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Topiramate, sold under the brand name Topamax among others, is a medication used to treat epilepsy and prevent migraines. It has also been used in alcohol dependence. For epilepsy this includes treatment for generalized or focal seizures. It is taken by mouth.Common side effects include tingling, loss of appetite, feeling tired, abdominal pain, hair loss, and trouble concentrating.

A patient mentioned, "Rated for EpilepsyReport. I'm so angry that Topamax came on the market. I was one of the guinea pigs for it and it barely helped with the seizures. I was so out of it and felt like a zombie. Took the meds in the morning and then slept all morning and when I finally got to feeling ok it was time to take another dose. Verbage was slurred and I couldn't think of words. My eyes were drooped and I was very slow reacting. I also felt severely depressed. It seemed like my neurologist was more concerned about how much of it I could handle and if I took more if it would finally control the seizures. When I finally got off of it I felt like a new person and others told me that I looked like a new person. The doctor was more concerned about the drug than he was for me as a patient. Doctors are paid extra by the drug companies but they don't always do what is best for the patient. It should've never gotten on the market, and I noticed that all of my side effects were not listed in the small print when it did come on the market."


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