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Toni & Guy (stylized as TONI&GUY) is a British international chain of hairdressing salons founded in the UK in 1963 by brothers Toni Mascolo and Guy Mascolo. In 1963, Toni Mascolo and his brother Guy opened their first salon in Clapham, London. In 1985, the company opened its first salon outside Europe, in Dallas, Texas. It also launched the TIGI product line. In 1990, the Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy was opened. As of 2019, there are over 485 salons in 48 countries.

Romey J, shared her opinion about Toni & Guy after buying their products on Amazon in November 2014:

"I think this is an OK shampoo. Nothing really stands out about it as I write this except for the unique design of the bottle. The shampoo smells faintly of plastic, the consistency is runny. I didn't notice an enhancement to my hair. I felt as if it dried it out more. I've used better shampoos that L'oreal makes."


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Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Toni and Guy was a good hairdressing salon for me to get to know, and see if that was what i wanted to do. A typical day at work would have been getting to work, getting all the towels washed and prepared for the day. cleaning everything in the salon, and making sure the stations were clean, no hair on the floor etc."

Salon coordinator/ Lead Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for about a year and after about 3 months got promoted to salon coordinator- which isnt much different from being a receptionist- i was originally getting paid 7.25 at part time- stepping up to manager- i got paid a WHOPPING $.50 more working full time and everything. the other managers are awful. the salon literally doesnt care about you at all. do not work here unless you are got your hair cuts for free and color for $22no benefits, mall hours at most locations, awful pay"

Receptionist/Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Management at the time was more focused on making money rather then their employees. I have seen the boss talk down to employees and even clients. Since leaving I've been told that there is new management who is a lot nicer."

Hairstylist apprenticeship (Current Employee) says

"A day at work includes taking clients and helping them with our services and that aspect of the job is perfect. We deliver great salon services and the clients leave happy with their hair. I've learned how to communicate with people of different nationalities and have learned so much about different cultures and traditions. That to me is truly amazing. The salon has great potential that isn't being used. I took Business Studies in school and even I can see where the company is going wrong in terms of salon management, upkeep of the salon ect. But over-all it's a great salon that i would recommend to everyone.Great learning environment.Long hours and no chance of taking a day off when its really needed."

Art Director V/Educator (Former Employee) says

"Strong culture and excellent educational system! Great staff!excellent continual education and fun partnershipslimited income potential if you are balancing life outside of your career."

Wishah says

"I was stick to tony and guy from last 6 years, neve been satisfied enough, this time was the worse, i show a picture to the stylist of what i want and she said we don’t do from pictures, then I started telling her what i wNt but she did what she wanted to do, it was horrible experience, then i told her not to make waves just add volume, but i ended up having curls and waves with zero volume, never going there again, wasted my money!"

Mayoor Patel says

"Just been to get my hair cut and the extortionate prices will not see me going back here again. Pre covid they were £38 for a cut and now £70"

Aphrodite says

"Poor customer service at Toni&Guy in Truro, the stylist director done a very bad haircut and after all left all the hairs on face, neck and everywhere. not recommend it."

Eve says

"Few days ago, I had the most unpleasant experience at Tony and Guy Derby. I have been a regular customer for about 3 years and I always valued and praised one of their technical directors. Therefore I want to make clear, that the stylist’s competence is not a reason for this negative feedback. After my last hair appointment, the payment had been taken by a dishonest and unprincipled manger, who asked for £120 instead of £70 -£75. He stumbled over his words , while trying to explain this unjustifiable 60% PRICE RISE! Totally surprised and overwhelmed, I listened to his made up explanation, paid and left astounded. I felt like I had just been fooled and robbed. I rang back to make sure that no mistake had been made ( gullible, I thought that by the mistake he charged me for a hair cut, which I didn’t have). In the next days,I exchanged 2 emails but instead of any incentive to make things right, the manger continued with his poor justification and repeatedly lied to cover up the unprofessional practice. -He claimed that 6 months re-growth contributed to the price increase. Although, during a total colour change, which I had in the past,the same amount of the product would have been used ( 2colours, toner, ALWAYS waved blow dry). - On multiple occasions, he lied about incorrect prices on the website, he claimed that they state £90-£120 for the service, therefore in his opinion the price was justifiable - I have taken a picture of the website and Facebook which show £70-£80! - He did NOT see the importance of explicit pricing and informing a regular customer about the significant 60% price rise prior to the treatment. In one of the emails, I read a range of laughable excuses like: a hair thickness and length can contribute to a price rise ( my hair is slightly longer but thinner if we want to be particular), I had a waved blow dry, which costs more (I didn’t ask for it on this occasion but I always had it in the past as it’s a part of the service)! And the biggest LIE of all: “the salon did confirm the price of the services you requested and this was agreed” - would I even bother clarifying the charge if we've discussed it prior to the service. Nasty, unprofessional practices. It’s NOT about the MONEY BUT PRINCIPLES!!!"