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Tetra Pak is a multinational food packaging and processing sub-company of Tetra Laval, with head offices in Lund, Sweden, and Pully, Switzerland. The company offers packaging, filling machines and processing for dairy, beverages, cheese, ice cream and prepared food, including distribution tools like accumulators, cap applicators, conveyors, crate packers, film wrappers and line controllers.

A former emoployee shared his experience, "I was at Tetrapak for a short time. Unfortunately due to very poor management, very poor training. The manager would not even allow an employee who formerly held the position I was in to help guide me to do my tasks properly.The manager would tell me how to run a task but not throughly all at once and out of sequence and caused me of not being able to sequence things. Hopefully someone else will have a better experience with that supervisor than I did."


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"A empresa por dominar o mercado em que atua, nunca se preocupou em ser eficiente. Dificilmente as pessoas são cobradas por resultados efetivos. Como um gerente disse: "Temos que ser os magos dos números" As pessoas tornam a cultura e ambiente da Tetra Pak Brasil tóxicos. As promoções não são transparentes. E pessoas não qualificadas ocupam diversos cargos apenas por politicagem."


"politicagem absurda promocoes somente atraves de QI (quem indica) e nao de meritocracia pior RH que ja vi em mais de 20 anos de carreira tudo é muito fake em gestao, muita fofoca, grupinhos, feudos, se vc nao faz parte da patota, vc está fora e vao te queimar muito"

Engenheiro Eletricista says

"Muita política interna , não tem planos de carreira e tudo muda sem discussão alguma com os colaboradores! As regras de promoção mudam todos os anos! As avaliações de meio e fim de ano são para fazer cobranças absurdas , como por exemplo não batemos a meta do setor b c ou d , e aí você se pergunta mas sou do setor A e não posso interferir nos outros setores e mesmo assim sou culpado!"

Ex-funcionário - Motorista says

"Resultados da empresa são mascarados"

Ex-funcionário - Analista says

"Empresa tem buscado reduzir custo de forma um pouco desesperada, afetando qualidade dos serviços e bem estar dos funcionários"

Ex-funcionário - Funcionário confidencial says

"Ambiente difícil de trabalhar pois a empresa é muito burocrática"

Faz Tudo says

"Empresa onde precisa ser puxa saco de chefe para crescer, gerentes arrogantes, supervisores incompetentes para o cargo, se não tiver parentesco com chefia jamais irá crescer na empresa, perseguição de chefes, analistas que se acham deuses só por que ganham 5 mil por mês, essa coisa de melhor empresa é fake"

Especialista says

"Processos de recrutamento interno não é transparente, normalmente as pessoas não são selecionadas pela experiência ou competência. Mas por indicacão ou afinidade."

Assistente says

"Overload de trabalho e falta de respeito entre as áreas, já que os funcionários só delegam trabalho e não assumem responsabilidades."

Engenheiro says

"Excesso de "politicagem", falta meritocracia"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"Bad business Do Not work there at all supervisors are dont help you out at all and only cares more about there self then they do about there worker nota good placeGood moneyDont know how to run company"

Service Account Representative (Former Employee) says

"I was at Tetrapak for a short time. Unfortunately due to very poor management, very poor training. The manager would not even allow an employee who formerly held the position I was in to help guide me to do my tasks properly.The manager would tell me how to run a task but not throughly all at once and out of sequence and caused me of not being able to sequence things. Hopefully someone else will have a better experience with that supervisor than I did."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Very poor HR team. Selection team prefer to use wrong method to select candidate rather than checking candidates skills and experience. Candidate selection procedure completely wrong and sadly they missing highly proficient candidates.HR team worst"

Warehouse Coordinator/AP/AR (Former Employee) says

"Duties and rules changed constantly on a whim by management. Had to keep track of the new daily rules in a notebook to stay up to date. I learned a lot about different computer programs and the dairy industry. In this company you were categorized as "White Collar" and "Blue Collar" especially when raises and bonuses were being issued. Management and office personnel were very clicky and looked down their noses at "Blue Collar" workers. Keeping up with constant daily rule changes was by far the hardest part of the job. The customers were mostly fantastic! I loved it when I was able to help a customer with an issue!The customersManagement"

ayudante general (Former Employee) says

"es una empresa que tiene oportunidad de crecimiento es es que tienes algún familiar dentro de la misma , para que te apoye y poder pertenecer a la familia que es Tetra Pak y así poder disfrutar de todos los beneficios que brinda dicha empresa."

Sr. Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The company is dishonest, and the internal favoritism will be the only way you can ever succeed. The Global IM group is the worst, avoid them at all cost"

Stacker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"I was there least two weeks and got fired because what a Tetra Pak employee said about me. I was through a temp service. Tetra Pak treat manpower employees like trash. Manpower fired me after I clock out. They didnt ask me my side of the story."

