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The Antlers is an American indie rock band based in Brooklyn, New York. The band's songs are written and sung by Peter Silberman. Their music is performed by Silberman, Darby Cicci (trumpet, upright/electric bass, keyboards, synths, vocals) and Michael Lerner (drums). The instrumentation consists of vocals, electric guitar, keyboards/synths, drums and an array of other instruments including piano,


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Line Cook and Prep Cook (Former Employee) says

"This place is awful the owner doesn’t care about it’s employees would rather fire someone then help them out and the management was a joke nobody new how to do things"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"To start with, the “company” is a joke. Upper management is filled with decisions based on nepotism. The owner has no idea what their doing and frequently harasses people to do things because “he’s the owner.” Upper management makes rules and guidelines up as they go along. If they do not like you they fire you based on whatever they made up for a reason at that time. New hires don’t have a solid training program and most of the time are just thrown in. There is no empathy toward their people, you are just expected to be a machine and they will not pay you for your extra work. They will expect you to go above and beyond with no affirmation and will qualify you as just meeting their unknown expectations. If you do not go above and beyond and do whatever they say without question, they will gossip about you to other employees and managers alike. Upper management cuts corners to preserve the bottom line and to get the most profit for the least amount of quality. There is no transparency within the hotel or the company. The owner purchases properties while the hotel is told to watch overtime and make sure that you don’t take a plastic cup for yourself because that wastes money! Do not work here it is a joke of a company and you will have a fear of coming into work every day. Cons: Horrible benefits, upper management are conniving and manipulative"

Banquet Server/ bartender (Former Employee) says

"New management would help greatly. The banquet department is run by a woman who has many of her family members working in it and they get the shifts whether it be bar shifts or serving shifts She has her favorites and no one else seems to really matter She doesn’t know how to staff for large functions. They only pay their banquet server six dollars an hour which is an even comparable to minimum-wage"

PM LOBBY SUPERVISOR (Former Employee) says

"Ugly place to work. If you do anything, you're stuck doing everything, because most of them aren't doing anything. Management is shoddy at best. But you can get hours if you need them. Cons: Weak management, Hr, pay, tools, working conditions."

Director Food & Beverage (Former Employee) says

"The GM is not trustworthy to the owners . The has asked me to pad the inventory ..... in order to keep my job. Cons: GM encourages to to be sure"

Garde Manger (Former Employee) says

"I was disappointed in management and expectations were never clear or relevant i would not recommend u work there unless ur willing to be responsible for tasks not clearly designated Cons: work load and unclear expectations"

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"This job is not one I would recommend going for, staff members spread gossip and drama amongst each other. The manager in departments picks favorites and hears and believes all that they say. HR doesn't do all they can do to make sure you are taken care of in the hotel and the GM doesn't do much either. It is not a place where you feel welcome and apart of a team because many people are separated out and all about themselves over working together. They make the job more stressful then it needs to be. Cons: No communication, Gossip in workplace, stressful"

N/A (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed the employee discounts on the food and hotels. A lot of homeless people around the hotel which was scary at times. I did not feel safe especially at night. Cons: Management"

Prefer not to say (Current Employee) says

"I love the coworkers and the guest mostly but management is starting to lack in empathy. As well as the front office manager seems to focus on her personal life over helping her employees. The owner uses the place as a party scene. Honestly he’s the main downfall of the hotel besides one other manager. Cons: The management in certain departments"

Steward/Dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"Was a good hotel until buyout military ball's state and important people some famous i left because after the buyout management was horrible don't eat there food is bad Cons: Health care"