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Jairek Robbins (born May 26, 1984) is an American performance coach and motivational speaker. He is the son of American life coach, self-help author, and motivational speaker Tony Robbins.


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PEAK PERFORMANCE COACH (Former Employee) says

"Low pay, long hours and there are lines of people looking to take your job. Everyone is dispensible. Tony Robbins does not really engage with his workforce other than the sales team. There are great learnings and you meet great people but it is a difficult place to work. Cons: Low pay, expensive benefits, disorganization and chaos around events."

Creative & Platinum Partnership Manager (Former Employee) says

"This organization allows each individual to create their own creative workflow, lots of room for individual problem solving. Ability to be a part of something much greater than ourselves, helping people become the best version of themselves. Travel the world, make a difference, work with incredibly smart, talented, and interesting people. Cons: Poor work/life balance, not enough team members to support company workload"

N/A (Former Employee) says

"Relaxed, family friendly work environment. Interesting departments. Too many contract employees. Not enough permanent roles. No organization within the admin team."

Letting stars Swansea says

"Never get any reply for Tony Robbins organization after paid thousand pounds of courses ! No phone line to call . No one willing to help . I am so disappointed with the organization."

CJ says

"Money Stolen.

We have attended UPW in the past, and had paid for six tickets to return in 2020. However due to COVID the event was not legally allowed to go ahead in Australia, so they changed it to an online seminar. Because we had paid thousands of dollars for tickets, we asked for a refund (as they had changed the product from an in person seminar to a fancy Zoom meeting). However they insisted that there would be no difference from the real thing and that it was worth thousands of dollars per person, and therefore we were not entitled to a refund. From there we had a bit of back and forth via email (they shut down their phone lines so you could not talk in person) before I was just ignored and could get no response, and no answer on any of the listed phone numbers.

So basically we had thousands of dollars taken from us and got offered an online seminar in return. Still no reply, and still no refund. A pretty disappointing feeling considering Tony Robbins is a well respected guy, but it seems he's only in it for the money, even if it means ripping off his customers."

Maria Gonzalez-Summer says

"Watch out guys with the cancellation policy. I took the result coaching what didn't help me personally because in a 30min session, it was impossible for me to open up, it was more stressful than helpful. The coach started ending the call after about 20min which is about 30% of the time. Then when I wanted to cancel they ask for 1000$ penalty plus all the sessions you have used. I don't know any other company who makes you pay 1000$ penalty. As much as I love Tony robbins and his speeches, they use the trust of people and take out the money from they pockets. Watch out whom you trust and think twice if 30min every 10 days can change your life that much in relation with what you pay."

David Merry says

"Refused refund for cancelled event.

Been to several events before and was a huge fan before, but this is awful. You'd expect someone of good reputation to not be greedy at a time like this, we've literally paid for something that is no longer happening and are being told we can't get our money back.

Their support company Success Resources don't answer emails or phone calls. Complete rip-off and very disappointing."

Linda Wilson says

"Refund denied for a cancelled event

The "Unleash the Power Within" (UPW) seminar in Sydney in Sept 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19 and Success Resources (the event organiser/coordinator) are refusing to provide refunds. Instead, they have provided all ticket holders with a "virtual event" and a complimentary ticket to UPW in 2021 ("complimentary" ??? - Didn't I pay for it?)

Saying that a "virtual" event is the same as a live event is ridiculous. I paid my money to see Tony Robbins live, to be in an arena with thousands of other people, to do the firewalk! I would never have paid for a virtual event, where there is an expectation that I will sit in front of my computer from 10am to 10pm for FOUR days!

I have constantly emailed Success Resources for a refund, and I just get back quick emails saying"no". It is impossible to get anyone on the phone. And no response from Tony Robbins either. Hugely disappointing. Would NEVER pay to attend a Success Resources event again, and if Tony Robbins knows about this and is doing nothing - shame on him."

Angela says

"So utterly disappointed with a company and man fixed on greed!

I booked a ticket for UPW at a cost of £2225.

In April I received a text message that stated the event had been postponed due to Covid and I must pick one of three options..

1. Accept new date in October
2. Book for 2021 date
3. Book another success resource event

I had another engagement for the October date so I asked for a refund. I was told NO. I asked again several times and kept being told NO. The company stated that the event had been postponed rather than cancelled. They never addresses the points in my emails and at one point even suggested I review why I had booked the UPW in the first place as my mindset needed work. I couldn’t actually believe they wrote that.

After several months of getting nowhere, I changed my October plans and decided to accept the October date with the intention of turning up on day one and asking for the full refund as part of the 100% money back guarantee.

It was then I received another email to say that the October event was now virtual! £2200 for a virtual event which they were selling for £395!!

I once again wrote and said I would like a refund and received a very poor email saying it was important I understood the event hadn’t been cancelled, it had now been postponed to 2021 and I was being offered a FREE ticket to that event (FREE? How is it free if I have paid £2200) and that Tony is serving me so much more by giving me two events! I am a mindset coach and the video that was provided of Tony convincing us that the virtual event will be even better than the live one was full of hypnotic language and manipulation. Not impressed.

To my mind the event in October has been cancelled and yet still I can’t get my money back and not can the hundreds of other people who feel they are being scammed.

It’s so disappointing that somebody who is so highly thought of in the industry would behave in this way.

Success Resources tell me not to worry, I will get to see Tony in the flesh one day! I don’t actually want to after all of this!

32 emails in 5 months and still no resolution!"

customer says

"Event postponed during Covid and rescheduled on dates which I can’t attend too, refusal to provide refund or alternative solution and 12 months after purchasing the ticket for $6,995 - success resources are still giving an automated response which avoids any attempt of resolving. Do not purchase tickets"

Steven Holderbrook says

"GIVE US ALL A REFUND!!!!! I paid $9995 for an event that has been postponed twice now. I paid nonrefundable deposits on flights and accommodation twice now and I don't want to risk it and pay a third time. I have already lost this money so at least refund me the event cost that hasn't happened yet. A virtual event is not the same product. I have lost my job and need the money back desperately. I just can't believe that Tony Robbins and Success Resources would treat people this way. They won't even return phone calls or emails. I have got to every event for 20 years but will never go to another event again unless I am refunded."

Lisa Barbaro says

"If I could give zero stars I would. We have been requesting a refund for the UPW Sydney 2020 event as it will now be virtual instead of a live event! How they think that not refunding people’s tickets is acceptable is beyond my comprehension. We clearly paid to see Tony Robbins live in person in a massive stadium, to experience the energy in the room, without distractions, to interact with people, to do a fire walk which I have never done and was so excited to experience. This was supposed to be a life changing even which we paid over $1700 for only to be told we now have to sit infront of a computer screen in our houses for 8 hrs a day without giving the option of refunding the ticket and allowing us to purchase it again when we can attend a live event. I have kids at home full time and the worst internet connection I will get absolutely no value out of this at all. It is completely unreasonable and unfair to give these generic responses and refuse to refund people’s money. I will not be letting this go that’s for sure, have already made a complaint through fair trading and the ACCC and have got a nice little group of people to approach a Current Affair with their disgraceful actions. If Tony and his establishment condones this completely unethical behavior, there is nothing I want to learn from him. They ignore all attempts to try to contact them, and hide any negative comments from Facebook pages just hoping these thousand of unhappy people will just go away."

Sevda says

"I have attended Tony Robbins UPW which I did enjoy but learnt nothing new and DWD which I did not enjoy at all.
To be completely honest it’s a glorified talk show at best with a multi level marketing set up. Please do not waste your money unless you have plenty to spare and time on your hands. You can start by reading the books which you can buy on amazon for less then £10."