Production Helper (Former Employee) says

"I was very excited to get hired at Tetra Pak. I thought I had a great paying, reliable job that I could depend on. I intended to stay with the company through retirement. After a couple of years, when I had increased my living expenses due to having a dependable, great paying job, they announced that they were getting rid of a large number of their employees. They decided to do "company restructuring". They took a full department and relocated the equipment and jobs to one of their other locations, on the other side of the country. This was somehow to save money. I'm not sure if it was cheaper shipping for them, or just lower paying, non union jobs at that location. Anyways, the few years that I spent there turned out to be a total waste of my time. The work wasn't great. A few of my co-worker (who are still there) are weird as fu*k, and hard to tolerate. I now feel that the company is slimy and very unpredictable. I do not recommend this place to anyone.good payeverything else"

Helper (Former Employee) says

"Management is terrible here. They have no idea how to run a business or schedule a crew. The hours sucked and our plant manager was only here to cut costs and lose us business. The work environment was hostile due to being in a union with a lot of back stabbing and telling on people. They don’t want anyone in leadership positions that have degrees or have a brain. They just want yes men. Absolute terrible place to work.Pay is good for doing a brain dead job.Everything else."

Ingeniero Senior de seevicio en campo (Former Employee) says

"Considero una pérdida de tiempo en mi crecimiento profesional laborar para una empresa donde noi importan los empleados, no cuenta con valores, ni respeto hacia los empleados ni sus familias. Si tienes opción y quieres una vida personal tetrapak no es una opción ( ex empleado servicio técnico procesos) Tetrapak cree que con su dinero te compra tu vida para que le seas fiel en todo momento no importando situaciones familiaresPudiera ser sueldoNo resperan politicas internas ni derechos de trabajador, exigiendo trabajar, dias festivos y el elnpago de eso es bajo considerando dejar tu familia, por unos pesos"

Metal Finisher (Former Employee) says

"I review this place as a difficult working enviroment. The hours are not sutiable with having a family. Management is not very effective and is hard to come by.Gret working expierenceManagement, hours, overall management"

Manager Production Service/Warehouse (Former Employee) says

"Företaget har mycket fokus på miljö, återvinning, säkerhet Arbetar med bra processverktyg t.ex. Bt processen, WCM,Lean och KaizenDen anställdes frihet under ansvarBygger Silos istället för broar mellan versamheterna"

Warehouse Operator (Current Employee) says

"Dåligt ledarskap och en dålig miljö att arbeta i. Mycket konflikter bland kollegor och en chef som inte tar ansvar."

General Operative (Former Employee) says

"This firm is fine with safety - in fact, it is obsessed with it. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Many 'chiefs' have a real chip on their shoulder. Staff that has worked for this firm and its' predecessors over many years are not happy. Many have left. Staff retention now seems to be a problem. Some seem to be very happy in their work, but overall, this is not a happy place.Pay is reasonable and hours are good. Much overtime available.Unhappy place, poor culture."

Laborer (Former Employee) says

"No Human Resources to rely on. Managers cared more about numbers than employees and they don’t communicate efficiently to manage factory the way the factory should run for smooth efficiency. Often times waiting for materials to run.Union benefitsManagement can’t efficiently run place"

Controller - Vancouver Plant (Former Employee) says

"Very little value of individuals and corrupt management. Union shop with long time employees on the direct labor side. Lots of turn over in the salaried ranks."

Operator (Current Employee) says

"company switched management and did a 180 on production. sent jobs to different factory location. management treats employees like they are just a number not valuing any employees. morale is down in factory and new production manager doesn't care."

Hourly Employee (Former Employee) says

"The job itself is great my co workers made the job a place you didn’t mind coming into every day. The management there is absolutely horrible they have a run to failure mentally. They know nothing of how the process go to how to make a milk carton. It’s all a blame game there.They preach wcm but can’t even train there own employees on the concept. Get all new management from plant manager to supervisors and it be a good job.PayManagement"

Others (Former Employee) says

"some managers does not even know how to run their team/operation. will not even welcome new ideas just because it is not the same with the things they want. egoistic in all the wrong levels."

FIRST PRINTING OPERATOR (Former Employee) says

"Mandatory weekends and overtime, No Support, It is basically a Prison camp mentality where production workers swipe a badge to get into the DUNGEON and the office workers who outnumber production at least 5 to 1 don't have to swipe anything. On top of all that, A couple of the key management positions has created a cut throat production environment where they reward ($25..00) gift cards to downstream processes for spotting defects, But will not back up certain employees from the upstream process if you're not a good old boy or a backstabber...................... TERRIBLE CULTURE !!! Not all the Management is bad 2nd shift supervisor is a stand up guy, But the first and third shift managers are terrible along with the process manager. Plant Manager is a puppet and listens to anything the process manager says. HR is not there for you, HR is a Puppet to these people also.. TOO BAD because there is good people there and they have to deal with a certain few (good old boy) operators stabbing them in the back because they cant do the job.... and they get away with it... No doubt that A CULTURE CHANGE would help this place operate so much more smoothly and it would completely boost the Quality of the product and benefit the overall production output! WCM = WE CANT MANAGE!Co Workersshort breaks, Management."

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