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Toptable (styled toptable) was an online restaurant booker covering the UK as well as major cities in Europe and New York City established in 2000 and bought by OpenTable in 2010.

Sam angrily mentioned, "What's the point of booking through opentable when they don't give you any points? The whole reason is to build up points and thus rewards. But I've made two bookings through this site and neither time have I received any points. So why not just book direct and save the hassle of booking through a third party site that does absolutely nothing BTW, I messaged them and didn't even get an automated reply let alone an actual one. So my advice is - don't bother with opentable"


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Natalie Mitchell says

"They seem to book out tables for restaurants that don't even use Toptable. I've tried to use them twice now. Once for Frankie and Benny's at the 02, who had no idea about our booking and we had to wait hours for a table, and once for a harvester who told us they don't have our booking as they don't use their services. Seems strange how they just make up time slots for any restaurant they choose and take no responsibility."

David Creighton says

"I booked a table at planet hollywood disney paris on 07.03.2011 for 31.08.2011, got there in plenty of time for my table but they had no booking, after 10 days in france I don't know if it was french staff being difficult yet again or if it was a top table error. I left negative feedback about the restruant as the staff took away a picture I had left on the back of my seat that was taken by one of their staff, I did return within 2 minuets the table had not been cleared but people on another table told me they had taken the picture plus under cooked expensive small portions, but as yet it is not on their feedback page so no point in using them just book directly as I will in future"

Svend Hesselholt Henne Hansen says

"I booked a table with Toptable for the 4th of June 2012 and it turned out that the restaurant was closed that day. Good work. I wrote a review back then, but just realise now that it's been archived as Toptable reported it being against Trustpilots "terms". No way for me to appeal that, or hear why, so I'm writing it again."

Adam Morgan says

"Booked a table for Valentines day and the restaurant cancelled it the next day because Top Table's booking system dint match up to theirs."