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Thomas Edward Cone (1947 – April 2012) was a Canadian-American playwright and librettist. Tom Cone was born in Florida, and studied in the United States and Italy before moving to Canada in 1970. There, he continued his schooling at Simon Fraser University. Since his acting debut at age six, Cone has transformed his love of theatre into such plays as " There" (premiered in 1972), "Herringbone" (Playwrights' Theatre Centre, 1975), "Stargazing" (Stratford Festival, 1978) and "The Architect" (Vancouver Opera, 1994). Cone currently resides in British Columbia.

Part of the review BOREALIS BLOGG WEBSITE wrote about Tom Cone and his New Canadian Drama Vol. 1: Westmount, Stargazing, Pushkin: "Cone is a challenging playwright whose more difficult work may not win a quick and easy popularity"


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