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Thinsulate is a brand of synthetic fiber thermal insulation used in clothing. The word is a portmanteau of the words thin and insulate, trademarked by 3M. The material is made by the 3M Corporation and was first sold in 1979. It was originally marketed as an inexpensive alternative to down; at the time, 3M claimed it was twice as warm as an equivalent amount of any natural material.

Thinsulate is outrageously expensive and weighs a lot, Martine shared a review on

"Yes, this is outrageously expensive, I agree! Personally, I would not use it because 3M is gouging the public. However, after reading the reviews, most people really like it. Here is what I found out, which contradicts sellers statements: Mineral or Rock Wool has 1. The insulation value of R8.4. That is very high. 2. Class A fire rating. 3. Hydrophobic and repels water 4. NRC value (Noise Reduction Coefficient) soundproofing is so good that recording studios are using it. 5. The only serious flaw is that it weighs a lot. Amazon stated weight at 54 lbs for 6 panels. Adding weight to a van is not smart. Too bad it is so expensive."


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