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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Corporate structure relies on numerous upper managers who aren't in touch with the actual roles of the people they are managing. The restructuring within this company has taken Toll Brothers downhill, eliminating loyal and quality-trained employees, most who have been at the company for years. When I was hired three years ago, Toll was much friendlier with a lot of employee incentives, which have since been eliminated. Cutting my position without any kind of notice (clean out your desk and leave today) made no sense, considering my position drastically increased survey reviews and stock ratings last fiscal year."

Current Employee - Construction Manager says

"Management ability to look within, accept accountability for their own wrong doing, will find a way to blame you for having an opinion or a better approach. Finger pointing, Don’t get paid to think, do as I say. Training on company operating procedures was non existent. “Here’s the pile, it’s yours now.” “If the printer acts up, just turn it off for a few seconds.” My dad could beat up your dad attitude."

Former Employee - Sales Greeter says

"Unprofessional, negative, constant profanity, poor management"

Current Employee - Construction Project Manager says

"You better be related to someone if you want to get promoted. This is the most corrupt organization I ever worked for. They put money before ethics. There is no ethics here."

Current Employee - Project Engineer says

"We strive to maintain a great workplace for all our employees and believe a good work-life balance is a priority. We’re happy to hear that you enjoy our training programs, but are disappointed you’re not satisfied with your work. Please reach out to our HR team at to give us your detailed feedback."

Applications Developer (Former Employee) says

"Low morale, lack of support from management, lack of purposeful work at times. Some work was not used. Work life balance was decent. I dont really support their mission of building mcmansions on farmland."

Director (Current Employee) says

"It is a very toxic place to work. The quality of the homes is average at best. They meet the building code. THEY DO NOT EXCEED BUILDING CODE UNLESS YOU PAY EXTRA FOR THE UPGRADES."

Assistant Construction Manager (Former Employee) says

"Terrible experience liars and cheats promise advancements that don’t happen cover up workplace accidents steal from their vendors and place pressure on warranty to fine vendors or offer blackmail"

Material Control Coordinator Clerk (Current Employee) says

"Toll Brother's does not train, they have employees that hate working there train new employees but they are so scared of losing their job they only teach you the basics. The manager i had micromanaged only me, and showed favoritism towards my fellow co-worker that would talk about them but kiss butt every chance she had. I would definitely not recommend this just to anybody.No prosNo room for advancement, the raises was barely 10 cents annually, they don't like seeing people progress and succeed ."

Construction Manager (Former Employee) says

"A complete overhaul is needed to make the division effective. System is comprised of nepotism and politics. Competent people see this and leave knowing they don't want to waste their time."

Architecture (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management Not Professional inviermen as I expected? Selfishness in the management. You have to know someone to get to the position you want even if you have a ton of experience more then the other, you still NEED to know someone to get to the right position in the company."

Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"On the property mgt side of toll apt group... very disorganized. Property falling apart they spend no money on maintains occupied units. I was the 6/7th property manager in less than a years time."

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The coworkers were snotty and demeaning. My boos was unavailable and rude. They were judgemental and nasty people. The product sold like hotcakes, very well thought out and marketed.the productthe coworkers"

Mortgage Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This company never promotes within they always hire out. They don''t give you the opportunity for growth. They also do not like to give raises. They are horrible at training and quick to fire people even if it is 3 days before Christmas. If you do not have goals or don't like change this the place. But if I you want an opportunity for growth in a company I would not recommend this company. They have great benefits but you may not be employed long enough to enjoy them. They will over work you and under pay you."

sales (Former Employee) says

"The culture at Toll is at best...lousy. They don't care about customer concerns and care even less about their employees concerns. They make ridiculous statements about earnings potential that are simply lies. Horrible company to work.NoneEverything"

greeter (Former Employee) says

"i had a support role, i did everything the sales manager WOULDN'T DO like cold calling. sales manager took all the credit. had to have an active real estate license but only so the sales manager could boost their salary-no commission paid to sales supportnice model to work ineverything else"

Maintenance Manager (Current Employee) says

"Wanted to leave after about a month the property manager is terrible and has already been sued for going into an employee’s apartment and fired him for going to hr about it"

Leasing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"My overall experience was not good. Connected more with residents then staff members. (Not an EEO environment) Management failed to realize potential. Drama filled environment. Management does not care/ value employees.PayManagement/Staff"

New Homes Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work was very stressful. With an enormous amount of management’s requirements left little time for selling and follow through. No support from upper management.Benefits weren’t bad.Not a very pleasant working atmosphere!"

Loan officer (Former Employee) says

"I was hired as a loan officer at the horsham pa office. Was mislead on how much average loan officers make. The way they do business is very outdated. They were still sending out hard copy disclosure packages. Compensation is very loan compared to any other mortgage company. Office was somewhat racist towards borrowers. If your ok with just making around 50 k. And not driven. This is the place for you.Work hoursNo money - comp sucks."

framer (Former Employee) says

"They need to learn to accept feedback from employees when asked and not retaliate against them when they offer the feedback.Employee lunchens"

Yardman (Former Employee) says

"overall not a good company to work for, no room for advancement , work with some good people in the yard have to attention to detail , of course management never makes any mistakesmeet good peoplemanagment looks the other way"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"There were 2 things that Toll does really well. They can track the profile of every buyer and target demographic areas to get more of the same type of buyer. Second, the pro-forma statements were high powered excel spreadsheets that were incredible and powerful tools for projecting long term costs associated with every project.The money was OK, should have been much more given the intense workloadsTop heavy MGMT, MGMT to far removed from how construction gets done in the field, unqualified managers in place"

Asst superintendent (Former Employee) says

"Working on a golf course for toll brothers not the best idea. They may take care of some of their employees but in the golf maintenance dept they leave us hanging. A billion dollar company should be able to provide full paid would think. Here at toll brothers we get 6 hours for 5 major holidays. 6 hours for Christmas and new years? Really? Who pays there employees 6 hours for a holiday? So if we want a while day off for Christmas was have to use our own paid time off. How is that even fair? We work 5 days a week usually 6 for this company and they can't even manage to give us a whole paid day off on a holiday? So I worm all year for what exactly to save my own paid time off so I can have a normal holiday? Do we get overtime for working the holiday... NO!!! NO OVERTIME FOR WORKING A HOLIDAY. EVEN MCDONALD'S PAYS THERE EMPLOYEES TIME AND A HALF! Toll brothers...doesn't take care of their employees. Oh yea we get lunch 3 times a week but usually it's not even edible. They also like to pay supervisors to do absolutely nothing...3 supervisors that all do what one could 3. What about unsafe work environment? Oh they have that also...a second floor that isn't really finished but your Sent to retrieve stuff from it on a regular basis....and oh yea THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO TEAM IN TOLL BROTHERS. They might care about selling homes but don't care about the people working for them on their own golf courses.Work atmosphere with co workersNo real paid holiday, upper management doesnt really care."

Leasing Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Management was ncompetent, unprofessional, rude & most times racists towards residents/guests/vendors/anyone that required assistance. There was no leadership. Corporate personnal turns blind eye or are clueless how offices are managed day to day. Property managers give the entire company a bad reputation. Building staff was pleasant. Maintenance staff was mediocre at most.NoneEverything"

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