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Michael James Tindall, (born 18 October 1978) is an English former rugby union player. Tindall played outside centre for Bath and Gloucester, and won 75 caps for England between 2000 and 2011. He was a member of the England squad which won the 2003 World Cup.

Hello Magazine mentioned how Mike Tindall got fined and removed from England squad, "Mike Tindall has been fined £25,000 by the Rugby Football Union and removed from England's elite player squad for his conduct during the Rugby World Cup.

The Rugby Football Union said the disciplinary action was related to events that took place in Queenstown, New Zealand on the night of Sunday, September 11, 2011.

Weeks after his wedding to the Queen's granddaughter Zara Phillips, the rugby ace hit the headlines following a night of heavy drinking. He was pictured on CCTV camera embracing a past girlfriend."


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Heavy equipment operator certified (Former Employee) says

"This company is horrible! Human Resources is way out of touch with work force! Rampant drug use in field operation. Only select pay raises to “click” employees Of friends of friends or family tied employees No opportunity for advancement unless your one of the click!! Corp fraud was exposed and employee retaliation began within days. Overall horrible company to work for !!!!"

Tindall (Former Employee) says

"Really bad job to work just not for me talk to you any kind of way don't respect you you cuss you out all the tme never know when you going to get off"

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"They work you like a slave for low pay. They don't care about the employees. If your are a women you get sexually harrass and no one cares. It was just awful. Also if you are a person of color you will not move up no matter how good you work or how much you know."

Carpenter/ Yard Men (Former Employee) says

"Not worth it bad management they work you 6 to 7 days a week 12 plus hours. You also work at least 8 to 9 hours before they let you take a lunch or any other break. Plus if you try and take a day off from being worked so many days and long hours job will be threatened."

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Work-life balance"

Multiple Titles (Former Employee) says

"Production and profit are main concerns. Quality of life for employees is not ever considered for employees. Respect toward most employees does not exist"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Management sucks if you report a manager being disrespectful towards you , they will go out there way to make an excuse for them and find a way to make it wrong on your end for reporting them"

Skilled associate (Current Employee) says

"employees are paid way less than national average of other Tindall companies. yet, they have the best output ratio. meaning they are working harder for less. growth oppurtunity is 0 to none. the working conditions are excruciating and horrible. employees are worked for 9+ hours with no breaks"

Laborer/Operator (Current Employee) says

"It was great at first I was receiving raises but then once I hit what was called the top I stopped receiving compensation for the knowledge that I was gaining and recently a lot of hours where being cut Cons: No raises hours cut"

Sr. Drafter (Former Employee) says

"All of the employees seem to be constantly looking for ways to screw each other in more ways than one. It was a decent environment when it comes to cleanliness and comfort, but all of the people there showed a complete lack of trust for each other. The management is especially bad about that. Favoritism is apparently extremely popular there also. It doesn't matter how hard you work. All that matters is how much you talk about yourself."

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"First off I dont think production workers get paid enough, the culture at the work place was draining. The Virginia location is full of illegal immigrants who are rude and dont try to help anyone who isn't Spanish. I would spend whole shifts not talking because no one wanted to speak English. Only american in my group, supervisor was rude and horrible with communication. I wouldn't recommend this job if you can't adjust to those issues daily Cons: No breaks, no english speaking coworkers"

Crane Operator (Current Employee) says

"Not an ideal place if you enjoy quality family time. management has an elitist attitude and there is no advancing if you're not one of the good ole boys. Cons: work life balance"

steel shop worker (Former Employee) says

"A good place if you like hard work and your primary language is Spanish. A lot of people who work here are related to each other one way or another. Whether you were brothers, cousins or you grew up together. Cons: Favored their non citizens over legal citizens"

Laborer (Former Employee) says

"tindall pays good, but the management and workers are the worst.. Long hours,no time for daily functions.. Get paid every week, but not ime to spend your money.. Cons: Coworkers, Supervisors, long hours"

Laborer (precast) says

"Overworked and underpaid. Good PTO but not able to use it. Hard to spend family time with hours worked. I am done writing a review about this place... Cons: Stressful"

Professional Truck Driver (Current Employee) says

"When I arrive at work I start my day by inspecting my truck to ensure traveling safely to job sites on busy interstate roads. I turn in any paperwork from previous jobs from the day before and pick up my paperwork for my load for that day."

Crane Operator (Former Employee) says

"It’s a job but I feel it’s a little dangerous the rigging part of the job it as a operator I rig also I didn’t like that as a operator we work outdoor in the rain"

Driver's Associate (Current Employee) says

"Concrete work very long hours and pay is ok but hard to grow in company. Management is pretty bad and organization as well. everything is old and they expect for you to work hard but the pay could be better for the job."

Supervisor of Operations (Former Employee) says

"Worked there for 20 years, advanced my way up into management. Got hurt on the job and was let go 6 months later. Not a very caring company towards the employees."

Concrete Finisher (Former Employee) says

"At tindall I was a great dependable worker. I look out for other to make sure my job can be done properly. I made sure to keep a clean environment while employed."