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Teen now is a monthly magazine for teenage girls published by Time Inc. UK. It is a spin-off from the entertainment magazine NOW. The editor is music journalist Marie-Claire Giddings, who co-wrote the biography of the winner of the first series of Pop Idol, Anything is Possible, with its subject, Will Young.

Ashley mentioned, "Teenagers are in a weird phase in life where they feel stuck and confused about where to go. Teen Now, instead of empowering teens and giving them the self esteem boost that most need and telling them to be themselves, decides to tell you how to dress to get a guy to notice you, or how to dress to be popular, etc."


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Inga Kreislere says

"Waiting from 31 of august"

William Bradford says

"still waiting for product"

IV says

"I placed any order on July 9. It is now September 1, and I still have not received it."

Sb says

"Got iron on stickers keep falling off after wash"