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The Tiger Truck is a light utility truck sub-brand from Chinese manufacturer Chang'an. It belongs to a class of vehicles known as “mini-trucks,” “micro trucks,” “K trucks,” and "kei trucks”. The K is short for kei jidosha, Japanese for “light vehicle” and the name of a special class of vehicles subject to reduced taxation in Japan. In the United States, this class of vehicle is classified as a low speed vehicle as defined under CFR 49-571.500 and is limited to a top speed of 25 MPH. As such, it is only legal for off highway use and/or local road use.

A former employee said "DO NOT work for these guys. Their equipment (truck & trailers) are substandard in terms of upkeep. Their mechanics there must of been randomly picked from the immigration pool defecting to America. Very few of them speak any English. Tiger is always getting pulled into the weigh stations because of their poor CSA score. They give u miles for about a week or two, and then if u piss them off for some reason they only give freight being moved about a total of 100 to 200 miles, thereby not making u much of any money. They love to hold your pay check there, for just about any excuse they can come up with. This is why they don't have direct deposit there at all. The dispatchers / driver managers, couldn't even manage their own lives. Their best dispatcher that used to work there, and finally got tired of their crap and quit. He was probably THE BEST dispatcher I ever worked with. This company most likely will NOT be able to meet These upcoming CSA standards. And I'm very certain they will be out of business before long. Tiger truck lines is a Very poor company to work for. I would advise anyone out there to consider someone else."


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