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TheWrap is a news organization covering the business of entertainment and media via digital, print and live events. It was founded by journalist Sharon Waxman in 2009.

A former employee said this in a review: "Nothing good to say about TheWrap. Clients needs and wants are not considered. Clients are forced to do activities they do not want to do. Management never available".


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Reporter (Former Employee) says

"The day-to-day work environment is dismal. I would say that most of the managers here are either not qualified or confident enough to do their jobs. People work in fear of the editor and CEO, constantly just trying to cover for themselves in the pettiest of ways. No one enjoys the atmosphere, which is often tense and combustable."

Kevin Fancis says

"This company and site is just awful. Unreliable news, the social media is a mess and the only good thing is the photography that comes out of the company."

CookieChris says

"The writers are awful. They have the grammar of a middle schooler and their articles are riddled with spelling error. I dont think one should trust a word a writer says if they write confidently as confidentially. Looking at you Phil Owen."