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The Saint Paul Hotel Sucks. For the historic building formerly known as Merchant's Hotel in Campbellsville, Kentucky see Merchant Tower.

Ralph S. from Phoenix Arizona shares his disappointing staying at The Saint Paul Hotel in a review posted by TRIP ADVISOR: "Was very excited to stay at this hotel and had high expectations. It’s very impressive as you drive up and are greeted by the doorman who was exceptional - they should make him the manager. The bellman was great too - warned us about the pressure-sensitive snacks and mini-bar items that can get you a charge if you pick them up and inspect for too long. OK, this is an old hotel with old-world ways - if old-world means sticking it to you at every turn. I was still excited to be at such beautiful and historic hotel so we decided to go down to that beautiful lobby for a drink. We sat there for 20 minutes and the waitress didn’t even acknowledge us - never felt so invisible in my life! So she’s just busy... no, she just didn’t care. I can understand a busy worker even if they just acknowledge you and say they’ll be with you as soon as possible but she just acted like ignoring us was standard service. So now I’m thinking, “How is this place renowned for exceptional service?” Now my high expectations have turned to disappointment and we leave to get some dinner elsewhere. Come back to our room to find out that the super-duper Premo internet that I paid $24.95 for is only good for 1 device! Are you kidding me? In a day where the internet should be considered basic service, I would have had to shell out another 5 bucks so my wife could have high-speed internet too. In all fairness, their basic internet is free as long as all you want to do is email or surf the web. Again, in all fairness, they did remove the charge but by now all I’m thinking about is getting out of here as soon as possible so we made good use of the basic internet to book a room at the nearest Hilton Garden Inn but not before I called down to make sure we wouldn’t be charged for the second night - the front desk guy put me on hold before committing to no second-night charge. Not one question or bit of concern about why we want to check out early - my guess is they get a lot of these requests."


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