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Tiger Beer is a brand of beer from Singapore and is produced by Heineken Asia Pacific, part of Heineken. According to Brand Finance’s Top 100 Singapore brands 2012 Report, Tiger is amongst Singapore’s top 10 most valuable brands.

Pityu says of the beverage, "Tiger has a clear pale yellow colour, small and quickly disappearing white head. Some malty aromas with dusty grains and hay. Taste is malty with low hop bitterness and slightly metallic aftertaste. Light body, average carbonation, watery mouthfeel, dry finish. Crap."


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Arthur Alberto says

"After paying $1000 to Tax Tiger on fees to prepare my tax returns, I am now having difficulties trying to get in touch with people in their San Diego, CA office. It’s very frustrating. I just want my money back so I can look for a better company to do my tax returns like Optima Tax Relief, maybe. I called the Tax Tiger office in San Diego, CA today for 30X and never got an answer. After a couple of hours, no one has returned my calls to that office. Sad... ? ....Frustrated... ☹️"

Steven durand says

"I called tax tiger told them I owed the irs money and I wasn't sure ware I stand with them but want to straighten everything out with the irs they told me for 500 dollars they would take care of it for me I paid them all they did was tell me I owed about 1300 dollars and I need to amend my 2014 tax return so for five hundred dollars they did nothing for me the irs even told me that they haven't done anything to try to take care of my tax situation now they want more money to fix my taxes I would have been better off just paying the irs what I owed them it would have been cheaper than paying tax tiger to do nothing for me now I'm right where I started I think they mislead me and don't want to take care of what they said they would I wouldn't recommend them to anyone I was looking at other tax company's they had clients that owed thousands of dollars and paid them 500 dollars and only had to pay a few hundred to the irs tax tiger did nothing for me and when I talked to the irs they told me that they did nothing for my tax situation and it looks to them like tax tiger ripped me off and I should do more research when hiring tax attorneys they said I could have got the info they got on my own all they did was pull up my tax returns and told me what I owed well the irs has been sending me letters telling me what I owed them I wanted a attorney to take care of my problem isn't that what they are for yet now they lie about what I hired them to do well stay away from this company tey are liars and cheaters"

Denise says

"I am very, very grateful to Tax Tiger for helping me complete my tax problem. In my case, when they say they can't, they mean they won't, and when asked why, I was reminded that my case was pro-bono. "What difference does that make," I asked. Correspondence both by email and phone calls turned into an all out battle to get an answer. My emails were not answered and phone calls not returned. Although I sent a thank you note to Tax Tiger for their services, (it took a few months for me to get over my insult for the greater good), communicating with the person who was working on my case was a sad, sour note."

deenickm M says

"For tax resolution, this company did a good job and l feel they should stick to that part of the business. Filing taxes was a nightmare, with significant multiple errors... I had to call them multiple times before they could even look at them again and their explanation was pitiful. I would strongly recommend them for tax resolution but NEVER file your taxes."

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