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TM3 is a modern and intuitive clinic management system that helps streamline your day, so you spend less time on administration and more time treating patients. TM3 allows you to run your clinic on multiple devices with seamless integration between platforms.

Suzanne, a practice manager shares her experience on, "Tm3 currently has no GDPR certification although they indicate they are compliant. No diary app for phones. Doesn't have the option to put clients first name first in the appointments field. Scanned documents can only be viewed by downloading onto device. Full calendar does not stay pinned even after pinning in place! Appointment notes currently collapsed and only showing current report rather than showing all treatment reports when you go to a case. Client tracking reports - shows every appointment for each client rather than just the one that has' no future appointment'. Date of birth jumping back to blank or to 30/12/1899 when trying to update!"


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Jeremy Tucker says

"Waited 30mins to get on to chat. Had spoken about 2 weeks before on chat and had agreed a price for cancelling my present policy and having a new one at a cheaper price including a credit of my present car policy in view of the potential changing my car. Also no change or cancellation fee. However, today could get no sense on this and awaited a call about setting up a new policy. Never came. Cannot get anyone to telephone. It is not One Call at all as cannot get through on the phone. Seems understaffed and poor customer service. Really disappointed. Very poor service. Still awaiting to achieve the above."


"Only able to contact them through Chat service on website due to phones lines being down. Wanted to cancel my insurance a hour after after signing up as I had purchased in error and already have home insurance. They want to charge me half of the amount of my full years policy. No way to complain as their phone lines aren't running ....and they apparently don't have a email address ...which I find unbelievable for a company not to have a email address ?? ... Avoid this company at all cost"

Elizabeth Cole says

"I was promised a smart home device when I took out a policy, the device was never delivered to my address although one call said it had been delivered and quoted track and trace to prove it. I am a single mother of 3 children one who is disabled and instead of trying to help with the problem I was called a liar, bullied and spoken to in a rude abrupt manner, this has upset me greatly and I find myself constantly in tears, to add insult to injury they have cancelled my policy issued a revised downgraded policy and charged me £87.40 for the privalidge. I have never been so insulted by contact centre staff in my life and fine the customer service side of this organisation disgraceful. I asked to make a complaint and find that the manager I am complaining about is the manger writing up the complaint, I have not been approached by the complaints department for details of the incident but told they will make a decision shortly based on the managers information. The company should be ashamed of itself, if I could give it a minus rating I would and I will never use this company again."

Roy says

"I tried to stop car insurance renewal 3 weeks before the new policy was due. Telephone lines were unavailable being closed so I tried to stop the automatic renewal through use of their Facebook/facetime portal. It transpired that this was not seen by One Call and I have been battling to get full reimbursement for a new policy that I did not want. The rebate offered is 40% of the annual charge after one month of unwanted insurance. This is a rip off."

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