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The Little White Company Sucks. The White Company is a retailer of linens, home decor, dinnerware, and furniture based in England. It has over 50 stores. It was founded by Chrissie Rucker in 1994. Mary Homer left Topshop in March 2017 to head the company. The retailer sells mostly neutral-colored products, such as home décor, linen, furniture, and clothing. The White Company started selling online in the U.S. in 2014 and in 2017 opened a store on 5th Avenue in New York City's Flatiron neighborhood and one in Short Hills, New Jersey.

An angry consumer complained about The Little White Company on its web site in September 2020:

"Disappointed & frustrating. Still awaiting delivery - order has gone missing & no one can locate. The company say it has been despatched to the carrier, the carrier says they don’t have it!"


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Former Employee - Merchandiser says

"Chrissie Rucker is a horrible person to work for, not that she does any work herself. She thinks she’s untouchable, doesn’t ever acknowledge her staff directly, just takes all the profits. Complete lack of communication between teams and suppliers so EVERYTHING gets messed up every time. Gossip central. Immature attitude towards everything Unbearable micromanagement It’s like being at school, have to let everyone know where you are the whole time, constantly being questioned about what you’re doing, being weighed down in work to have someone give you even more because they think they’re “more senior” than you so they don’t need to do the work. Senior members of staff are of no use as they don’t know how to use any of the systems. My no.1 advice would be don’t work here but if you really want or need to do not under any circumstances share your business with anyone or confide in your manager, particularly the Junior Merchandiser on LWC and especially not the Senior Merchandiser on daywear. I recommend a role other than Merchandising if you are looking to join! Long day and commute so don’t have time for “life” during the week"

Former Employee - Sales Advisor says

"Management sucks and doesn't know how to run a store. Store is very boring and slow traffic"

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