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The Saywitz Company is headquartered in Newport Beach, California, with offices in San Diego. It provides real estate services to clients throughout California and have negotiated transactions in all 50 states as well as Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia. Our goal is to guide our clients through the entire real estate decision process from inception to completion. Our team of seasoned experts brings a variety of financial, development, legal and accounting backgrounds to assist in those aspects of the process should they be necessary.

The Saywitz Company has been recognized by Real Estate Forum magazine, Commercial Property News, National Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Southern California and The Orange County Business Journal as one of the leading brokerage firms in Southern California and in the country for the past several years. The Company’s continued drive to expand its client base and its strive for unparalleled professional advice have proven to be a successful model.

A former employee said "Associates over at The Saywitz Company are on the phone 100% of the day. 100% cold-calling and nothing else. Very small firm and pressure is high for you to get meetings for the 3 other brokers in this office. Tension gets high when there are no meetings set every week. They have a good commission structure and you can make a lot of money if your deals go through.

Down side to this position is there is no opportunity for advancement. Bad work culture/environment. If you can make money for The Saywitz Company you will be loved. If you want to be a Broker this isn't the job for you. No progression towards being a Broker. You will learn very little since all they want you to do is be on the phones. Brokers will teach something but will get annoyed if you ask too many questions or bug them a lot."


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