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Total Rewards Professionals Week is an initiative to highlight the impact total rewards professionals have on organizations. Founded by WorldatWork.

The first Total Rewards Professionals Week brought together 1,500 HR and TR professionals to discuss the more than $6.8 trillion that is spent annually in the United States on wages and salary.

An upset former employee said this in a review "I worked at WorldatWork, the founder of Total Rewards. They pay very well, but you will pay for it through a toxic environment and overall misery. They are top-heavy, and the top don't get along, so everyone gets to suffer. There are no good people managers, much less true leaders here. Don't trust anyone, they are out for themselves, it's very sad".


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Marketing Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Long work day typical 10-12 hours"

Manager, Compensation & Benefits (Former Employee) says

"Good Company. Unionized, therefore additional rules and regulations to consider when addressing pay, performance and disciplinary actions. Diverse workforce"

Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"It is a good place to workat and a a respected company, Caesars Entertainment. The culture is friendly yet a high turnover rate in various departments. The guest that visit are great and the property is beautiful. Cons: Lack of mobility, pay not the most ideal"

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