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Critical hours for radio stations is the time from sunrise to two hours after sunrise, and from two hours before sunset until sunset, local time. During this time, certain American radio stations may be operating with reduced power as a result of Section 73.187 of the Federal Communications Commission's rules. Canadian restricted hours are similar to critical hours, except that the restriction results from the January 17, 1984, U.S.-Canadian AM Agreement. Canadian restricted hours are called "critical hours" in the U.S.-Canadian Agreement, but in the AM Engineering database, the FCC calls them "Canadian restricted hours" to distinguish them from the domestically defined critical hours. Canadian restricted hours is that time from sunrise to one and one-half hours after sunrise, and from one and one-half hours before sunset until sunset, local time. U.S. stations operate with restricted hours because of Canadian stations, and vice versa.

A radio manager shared in a forum about the critical hours, he said " The critical hours makes it very difficult for our early morning listeners. That's when a lot of our listeners enjoy the best of songs but due to that law, our radio is inactive making it operate in only day-time which effects our ratings and finances."


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Ali Kattan says

"One of the worst companies I have dealt with. In particular, the Underwriter sitting in Birmingham has bad communication skills as I explained him same thing three times. Moreover, the communication gap between case worker and underwriter is massive as I explained one thing almost few times. The knowledge of finance is very limited.."

Mary Jones says

"Poor communication when company constantly updates their situation when in trouble - straight to legal proceedings without answering formal complaints or adhering to pre action protocols to individuals - don’t apply due diligence to individuals affordability or obtain evidence required for legal advice - as per case law Contracts full of unfair terms - Call themselves ‘responsible lenders’ You all been warned ! They are the worst I’ve ever dealt with - put to shame by other better lenders like iwoca - who treat you fairly when in distress AVOID Trust pilot paid account - so these reviews are monitored and biased in an incorrect way showing them in a better light than they are"

Graham Ford says

"Not a company I would recommend if you want to be dealt with in a professional and efficient way. There are far more efficient and communicative companies they bend over backwards in the good times but the service when your business hit bad times is ruthless despite making payments each month they issue court proceedings prior to consulting you resulting unwarranted CCJ,s The worst business decision i have ever made doing business with these re your reply as previous all payments were up to date and there were no default in payments until you guys took the court action and i doubt if we will be the last company"

Nick Jenkinson says

"Recieved a letter promising a pre approved 10k facility... they hadn’t paid enough for the postage... cost me £2 to receive a piece of too-good-to-be-true marketing. Doesn’t bode well for the company. They had also sent the same type of letter to both of my directors , which also carried a charge. Thanks but I won’t be using your services... businesses beware."

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