honestly think someone in their Doral, Florida warehouse DID not or “forgot” to place the bracelet inside the box!! I have no other explanation for it, all I know is that when I opened the TOUS pink jewelry box, the bracelet was NOT there. It is insane that a company as big as TOUS has such terrible customer service. Buyers beware!!! Worst company to buy from, no customer service whatsoever no customer support! TOUS please do the right thing!!! I give it a star because I have no zero start option because that is what TOUS deserves ZERO stars."

Jennifer Escobar says

"Tous hopefully you go down!! Very bad experience that’s the reason why I haven’t bought anything else ! Don’t answer ! You guys Blocked my number and all"

Francesca Venuti says

"I asked for a return of an order through the online site which is practically inactive.
Nobody ever answered me I called the toll-free number which is non-existent.
I had to call the factory in Spain several times at my own expense !!!!!! After 15 days the courier finally picked up the package

Now I'm waiting for the return of the money. They teased me telling via e-mail that the return had been confirmed . 15 days are passed and I have not yet received the credit in my card!

I suggest to don’t buy nothing to this brand !"

Angiennette Berrios says

"I ordered a crossbody bag on Dec 25th, hasn’t been shipped out yet. Their customer service is non existent! No one has responded to my emails and a customer service agent named Paula gave me a very lame explanation over the phone. After reading some reviews in this page I’m very concerned I will not receive my item or my $200 back."

Ma Ria says

"Haven't received my product for over a month. Customer service does not answer my emails and it's impossible to reach them via the phone. Had to open a PayPal claim now. I would not buy from their online store again."

Nicoletta Nikkie says

"Their loyalty program is an absolute scam! I earned more than 1000 loyalty points for my purchases with them and wanted to claim my Toussi gift in one of their shops in Valencia. Shop assistant told me that they have an internal technical issue and cannot give me the gift for my earned points. When I left the shop, I checked my account and realized that they had immediately deleted all my points and my account balance is 0 now. So I escalated this issue to the customer support. They reached out saying that shop will call me once they sort out this technical issue. After 2 months, nobody has ever contacted me and they do not reply to my emails anymore. Avoid this company if you can! They do not care about their customers."

Artur Zaletdinov says

"Very bad customer service. Still waiting for my refund - it's been over a month now. Do not recommend buying online."

Erika Velez says

"I bought two products in August and only one of them arrived. The box sent by UPS was damaged. I wrote many emails and called twice reporting what happened and claiming for my purchased product not received or for the return of my money and the only thing they said is that they sent it and that they were very sorry. They kept the money. I do not recommend this company. Customer service is horrible. Do not buy online. The same thing happened to several people."

Ro says

"Beware of this company! Their customer service people are located in Spain and were not able to properly handle my request. After I made an online purchase, the company canceled my purchase without any notifications nor emails. After all the wait I decided to contact them and they informed me that the order was canceled due to items not being available. Later that day I received an email asking me if I still wanted the merchandise. I immediately replied and informed them that I didn’t want to proceed with the purchase and make sure it was cancel. Well, that meant nothing to the inept representative because they charged my account anyway. So after I demanded them to credit my account because I was very specific in not wanting the items after the canceled my order in the beginning, the representative named Paula, said the have to request the items back from UPS and once they get it back they will credit my account. After I tracked the package, it show that Tous has requested the package,Meanwhile I still have a charge for almost $200 while they are taking their sweet time to credit my account. They are the worst!"

E says

"I wouldn’t even give this company a one star rating. I had no choice but to at least click one star. Service in Vaughan Mills location is awful. The people are very rude and not at all helpful. They were awful, did not attempt to rectify an issue and then refuse to give out a head office number and claim they are head office. Horrible service. Do NOT waste your time or money here."

Alison Smith says

"Bought two pairs of stud earrings online. Both came with defective backs. Called customer service to ask them to ship new backs (not earrings) and they said that was impossible and that I needed to visit a store that is an hour from my house (during COVID, and the stores weren't open). If both earring backs were defective they must be making their jewelry in a cheap manner, and it's not acceptable to pay $300 for earrings and for the company to not have the ability to ship earring backs.. It just doesn't add up. I adore their stuff, but not happy with this current purchase, nor the answer the customer service rep gave me."