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Delticom AG is a listed company based in Hanover. It operates 140 online shops in 42 countries selling car and motor cycle tyres and a range of accessories to both private and corporate customers. Delticom is Europe's largest online tyre retailer with sales of over €500 million per year.


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"These people don't reward good work, only big mouths and egos."

Former Employee - Business Development Manager says

"There was a lot of turnover, and the merger with Delti Com completely backfired. I think the growth was too fast and processes and communication channels were not implemented properly."

Firmin Butoyi says

"Tires were sent on time to garage but personally I was not informed that tires have arrived nor by the garage neither by the tirendo itself. Because I had an appoinmrnt for the car technical control in the week following my order, I order a new set of tires from another company that would deliver them on time for the technical control. As a result I have an extra pair of tyres which I do not use. All this could have been avoided very easily if Tirendo had written an email to me specifying the date at which the tyres would be delivered at the garage. Best Regards, Firmin"

Asparuh Yanev says

"I ordered tires 2 weeks prior to needing them. The company assured me the they would arrive within 3-5 days. On the 7th day (without any notification from them) I called to ask what happened. The customer service told me they haven't even gone out of their storage and will arrive 4 weeks after the initial orderday. Disappointing."

stephen says

"10 days after ordering no communication and no tyres.No response to my e-mail query after 7 days. I phoned after 9 days. I got a un believable story of them not being able to contact the warehouse and that my tyres were still in Germany. My advice is shop elsewhere, ordered from Oponeo before, in 3 days had my tyres"

Matthias D. says

"bad still havent received my refund after 5 days..."