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The Coventry Building Society is a building society based in Coventry, England. It is the second largest in the United Kingdom with total assets of more than £46 billion at 31 December 2018. It is a member of the Building Societies Association. The society has 1.5m saver-members and a further 350,000 borrower-members.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Too many politics in HQ"

Former Employee - IT Change says

"Its the worse ever organisation I worked for in my IT Career. There is a lot of discrimination The senior managers will promote their own friends who have come from Barlcays bank. The senior managers don't have a clue have to run change and they will not listen. They talk about equality but there is no-white staff member in senior management team. They don't trust their employees and there is a lot of red tape to deliver. I can't believe its one of the top 100 organisation in the UK. I'm sure they fiddle this. I felt completed de-motivated working there. It was a very bad experience."

Former Employee - Customer Service Manager says

"Middle managers will stab you in the back to protect their inability to perform their own role."

Current Employee - Telephone Savings Advisor says

"The job itself is soul destorying"

Current Employee - Senior Project Manager says

"Procrastination is everywhere! Nobody can make a decision, which results in under investment and lack of a plan. Roles do not have succession plans and people leave and are just replaced by contractors rather than building enduring capability."

Former Employee - Systems Engineer says

"Step out of line or report a possible fraud and they remove you immediately. Playing catch up with IT systems which are far away from modern. Need more forward thinking management. Very much a head in the sand company."


"My overall experience of the management was poor - Lots of micro-management and there wasn't any support for career progression (I was once lambasted for even suggesting looking to advance my career!). No support for further qualifications. Severely under resourced branch. Lots of pressure to sell financial products to customers."


"You were on the phone every second of the day. You had to type in a code every time you got a glass of water or went to the toilet and got in trouble if you spent too long doing either of the two. You repeat the same to every customer on every telephone call it is very repetitive. There is minimal opportunity to progress, if you start this role the only way to really progress is to move into a different role. This is like jumping through hoops and some roles even for an internal move required a four stage interview process. Sometimes there wouldn't be anyone on hand to help during busy periods and you would have to deal with a screaming swearing customer with no support. They have zero tolerance to lateness so even if you are a second late you will miss out on a pay rise. You could sit by someone all day but because you were so busy you didn't even say a word. After a while, this job was soul destroying hence why they have such a high staff turnover for this particular role."

Current Employee - Finance Business Partner says

"Barely any diversity in management and senior management / executive levels. They need to be more aware of the various cultures of employees, as well as respecting, embracing and cherishing them. Many people don’t always feel like they are part of a team; they are more there to just turn up, work and leave; which is sad as that’s where you spend most of your day! Cleaner and more modern facilities are required."

Former Employee - Structural Engineer says

"Salaries and package on the low side"

Associate Tech Claims Specialist (Former Employee) says

"After 7 1/2 years of dedicated service, they eliminated my job. Had no where to place me, and a former supervisor said that I didnt care about my jobBenefits from day 1Inept managemnt"

CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The owners are a married couple who will work you to death. They call you in on time off and get angry if you are unavailable. Not good managers and get very ugly at times"

Unix Systems Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to work! Horrible management, unqualified employees, I would not work here again for twice the money, three times the money! They suck! And now are owned by Aetna."

Customer Communications Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I made the biggest mistake ever by working there, The Accounting Manager was a total jerk. I would not even tell her what time of the day it was if asked.noneeverything"

Sr. Service Operations Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Terrible leadership, Management changed often, Very unfriendly working environment-Treated employees poorly. Overworked with heavy case loads, There are serious issues with harassment and workplace bullying. Poor leadership and management reflects highly on the floor. Absent leadership has allowed atrocious behavior. Management chooses to ignore the behavior- ignored behavior is condoned behavior. If you take your concerns to HR, the leadership will subtly retaliate against you."

Provider Data Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The management of Coventry Health Care facilitated a terrible work environment.The direction was constantly changing but not due to positive direction or regulations but because management could make solid and informed decisions regarding the direction of the company.NoneMany"

Service Operations Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This side of the company was sold. The office location is no longer open. It was purchase by another healthcare company. While here, no room for growth"

Communications Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I was a claims adjuster and phone rep. They refused to integrate me and increase my pay. The managers had favorites and was not afraid to let you know if you weren't."

Appeals Coordinator/Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"i was okay with this job but i moved to the appeals department and it was a nightmare i liked my co workers and it was a nice place to work i just didn't like the appeals deparment"

Triage Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Come in and work is loaded to us for triage, management is wonderful in not be micro managed. Enjoyable part was the team and cohort working with. Learned team work and priority of work for making sure work is completed.No micro managementHealth insurance"

Outreach Specialist/ Medicaid Specialist (Current Employee) says

"excellent company for families. Very good to their employees. Incentives to work on quality healthcare. The company has a clear mission, vision and value.Great companymore telework"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Not enough training, everyone in the class had no experience in healthcare, No support once the trainers left. Our manager was also learning with us,Nonetoo many to list"

Product specialists (Former Employee) says

"Stressfull, irate callers. horrible parking High call volume"

Technical Claims Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed the fast-pased environment. It was very challenging. I took advantage of all the extra training classes that were offered. I liked the people I worked with and had a good work relationship with everyone."

Senior Technical Service Center Representative (Current Employee) says

"Micromanaged and unappreciated to the death. They train managers to be bullies."

Claims (Current Employee) says

"Poorly managed, supvsr's & mgr's are ego driven, too much emphasis on production, quality of work seems unimportant to them, little to no training provided at the onset or along the way (supvsr's & mgr's do not like it when you ask a co-worker for help/assistance), always a backlog of work, constant shifting of job duties, employee reviews are unbalanced due to production that must be met per individual employee, spvsr's & mgr's do not like you visiting with co-workers except at breaks and lunch, too strigent and/or strict if you have to call in sick at the last minute or leave early from your scheduled shift (occurences they call them), medical health insurance premiums are expensive, sprv's & mgr's play favorites among employees, sometimes OT can be mandatory, grossly underpaid for the work you do - if you like a challenging job position, this isn't it....very boring, repetitive and mundane.good co-workers"

Senior Corporate Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"Micro management and Managers who don't know what they are doingtoo many to list"

Sr Oracle DBA (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Coventry as an Oracle DBA. I was in charge of all data base security. When HIPPA was scheduled to come in later in the year I brought to the attention of upper management and execs that I had wanted to correct some serious security issues that would cause major HIPPA violations. I was told I could not make the changes required to meet the HIPPA standards. I told them if they did not allow me to implement the security changes and refused to provide me with an letter from a VP or higher in the operations and IT division indicating that I was prevented from implementing the changes. Amazingly, they offered me appx a 17% salary increase if I would stay and help mitigate the damages. Of course I told them no. Worst position and worst company I have ever worked for.NoneConstant threats to employees, pressured to cover up security issues, complete mismanagement."

Customer Service Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Extremely micro managed as is typical for profit call center work environment. Not at all concerned about the company employees. Profit only bottom line thus the EXTREMLY high turn over of employees up to and including upper management.N/aTypical Call Center"

Appeals Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Extremely gratifying to assist people with obtaining necessary services that were previously parking garagecompany being purchased by competitor in 2013"

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