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Koninklijke TNT Post BV (Dutch pronunciation: [ˌkoːnɪŋkləkə teːɛnˌteː ˈpɔzd beːˌveː]) was the national postal company in the Netherlands, owned by TNT N.V. Until May 2011, it operated under the brand TNT Post and employed 75,000 people.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-Horrible management experience, with unskilled people holing management positions."

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"This is a high volume call center. You will answer 16 calls an hour. The goal is to get people Off the phone as fast as possible and trick them into thinking you will take action for them. (We all laugh together at the stories we make up to customers) You spend 4 weeks training with an unprofessional traine )that just wants to talk about partying on the weekends and waste all your training time while she's on her phone texting and then wants to cram everything you need to know as fast as possible. just to navigate their out of date software. There is not phone etiquette training at all, which leaves you unprepared and insecure when you're left alone to troubleshoot through problems without any management support. If you ask your manager a question they will mark you as a problem employee. Favorites are the only ones to receive proffered treatment. You have to pretend to be their friend and tell them all about your personal life so that they can judge and talk about you behind their back, in order to be in good standing with this company. There is no room for advancement, no training, no reward system and high stress from customers frustrated that there is absolutely nothing a customer service rep can do for them."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Terrible just terrible place to work"

Former Employee - Customer Service says

"The complete lack of care for the customer service reps, who are just expected to sit and take abuse from customers and then get complained at for being not ready to take a call, when you've just had a customer threaten you, shout and swear"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not treated nicely told rather than asked by management"

Current Employee - Pud Driver says

"low moral with drivers too much is expected"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Fedex obertook the company and mgt is not in the right place"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"If you care or just try and do your job by the book then your a trouble maker. If you belong to the right little groups or play sport with Management you get looked after."

Former Employee - Inside Sales Executive says

"Management neurotic. Junior management can’t be bothered. No help or support given. Far too opinionated about what people should and shouldn’t be doing rather than investing time and support in people they have paid money to hire who have made an effort to be there. Terrible bullying culture. Even witnesssed conversations between junior managers about how people who take maternity leave should have to work longer. Shocked at the sheer lack of professionalism. Also two week pay in advance sounds wonderful when you join but means you end up owing them money and their central HR are abysmal. I still get messages about a pension I didn’t get the chance to pay into."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Where do I begin... Over promised, under payed Crumbling employee morale and culture due to FEDEX buy out Trying to shut down Unionism Management who fight amongst one another and lie No set work hours Told your start time only 12hrs beforehand Disgusting levels of communication in management Payslips need to be watched as payroll will shaft you Many new starters are not properly paid entitlements Poorly maintained, faulty equipment and vehicles Poor training Bonus system designed to make it near impossible to achieve Managers show poor conduct, yelling and screaming at staff Expectation to do sales staff work but no bonus or incentive to do so"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"The management staff is not fully qualified. They are incompetent and arrogant. Dont have nothing attractive to maintain the employees for long time. None of labor ethic.NoneAll"

Chef d'équipe (Former Employee) says

"Aucun management dans cette société on peut dire que c'est la fête, la sécurité n'en parlant pas.les pausesl'ambiance"

Customer Service Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Awful., stressful, Always putting you down cant do right for doing wrong, team leaders suck to management, abd if your face dont fit , customers scream at you on phone. and we have to take this, its none stop abuse, from customers and team leaders are on your back saying that you done something wrong on phone, to many cheifsnonestressful, Bad Management. all up each others back sides"

conductor profesional (Former Employee) says

"Todo malo el ambiente laboral es un asco las jefaturas cero aporte mal distribuido Los horarios de entrega"

Warehouse Operator (Former Employee) says

"If I could give this company half a star I would, management are a bunch of yes men and lie about everything! Do not trust these people thay took bonus and vouchers off staff just before Christmas, Do not go near this company"

Assistant Warehouse Manager/ Shipping and Receiving (Former Employee) says

"This place offers only seasonal work. Full time employees are lazy and expect seasonal workers to do all the work. During the season hrs are long. Seven days a week and underpaid. This place caused my family life to fall apart I chose this jobs crazy schedule over my family thinking it would be good, but sad say they didnt value my work. Things at home fell apart spent more time at work"

