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Tenneco (formerly Tenneco Automotive and originally Tennessee Gas Transmission Company) is an American Fortune 500 company that has been publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange since November 5 1999, under the symbol TEN. Tenneco, with headquarters in Lake Forest, Illinois, United States is an automotive components original equipment manufacturer and an aftermarket ride control and emissions products, manufacturer.

As Tenneco is one of the big organizations of gas and fuels resources, so they think they are above the law and can do whatever they want. Tenneco remained in the news because of its corruption in the 90's period. In 1992, New York State Tax Commissioner issued Tenneco Oil Company a notice of Determination of Tax due under the motor fuel tax law alleging that Tenneco owned tax on jet fuel is sold untaxed to Doug-Long. Millions of gallons jet fuel sold to Doug-Long without any tax. Jet fuel burned in heavy bikes and trucks because of Tenneco corruption. No doubt, the more the organization is big, the bigger its sh*t.


M Utimov says "22/09/2018 Mr Exhaust Reigate I intended to replaced the rear exhaust on my Skoda 1.9 tdi. Firstly I checked online on their website, it was advertised as being a Bosal exhaust, even the part no was given (Bosal 282-985), I was pleased with their price, I called to get the appointment - all fine. I arrive there, car checked, they agree the part must be replaced, they bring a cheaper part (Walker 22977), I informed them about the difference , that it looks cheap, but they said that unfortunately, Bosal is in admin they can't give me the part mentioned on the website, but the price is the same!!! The guy was polite, well trained ( in defending company's interests, he honestly deserves a pay rise), finished a 10 min job in 45 min (is anyone surprised here?!!!) , replaced unnecessary, in my opinion, 2 mounts free of charge ( probably embarrassed by the entire situation), allowed me to inspect the job. At the end of the experience, I received £10 voucher like all previous customers, which I will never use, and some marketing materials; I had a coffee free of charge. ( to clarify, the coffee was not at the end, but while waiting for the job to be done) I wasn't invited like the previous customer to review online their job, a clear discrimination, but why, why?!!!! I ended up paying more for less in terms of quality ... Will I ever use them? Ahh......No."
Former Employee - Machine Operator says "No work life balance, competitive pay,"
Former Employee - Packer says "No AC heavy lifting and horrible leads"
Current Employee - Supervisor says "As the transition happens from Federal Mogul to Tenneco there is NOTHING positive."
Former Employee - Company Grade Officer says "TENNECO Leadership continues to drive company in to the RED. Most Recent Negative Earnings -10.34 (yes that is a MINUS -10.34) continues to degrade TENNECO's capability to innovate old outdated systems. Recent resignations abound: Board of Directors Tenneco, Inc. 500 North Field Drive Lake Forest, IL 60045 To my Fellow Directors: It is with regret that I write to inform you that I hereby resign as a director of Tenneco, effective immediately. While I have appreciated my time on the board, you have made decisions with which I strongly disagree and which are inconsistent with my views on what is best for Tenneco and its shareholders. My dissatisfaction with the board should come as no surprise. In October, we discussed my letter to the board in which I expressed my concerns regarding Tenneco’s direction and the dangers of continuing with the board’s strategy at the time. Had swift action been taken at that time, Tenneco would have been in a much better situation coming into today’s COVID-19 crisis. Based on the last year of discussions, I have little confidence that my input will result in meaningful board actions and it is not productive for me to keep advocating for change if my suggestions continue to fall on deaf ears. Tenneco is a world class company with tremendous products, technology and employees. I wish you and our hard working employees the best. Sincerely,"
Former Employee - Machine Operator says "Forced Overtime, especially when you're in college."
says "Thank you for your review. As we navigate through these unprecedented times, we would like to refer you to a weekly update letter from CEO, Brian Kessler, which can be found at https://www.tenneco.com/overview/covid19_ceo_letter/: "In our locations where our team is required to work, we have taken precautions to implement rigorous cleaning and sanitation protocols. In an effort to further protect our team we are also performing wellness checks on our team members, including taking their temperatures at the beginning of each shift, and implementing changes within the plant to comply with social distancing requirements. Additionally, members of our global teams that are able to work from home have been doing so and will continue to until their local community guidelines allow them to return to their work locations. We continue to enforce travel restrictions and other guidelines for self-quarantine. Our team members are our greatest strength, and we are doing everything within our reach to ensure their health and safety." Please rest assured that we do not take the health and safety of our workers lightly, and we encourage you to take any ongoing concerns to your onsite manager immediately. Thank you again for your continued service and commitment during these unprecedented times. Best Regards, Tenneco Talent Management Team"
Former Employee - Quality Control Technician says "terrible management, long hours, filthy facility,"
Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says "It was one of the worst environments I have ever worked in....many employees are so frustrated they are looking for new roles. While many reviews will discuss the financial state of the business (even some that have been deleted recently) the only thing I find worse than the financial state is the way the employees are being treated. Many executives lead their departments with a chauvinistic style of leadership that make employees afraid to speak up. Often times leaders blamed their poor performance on those who were juggling multiple projects and competing priorities that led to many employees to seek employment elsewhere. Some of us even jumped ship without another offer in hand. There are no women in leadership positions left within Tenneco which I think speaks for itself. I am hopeful the board is looking at not only the financial aspects but the current morale and engagement of employees left and the current style of leadership that is taking place at the very top levels."
Former Employee - Machine Operator says "Bending supervisor just decides he doesn’t like you for some reason and no matter how hard you work, he’ll find something to fire you over whether it’s true or not. Machines NEVER work and they expect you to hit rate every single day all day even though the machines are always down and you get new people to train every single day. Even if the entire cell isn’t hitting rate, if you’re on the gage it’s always your fault no matter what."
Former Employee - Production Line Worker says "long work days, poor management, no loyalty to workers, bad communication"

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