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From Everything.Sucks was an interactive marketing agency based in New York City with offices worldwide. The company was a part of Omnicom Group Inc. and had approximately 500 employees in eleven offices on three continents. Services included website design and development, interactive marketing, search marketing, and rich media development.

On the portal GLASSDOOR, a former Production Artist wrote an opinion for working at The Designory in April 2016:

"This is not an advertising agency, it is a production house. The work is limited by its very definition and everyone needs to stop fooling themselves that the stuff produced is even remotely current. No possibility for advancement and even less chance to do anything at all creative. Churn it out, go home, turn around and do it again."


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Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"Hands down the most disorganized print shop disguised as an "ad agency" you could ever work for. Upper management is pretty lazy and dictatorial with little leadership skills."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Very sad place to work for. Management forces unnecessary rules, constantly expecting you to fail. Hundreds of Project managers hover around and expect things to be done immediately Agile is just a pretty word that they like to use because there is no none of it there. Most employees came straight from college underpaid and terrified to lose their jobs. Cons: poor management"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"The stress of being harassed was too much so I left after it was apparent it was my word against his."

Senior Production Artist (Former Employee) says

"a typical day at work: Cons: upper crust managers."

Sr. Technical Engineer (Sitecore) says

"Fun group, interesting project work and many opportunities for advancement. The base is in Long Beach California where a person gets the opportunity to travel to the beautiful Long Beach location."

Web Deployment/Release Manager (Former Employee) says

"In agency world its all about Client ... and how to impress them etc so it was a bit stress full but a good place to learn.A typical day starts with Release to QA etc and the team more or less will have almost a week ahead on what the work is coming in pipeline etc. Cons: Stress, Improper Management at Senior Level"