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Since 1993, the California Board of Milk Processors, creator of the world-famous Got Milk? and Hispanic Toma Leche brands remain dedicated to finding innovative and entertaining ways to show Californians why they can always count on milk. California milk processors abide by the highest standards in the nation. Farmers, processors, and government agencies, including the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the FDA, all work together to ensure that you enjoy your milk knowing that it is the safest, most delicious, and healthiest for you.

A customer shared this in a review, "I’m not sure how Toma Leche was supposed to taste but it smelled sour and was coagulated. I bought more and they were all the same. I had a replacement sent and all six smelled bad and where coagulated. One problem with the safety seal is when you twist the cap it breaks the inner seal, so when you twist off the cap you can’t tell if the inner seal just broke or was broken before you twisted the cap. My guess is the shipping process is breaking the inner seal and causing the milk to sour before it gets to the customer."


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