HGV Class 1 Driver (Former Employee) says

"Worst job I have ever had, even worse since Another in-named contractor company got involved. Treated like scum by management, unachievable workload and no life. Expected to deliver 150+ parcels a day. Lorry always late or they give you another cage 2 mins before you leave so have to arrange everything again. 060 to 2300 7 days not uncommon. Better off being a beggar or toilet cleaner.NoneUnachievable work load"

Import declarant (Current Employee) says

"Geen ondersteuning, zwakke IT, hoge werkdruk, slecht managment, communicatie nul, heel veel achterklap bij collega’s, geen team sfeer, ongezonde werkruimte Het enige positieve voor mij zijn mijn uren ik ben elke middag thuis."

Warehouse /unloader (Former Employee) says

"Had to leave after having a accident at work they broke health and safety and didn't fill in accident forms or books and cannot recall the incident so there Supervisor lied and cannot remember incident so have gone to a solicitor to sue them as lm classed as 15%disabled"

LBO nightshift (Former Employee) says

"One of the worst places ive ever seen. Bad money, poor shifts even worse employees as most were junkies. Main manager was an alcoholic who was always half cut and use to push people into doing dangerous tasks. No health and safety in the workplace. In reflection the whole time there was wasted on seeking a career that was promised but was never really going to be delivered. I would rather be on job seekers than work there"

Courier Driver (Former Employee) says

"Hateful. Ops manger had no concept of time and distance to travel. A bean counter at best. Horrible atmosphere. Wouldn’t go back for a pension. Started 0550 am Finished 1930 pm on a good day if I was lucky Average mileage 350 - 450 a day. They couldn’t care less."

ADDETTO ALLA LOGISTICA (Former Employee) says

"Posto di combattimento e non di lavoro 85% dei dipendenti arabi litigano tra di loroChe ne sono uscito vivoChe sono I padroni del magazzino"

Loading Bay Operative (Former Employee) says

"Poor management No rotation constantly unloading heavy loads bad work environment treated like a slave. Some people get easy jobs and are looked after well."

LBO (Current Employee) says

"Management are clueless and bullies. One manager actually stopped workers from using the toilet! Short lunch break while managers, team leaders and office staff spend the the whole shift outside smoking. Warehouse workers are treated poorly and looked upon as idiots. No progression. Cant wait to leave."

Delivery driver (Former Employee) says

"Lousy work environment no benefits no support no training. When asking for time off they wont give it to you still have to come to work cause no backup driver. Doesn't matter if you have a CDL license they still run you over 14 hrs when they can"

Supervisor/Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for 4 years the load is very heavy every day you get out late due to clueless managment and poor loaders then your left chasing time. They have been many people who have had hearattacks due to the stress this company hands to you. The money is poor for the work loadNoneNone"

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"Not helpful, sexual discrimination, don’t care about people’s health, used, bad place to work and some bad team leaders and loads of lies from people so you don’t know who to believe."

doručovatelka reklamních letáků (Former Employee) says

"Ve sklepě jsem si roztřídila reklamní letáky, pak jsem je roznesla. Naučila jsem se fyzicky pracovat. Vedení se mi nikdy nepředstavilo, ale celkem vše fungovalo. Firemní kultura je průměrná. Nejtěžší práce byla ve sněhu. Nejzábavnější je pohyb.Nemusím daleko dojíždět.Neplacení úrazu na pracovišti."

Cliente final (Former Employee) says

"Contrate el servicio para enviar una caja de Malaga (España) a Lyon (Francia) y perdieron la caja entera!!! En ella tengo cosas de gran valor sentimental, que no se recupera económicamente.NingunaTodo"

Warehouse Operative/Picker (Former Employee) says

"Started working through onecall/manpower, job vacancy stated wage increase after 12 weeks. I enquired about this after 13wks and was fired. Also didnt pay me my wage for induction either. Was sent home at least twice a week as they had overbooked. They have an 11 week turnover of staff so that they never have to increase wages. Disgusting."