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Server (Former Employee) says

"The general manager played favorites. Went from 20 hours a week gradually to zero to pick up shifts, would get denied for shifts to pick up, essentially hired too many people and kept the ones he was close with and tried to “get rid” of the others. I did nothing wrong, I was a hard, dedicated worker, did extra chores around the restaurant without being asked, still got the bad end of the stick. Cons: Poor management, unfair, played favorites, hard work not recognized."

Sous Chef (Former Employee) says

"To start, The Bayou Boys Hospitality Group is one of the worst companies to work for in the Lehigh Valley. Allow me to explain why. Cons: Just read the review, please."

Dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"Pleasant environment ok place to work but unsteady team help needs improvement in employee scheduling pay doesn't match amount of work that is expected of a person"

Dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"The job itself wasn’t hard but poorly managed. The kitchen crew was all hard working but the rest of the staff had bad attitudes and the whole interviewing experience was rather easy as some other jobs make it more challenging but interesting"