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Mbiganyi Charles Tibone is a politician in Botswana. He was elected to the National Assembly in the October 2004 general election from the Tati West constituency and represents the governing Botswana Democratic Party. Following the election, Tibone was appointed as Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources on November 9, 2004, serving in that position until January 2007, when he was instead appointed as Minister of Labour and Home Affairs. When Ian Khama took office as President on April 1, 2008, he dismissed Tibone from the Cabinet.

In January 2007, The Sunday Standard published two articles covering a debate in Parliament in which allegations about corruption had been made. The newspaper accused Charles Tibone, a Member of Parliament, of involvement in covering up corruption and theft of public funds in an electrification project. The newspaper highlighted the position of Mr. Tibone as a Member of Parliament and said that “in very many jurisdictions, holders of political office are regarded as being in a special position, having chosen to enter the hurly-burly of political life with its attendant controversy”.


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Driver (Former Employee) says

"You work long hours and the manager doesn't have a clue. You never know until last minute what you are doing. And they to run over weight and maintenance is poor at best! Cons: It's all anout them making money"

Side Dump Driver (Former Employee) says

"The days are decided individually if you show up or not. This was not so good as the supervisor often forgot until 4 a.m. the morning of. Cons: co workers were back stabbers"

Superintendent (Former Employee) says

"OK place to work, good equipment, safety was good, information on the assigned project was a great tool, office staff was very easy to work with, HR was outstanding"

Electrician Apprentice (Former Employee) says

"It's been so long since I've worked at this company that I don't remember much about it. The Master Electrician there is really cool, but I think the rest fo the management there is sub-par"

Estimator & Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Overall, not a bad place to work because of the people that work there. Company has had a lot of recent 'growing pains' so the affects of that can be frustrating at times. Highly unorganized and do things the 'Old School' way. Cons: Compensation, Benefits, and Facilities (they work out of a metal building/shop with no windows)"