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The TX Watch Company was launched in 2006 by the Timex Group, an international holding group and corporate parent of global watchmaking companies, including Timex Group USA, Inc., TMX Philippines, Inc., and Timex Group India Ltd.

A Registered member of Watchuseek under the name of SquishyPanda shared some thoughts about TX Watch: "I think part of it is that the TX brand hasn't really established a visual identity for itself. They're nice-looking, but there's nothing about them that you could call "iconic" of the brand. Maybe once they've been out for a while and the designers nail down a few design cues that they want to make integral to the whole line, they'll have a little more appeal (like B&R's 4 screws, or Breitling's unique brand of chunkiness, or Rolex's strict adherence to their own classic forms)"


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